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10 Best Places to Visit and Food for You to Try in Belgium

Travelling to Belgium brings in the fourth images of all the medieval rooftops, lovely canals, tasty beer, and the last but not the least indulgent chocolates. However, there is a lot for you to see in this European country, where as Time seems to move at a slower pace and the people here are really very friendly in welcoming the tourists. Starting from the modern cities to the boasting designer shops, to the glamorous galleries to cobblestone streets laden with museums and native indulgences the best places to visit in Belgium have something for everyone to enjoy during the vacation. Given below are the best places for you to visit and food for you to try in Belgium this 2018 – 19.

Mons: Being the capital and the province of Hainaut, Mons is a place that is best known for the magical and surprising ringing of the town’s glorious belfry bells that continue to hail from the 80 Meter tower. The winding streets here allow the visitors to traverse the city sites that are rich enough in their architectural styles. The Gothic-style Mons Town Hall is eye-catching view for all the visitors, and the Collegiate Church of Sainte-Waudru boasts a highly impressive collection of 16th century Jacques Du Broeucq alabaster statues.

Fry Shacks: If McDonalds is the very first thing that comes to your mind when you think of fast food while being in Belgium, then you should definetly not miss trying frituur and trust me these are the foods that are insanely popular in Belgium. The favourite ones for most of the visitors or say the travellers out here are frikandel or curryworst (I am a sucker for special curryworst which has been having fresh onions and lots of ketchup + mayonnaise), bitterballen, boulet, Mexicano, and kroketten being added to it! Not just this they also have a wide range of dips from which you can choose from. Apart from already mentioning about Ketchup and mayonnaise, they also have a curry called ketchup, tartar sauce, cocktail Whisky sauce, andalouse, American, samurai, riche, Mexican, oriental, Brazil, béarnaise or Diablo.

Dinant:This is a city that lies along with the sparkling Meuse River in the Namur Province that is 65 kms in the south of the capital city. While you visit this place all that you will get to see here is the Caves of Han and the Grotto of Diant, which are even today considered to be the best attractions for all the visitors there. Not just this these caves are also Europe largest and the most beautiful, and are situated in within a wild life reserve teeming with native flora and fauna.

Belgian Fries: This is the favourite for almost all of us. Make sure you don’t call them the French fries as they are not, and the Belgians might really not like it when you call them that. The Belgian fries are really very awesome, and the secret behind this is that it is soft on one side and crisp outside. Another most interesting thing here is that the Belgians love dipping it in the mayonnaise instead of the ketchup. Though this is something that might sound to be really very weird but trust me this is a great combination.

Brussels: Being the capital city and the largest hubs of the greatest museums, places and chapels and mansions, Brussels even today is one of the most popular places for you to visit in Belgium. Not just this, it is also the administrative capital of the European union pulling tourists from the different parts of the world. While you visit this place all that you get to see here is Grand Palace, Atomium, Mini Europe, Mannekin Pis and Tintin Museum.

Belgian chocolates: Now when it comes to the Belgians chocolates, it is utterly a divine that each and every country in the world even today tries to smack these Cholocates label on their products. Yet no one can actually best these chocolates here. Some of the best brands that you can go ahead and try over here are the Godiva, Leonidas, and Nirvana. Though of course, there are a more brands and shops in Belgium (like Marcolini, Wittamer, etc). So do make sure that you give this dish a try while in Belgium.

Ghent: Another best place for you to visit in Belgium is the Ghent which is again a quaint and the serene town, being endowed with the historical sites, churches and the medical structures and buildings. Ghent is a place that is also believed to be famous for housing the Alter piece, and is also a famous place for all the art lovers and the history buffs buy what continues to quietude the charm of palace continues to attract the visitors even today. Some of the best places that you can visit here is St Bavo’s Cathedral with Alter Piece located inside, Gravensteen, Belfry of Ghent and Saint Nicholas Church.

Carbonnades Flamandes / Stoverij: I am sure like all the others even when you have a first glance at the dish, you might consider this as the French staple boeuf bourguignon but let me tell you that it is not. This is a dish that includes beer rather than the wine that the Belgians use to cook in order to give it an earthier taste. Stoverij is something that comes with frites in order for you to dip and eat.

Ardennes: For all those travellers who are into hiking, biking and camping the visitors should then ahead towards the rugged hills of Ardennes with all their tight forests, caves and the last but not the least cliffs. Not just this Ardennes is also believed to be a home for all the wild boar, deer and the last but not the least lynx hiding a number of friendly villages, lot of castles, and few other notable sites. These impressive caves of the Han-sur-Lesse, and the castle of Bouillon along with the modern Labyrinth of Barvaux are some of the best picks out here.

Speculoos: I am sure that while you are in Belgium you must have come across the word speculoos. And its time for you to know that this is a dish that has been originated in the Netherlands and Belgium, since this has been customarily being served on the 5th and 6th of December in order to celebrate the St. Nicolas Day. This is a thing that has been spiced up with short crust biscuits and this spice is called as the speculasskruiden. In order to identify the difference between these speculoos biscuits you need to understand that the Dutch speculoos is something more like a Belgian speculoos,that is more heavily spiced in the thin cookies. So do make sure that you give this dish a try while in Belgium.

Antwerp: Antwerp is a city with many faces. While this is something that is not historically preserved as the Bruges or Ghent. This is a city that is even today believed to be a dynamic city, offering a perfect mix of history andpresent-day modern life. Being the lovers of great food, beer and good times, this is a city that is known to be the diamond district where more than 70% of the diamonds have been traded. While you visit this place all that you get to see here is the Plantin Moretus Museum, Rubenshius, Museum aan de Stroom and the last but not the least Antwerp Zoo.

Sirop de Liège / LuikseSiroop: This is generally believed to be a sweet, sticky, brown jelly been made up of evaporated fruit juices, dates, apples, and pears of stock ingredients. Sirop de Liège trumps even Euro favorite Nutella when it actually goes ahead and spreads. This is something that can be tried while having breakfast and pairing it with cheese during the lunch. So do make sure that you give this dish a try while in Belgium this 2018 -19.

So, I am sure that you are already excited to explore all the above-mentioned cities in Belgium. What other places and food would you like to add to the post above? Have to tried any of the above-mentioned places and food? How has your experience turn out to be? We would just suggest you to plan your vacation while taking a look at our other Travel Packages and let us make your holiday a worth remembering time for you. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time that you choose the right travel package.

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