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12 Major Things for You to See and Do in Iceland

Iceland is one of the most beautiful and a must visit place at least once in a lifetime. Starting from the awe-inspiring glacier to the geo thermal springs and the active volcanoes, Iceland even today continues to be one among those places where nature has been taking the centre stage. While you are at this place you will get to discover active volcanoes, geysers, the hot springs, glaciers, ice fields and Ford’s at this sparsely populated country. One of the best times you could visit Iceland is during the summer, although it is pretty chill, well icy and are also pleasant and bright.

And if you wish to see the northern lights then the best time to visit here is the winter months as the nights are long and dark, and the northern lights dance in the sky giving you one of the best and memorable kind of an experience. It is a standalone country neither truly in Europe nor Northern America. Which said that they do come forward and take part in the Eurovision song contest, and in that sense, they are as Europeans as they come. It has so much to offer the traveller’s or say the visitors, that it actually becomes difficult to narrow down to the top 12 Places and things for you to do in Iceland. Let’s have a look at them below.

Reykjavik is the capital and the largest city of Iceland. If you are staying in Reykjavik, you can plan a lot of good excursions and visit some of the best attractions of Iceland like the Golden circle tour, visit the Laxnes horse farm, horseback riding, full day city tour and many more. As you scroll down the page you will find many options for sightseeing deals, offers and travel packages for Iceland.

Whale Watching: Iceland is even today considered to be the best place in the entire world when it comes to the concept of whale watching. In fact, the whale ultra, celebKeiko from free willy was something that has been captured in Reyðarfjörður Fjord, Iceland. Keiko was a killer whale and it is believed that there are about 11 species that have been sighted on regular basis around the year. The best time for you to visit this place is from the month of June to September when the seas are really very warm with the abundant krill and fish. The peak time to visit this place is June to August so do make sure that you book in advance.

Skyr – The Icelandic Yogurt: Skyr is generally known to be the real product of Iceland. This is a cuisine that has been a major part of the Iceland cuisine for over a period of 1000 years, and is a cultured dairy product with the consistency of yogurt. This is something that is very similar to the Greek yogurt, but the flavour is something that is really very milder. The localities here generally eat this with some fruits and berries and is also something that can be a popular alternative to the cheese cake.

Vestrahorn Mountain:Imagine that you are sitting on the shore of a gentle lagoon as the crystal water laps at your toes, a black sand beach that you are trying and sitting on the stretches out before you and one of the most stunning peaks of Iceland dominating the view. Vestrahorn Mountain is generally believed to be a 454 meter (1489 foot) and a tall screen mountain and the top tourist spots that you should not miss to visit when in Iceland this 2018. Though this is a place that is open through out the year, but in winter this is generally believed to be dam icy and cold so do make sure that you are prepared for a difficult kind of a trip. While you are here you will be rewarded with difficult snow peaky, icy black reflections on the water and moody skies.

Slow Roasted Lamb: Iceland sheep are generally believed to be one of the purest breeds in the entire world. These are breeds that have gazed on the hills of Iceland ever since the first settlers who brought them to this country during the 9th century. The lambs in the Iceland are not fed with grains or are given any kind of growth hormones. In fact, they are allowed to roam freely outdoors from the spring to Autumn, and their diet is wholly natural that consists of grass, sedge and moss campion and berries. Lamb is generally believed to be a major kind of a celebration during Christmas day.

The Blue Lagoon: The Blue Lagoon is generally believed to be the premier tourist attractions and it’s really not that hard to understand why. The Blue Lagoon is actually a stream and majestic something like a fairy tale. The Blue of the blue lagoon is actually a pale but solid, followed by the ripples of water glisten as the steam continues to float in the air. Once a visit here can ensure you We ensure you that you will come back for more.

Hákarl – Fermented Shark: The Hákarl – Fermented Shark is generally believed to be the traditional dish of Iceland. This is a meat that has been cured through a particular fragmenting process and is then being hung outside to dry for some four to five months. This dish turns out to have a very strong ammonia smell and a very distinctive kind of a fishy taste. The dish is served in cubes on the cocktail sticks. The first timers who are trying out this dish are requested to pinch their nose while taking their first bite, as the smell is stronger when compared to the taste. After the first bite do what the other localities turn out to do in short take a good sip or two of the local spirit, brennivín, a type of aquavit, often referred to as Icelandic schnapps.

The Golden Circle: The golden Circle is another beautiful attraction that you will get to see as a tourist. It is a 300kms loop through some of the best Iceland scenic country side. You could spend a week exploring the golden Circle but most of the individuals even today choose to take part in the whistle Stop day trip along with the best photography spots being on the route. This is a place that is generally believed to be located on the south of Iceland and is the premier route of the country.

Icelandic Lamb Soup – Kjötsúpa: Lamb soup is an island delicacy, and is becoming very popular among the visitors and it has been eaten in Iceland for centuries. This rich and tasty kind of a soup is a perfect comfort for all the long, dark winter day. Each and every family out there have their own recipes. But when it comes to the traditional Iceland meat soup this is something that is made up of lamb shank or shoulder, potatoes, rutabagas, and the last but not the least carrots. This is something that also contains leeks, onions, dried herbs, salt and the last but not the least pepper.

Vatnajökull National Park: The Vatnajökull National Park is a place where you could see true wilderness, along with one of the best chances of connecting with the nature. Vatnajökull National Park is a place for all the travellers who choose to hike during the day and camp in the night. The various opportunities that you get to see here is there is no light pollution meaning no light pollution and the stars are really very bright throughout the day. So, when in Iceland do not miss to visit this place for sure this 2018.

Rúgbrauð – Dark Rye Bread from a Hot Spring: The Rúgbrauð – Dark Rye Bread from a Hot Spring is generally believed to be a hot bread that the localities out there have been eating for many number of years. This is a dish that is generally baked in the pot or is believed to be steamed using the special wooden casks that have actually been buried around the ground during the hot spring. The bread is also believed to be a crustless, dark brown, dense and it turns out to taste really very sweet when tasted. This is the best when eaten with butter, smoked salmon butter pae, or with the pickled herring or cheese. You can get this bread from some of the grocery stores in Iceland.

Landmannalaugar: Landmannalaugar is a challenging 34 milehike where the landscape morphs into the steaming and bubbling hot springs along with the route and colors runs wild through the mountain peaks. You can book all the four day tour in order to do the trail of this place and explore the sea at ease. This place can also turn out to be a bit difficult when it comes to the concept of hiking so do make sure that you are fully prepared when you have decided to visit this place. The best time for you to visit this place is during the summer that is from the month of June to the month of September.


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