Ajanta Caves – India

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Ajanta Caves – India

India is one of the oldest countries in the history of the world, and the nation brims with several historical and archeological values. India competes favorably with the top countries with the best tourist destinations and attractions. One of the historic sites and heritage of India is the Ajanta Caves.

The Ajanta Caves are one of the most renowned heritage and tourist attractions in India. The caves are a reflection and the right specimens that depict the rich cultural heritage and tradition of ancient India. The Ajanta Caves exude the ingenuity of the artisans of the past as the attractions are full of carvings, drawings, and sculptures that are awe-inspiring.

The Ajanta Caves are located in the midst of the Sahyadri Hills, close to Aurangabad in Maharashtra State, about 450 Kilometer east of Mumbai. Work on the caves started in the 2nd Century BC and completed around the 6th Century AD. The location is a temple complex comprising 30 caves made by cutting out rocky mountains by artisans whose work remains a complete mastery of the art until today. The visitors with limited time at his disposal should at least visit Caves 1, 2, 9, 10, 16, 17, 19 and 26.

The Ajanta Caves had remained hidden and forgotten for over a millennium until 1819 when it was accidentally found. This location served as the Buddhist prayer halls and monasteries for the monks. A close look at the Ajanta Caves resembles a horseshoe carved into a rocky mountain.

All the caves have different exceptional paintings, which tell the stories of Buddhism and the Jakatas that are interpreted through beautiful paintings. The paintings were done with natural, herbal colors which account for their beauty and eco-friendliness. The paintings are intensely religious in tone and theme and depict the lives and times of Buddha and Bodhisattvas. They also act as a sort of illuminated history of those times – court scenes, street scenes, cameos of domestic life as well as animal and bird sanctuaries. These murals have stood the test of the highest standard of mural paintings. Confirming the uniqueness and relevance of this location to the world history, the UNESCO listed the Ajanta Caves among the World Heritage Sites.

Tourists can see the statutes and sculptures of Lord Buddha in different postures, and it is impressive how the artisans could produce such great masterpieces with simple tools such as hammers and chisels. Although you were not alive about 2000 years ago when this location was carved, going there as a tourist is an opportunity you should not miss. Visiting this site is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you should grab even if you are not a student of history. This is a heritage and work that deserve commendation and adoration.

The Ajanta Caves is accessible from different areas of India. There is an airport in Aurangabad and cars and buses can reach the destination without hassles. Some well-developed roadways and railways connect to Aurangabad. The caves can be toured on foot with the help of an experienced and professional tour guide who will explain and lead you around the caves. While on the site, do not miss the top view and the waterfall’s view.

Nothing feels better than connecting to the history of such a great country like India. The people are hospitable, welcoming, excellent, and fun to be with. You cannot have enough of these ruins as the memories will remain fresh for a lifetime and you will become one of the respected historians telling the first-hand tales of the Ajanta Caves.

These rock-cut caves possess perfect specimens of Indian mural paintings and was discovered in 1819 by a band of British officers while hunting tigers. These caves excavated in a semi-circular scarp overlooking a narrow sinuous gorge, includes five chaitya-grihas and some twenty five viharas or monasteries. They were excavated between the second century BC and seventh century AD and served as sanctuaries for Buddhist monks during the monsoons.

The caves of Ajanta are famous for their architectural qualities, graceful elegance and serenity of sculptures, and above all, the world famous paintings that adorn their interiors. Of all the ancient monuments in India, the rock-cut caves of Ajanta have won a unique place by virtue of their having the most perfect specimens of Indian mural paintings.

The caves are worth your trip and experience. You can buy souvenirs, carvings, paintings, and much more around the caves. The location is quite a heritage of inestimable value. Avail yourself this opportunity to visit one of the forgotten sites of ruins of Ancient India.

This is a trip you do not want to miss; get ready for an adventure to touch connect with history and get to tell family, friends, colleagues or even blog about your experience and let others know about this revered site that is sacred, historical, and memorable.

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