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Top 10 Places and Food You Must Not Miss When in China

China today is becoming World’s No. 1, most traveled and sought after tourist destinations. When it comes to a country like china, I am sure that almost all of us are aware of the man-made attractions in china. Say for example the forbidden city in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors of Xian and the last but not the least the Shanghai Skyscraper forest in Pudong. For a country like china that is of a huge massive size and varied geography,it is actually really very surprising how a few people outside china continue to appreciate the extent of the other country destinations, where as many of the natural wonders continue to rival any in the world.

China is one of those countries who gave the world the Peking man, gun powder and the last but not the least noodles. The visitors who make their first visit to china usually wish to continue sticking to the some of the best cities in china, where as the more experienced visitors will strike out in the other directions where travelling can actually turn out to be a bit more frustrating just because of the language barrier. Given below are some of the best places you can go ahead and visit when in china this 2019 along with the food that you should not miss to try. Let’s have a look at them below.

Beijing: Beijing is the capital city of China and one of the most attractive tourist places in the World. It’s a historical city with many years of historical wonders. This beautiful city is in fact a blend of historical places and modern high class architecture. The most important places to visit in Beijing are the Summer palace, Forbidden city, Old Beijing town, Tiananmen Square and the Olympic stadium, the Nest and the Qube (for swimming). The Great Wall of China in the Badaling sector is also not very far from Beijing.

Kunming: Kunming is the economic, transportation, industrial and the last but not the least cultural centre of the southwest china. This is also the place that is linked by the rail from all the major cities of china apart from the Vietnam. This is one among those places that can actually be visited any time from the year. In fact, it is because of the climate the flower growing industry is the major industry and the tourists here can visit the flower exhibits and auctions with a huge botanical garden.

Yangshuo: Yangshuo is a place that is located in the south china and was once a upon a time the magnet for the backpackers, due to its cheap prices and the laid-back atmosphere. But today the reason why it has been successful in attracting all the visitors is the beautiful scenery and the last but not the least the Karst mountains.In fact, Yangshuo also makes really good sense when you take a day trip to Gulin for a leisurely trip on the LI River. In fact, most of the travellers even today rent their bicycles for the trip back and since the route is entirely flat and gives them the opportunity to view the farmers trolling in their fields.

Sweet and Sour Pork: The Sweet and Sour Pork is one of the most favourite dishes for all the localities out there. And no matter how good your favourite restaurant actually turns out to be this dish is really considered to be the best in China. While you are the eager to have a taste of this dish let me tell you that the pork is fried a bit at a very high flame, and is then dressed with sauce. And if this is the dish that you order most often, then will just suggesting you to try it in China and you will definitely wish that if you could have this a bit sooner. 

Shanghai: Shanghai is China’s biggest city and a global financial hub. The most important place in Shanghai is Bund which is a waterfront promenade surrounded by colonial era buildings. The other places of tourist attraction in Shanghai are the Yu Garden, Oriental Pearl tower, Nanjing road for shopping and the Jin Mao Tower. Also try to visit the Shanghai History museum and the Shanghai Maglev museum. 

Ma Po Tofu: This is a dish that is said to be 100 years old, and is not just spicy but is even browned gowned with beef in a savoury sauce being topped with green onions. I am sure that you must have definitely come across this dish in the menus in the states. Even though most of the individuals skim past it, it is still even today considered to be one of the best dishes of China for all the harmonious ability uniting the texture with the best perfect dose of spice. 

Forbidden City: This is a place that is located in the heart of Beijing, forbidden City is one of the most beautiful places that you will actually get to see in China. While you visit this place, you can actually go ahead and explore the 180 acres complex, that today houses some of the best and well known artifacts along with the regards to the Chinese history. And in terms of the annual visitors forbidden City continues to be on top of the List of the most visited places in China. 

Roasted duck: The roasted duck is one of the most famous dishes that comes from Beijing. Though this is a dish that can be found in most of the cities of China, but having this in Beijing is a must. This is a dish that has been cooked in such a way that the skin continues to remain thin and the inner side remains succulent. This famous dish of Beijing is generally served with savoury pancakes, followed by sweet beans sauce along with the onions to get the mouthful and incredible delight. 

Terracotta Army: The fascination city of Xian – Wouldn’t it actually turn out to be really very fascinating, in order to witness an 8000 strong frozen army in time for more than 2000 years. Yes, this is an army that is full off warriors, generals, and the last but not the least the horsemen, who have been sculptured in the memory of those lost soldiers who immortalized their sacrifices made for Qin Shi Huang- the first and the well-known emperor of China. One of the most interesting fact about this place is that this fascinating mausoleum was lost in time, and was discovered once again recently in the year 1974 by Chinese farmers.

Hairy crab: In order to have a taste of this dish all you need to do here is visit the coastal cities of Shanghai and Qingdao, during the fall months and you will be likely to find hairy crab where ever you go. This is one of those dishes that is been steamed to the right perfection, enjoying the meat from within the shells is blissful though. The localities out there wish to dip this dish into the sauce of dark vinegar in ginger that the foreigners even today find it to be really very unusual. Also, there is no butter for you to actually dip in it so don’t bother asking about it. One of the most interesting fact about this place is that the Great Wall of China is the only monument in the entire world is visible from the outer space.

The Great Wall of China: The great Wall of China is probably one of those destinations that is spoken the most about. A 6000-km long wall built 2000 years ago is one of the most impressive architectural feat that is even in today time be impossible to replicate. Not just this destination attracts all the international tourists who are fascinated by the Marvel, but is also a paradise for all the history and the architectural lovers as they do understand the complexity of the wall that was built and rebuilt Over the years. 

Soup dumplings: The soup dumplings are completely different from the dumplings we have actually come across. Soup dumplings are the next level of dumplings and are the most famous dishes of Shanghai, so this is something that you should definitely not miss in having them. These are dumplings that are believed to be created in order to hold the broth inside them, and are then served with the deep wide white soup inside them. The right way to eat them is by plucking them out with your chop sticks, and then slowly place them into the soup spoon and then immediately take a bite. When you take a bite into the dish the soup will then gush out immediately into the spoon. This way you will not burn your spoon on the soup and you will then catch the lovely broth in the spoon. 

Shopping: China is a paradise for international shoppers. Whether it is beautiful cutlery, handicrafts, souvenirs, garments or electronics. You will find only the best in China

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