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This website has been created to share traveling experience in various cities mainly in India, Asia, CIS countries, Europe etc. By sharing our travel experiences and amazing photographs, important Tips, Guidance and experiences we can help and motivate other travelers. Our focus is also on arts & crafts, lifestyle & shopping experiences of various places around the world. Let’s explore the world together…



From my 20 years of traveling experience I have created this website  to give all travelers and explorers the expert guidance, recommendations and the best travel tips acquired from many years of experience. Many people travel but only a few take the initiative to share the experience and guide others. This website will help many people who want to travel for work, for holidays and for exploring new places. 

I have been personally traveling in India, Europe, CIS, Asia and many other countries for last many years due to my work. While traveling I have been taking pictures of places and things which are very interesting & also have been gathering a lot of experiences related to travel, food, lifestyle, shopping etc. Now I feel that sharing all these experiences will help many others. How? Well you can see various places, know new and interesting things and facts, know more about the architecture, culture, arts & crafts of many places. And all these might motivate you to explore and travel. Besides that I also want to share my tips and recommendations with all of you that I have gathered while traveling for last 20 years. This website will be very helpful for many of you while planning your next travel.

This website will act like a Tour Guide. In this website, I have given many tips, advice, and recommendations related to travel, lifestyle, shopping etc. that I have experienced from traveling to so many countries and for so many years. All these information will definitely help all of you and that is the objective of creating this website. 

I also invite others to share there travel experiences and photographs on this platform. The idea is to create a community interested in traveling and helping everyone interested in traveling and seeing new places. Let’s explore the world together. 

      – SOMRAJ GHOSH (B. Pharm, MBA – International Business)


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