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Top Places That Prove That Kenya Is A Beautiful Country Even Today

Kenya is even today considered to be one of the most breath-taking places on the earth. And when it comes to a country like Kenya, there is no shortage of things that you can see and do in the country boasting some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. Starting from the lovely sunset in the Kenyan parks to the waterfalls. Starting from the mountains to the beautiful lakes, the Great rift valley, the beaches, the springs, etc are just some of the things to name a few. Kenya is even today one of the most famous tourist destinations, that is famous for its Savanna safari’s, this is a country that is filled with dramatic extremes, classic contrasts, forests and open plains etc. Keeping the above things in mind given below are the few tourists destinations, that you must not miss to be a part of. Let’s have a look at them right below.

Nairobi: Nairobi is the capital of Kenya. There are many places to visit in Nairobi like the Nairobi national park which is a large reserve of breeding endangered animals like black Rhinos, Giraffes,  Zebras and Lions., the Giraffe centre, National museum of Kenya, Bomas of Kenya which is an open air traditional and tribal museum, The Massai market, Ngong hills especially for the hikers and the Karura forest which has many species of wildlife, caves and waterfalls. Not only this, from Nairobi you can plan many other sightseeing options. As you read further you will find many such recommendation for the best sightseeing options in Nairobi and Kenya.

Mombasa: Mombasa is a sea port city in the coast of Kenya and is the second largest city in the country. The most important places to visit in Mombasa are the Diani sea beach which is a white sand beach, Haller park which is a coastal natural ark with many animals, Mombasa island which is a quaint and a historic town and of course the Shimba hills national reserve. At the end of this article you will find some interesting sight seeing options in Mombasa from Lonely Planet, keep reading.

Samburu: This is where the buffalo springs and the Shaba national reserves are located. This is a place that is located in the northern part of Kenya. In fact, most of the endangered species live and turn out to thrive over here. In fact, you can turn out to see in the natural glory. Not just this there are also homesteads of the people that you can actually go and visit. Also, there are an amazing tribe bring adorned in the right coloured attire. They are also tall and legal.

Art Market: Kenya is one of those places that is widely known for the fantastic art and the artists. There are abundant art marketers in Kenya who actually deserve your appreciation and attention. This is a place that can easily be spotted in different parts of Kenya, and the opening and closing of the market may vary from shop to shop. For every art lover or artists, the Kenya artists have a lot to offer. If you have loved often the art and enjoy collecting the token of love and appreciation for Kenya and the various artists of Kenya. The prices will depend on the things that you choose for yourself.

Masai Mara: The Masai Mara is one of the best places that you must not hesitate to make a visit. The wildlife is plentiful and there are many more local tribes that you must not hesitate to see. One of the most local nomadic tribe that you must not miss to make a visit is the Masai Mara. They are the ones who are adorned in jewellery, wearing bright and colourful kind of a clothing, and the last but not the least bright coloured red blankets. Most of the times you will actually be able to see their homes from inside getting the feel for what is living in unison with what nature is all about.

Tilapia Fry: Tilapia Fry is a widely eaten fish and is one of the most popular things in Kenya, because it is readily available and affordable. This is something that is not just deeply fried but is even fried and is served with kachumbari, ugali and pilau. The fish is also rich enough in various nutrients like vitamin A, Omega 3 fatty acids and the last but not the least proteins. So, don’t forget to give this dish a try when in Kenya 2019.

Mamba Village Centre: The Mamba Village Centre is one of the places that is located in Nyati. It is one of the largest crocodile farms of the east Africa. While you make a visit to this place you will get to learn a lot about the behaviours and the life cycle of the world’s most famous amphibians. The Prominent most attractions of the village centre include the following botanical garden and an aquarium. One of the major reasons of why the visits actually turn out the make a visit here crocodiles fight for the morsels during their feeding Timings. Definitely this is actually one of the most favourite attraction in Kenya.

Nyama Choma: The Nyama Choma is a roasted kind of meat, and is one of the most beloved dishes that any one could actually have when in Kenya. Not just this it is one of those dishes that is served with the kachubari salad and the ugali. You can even have this with your own hands and only salt and pepper are being used in this dish. This is a dish that should never ever be forgotten from a Kenyan street vendor in order to actually go ahead and enjoy it to the fullest. So, don’t forget to give this dish a try when in Kenya 2019.

Lake Nakuru National Park: Lake Nakuru National Park in the central Kenya is one of the places that is famous for the pink colour flamingos. The birds here throng on the lake nakaru itself and is one of the rift valley lakes that comprises of almost third of the parks area. This park was established in the year 1961, and more than 450 species have of birds have been recorded over here. Apart from this Lions, leopards, warthogs, waterbucks, pythons, and the last but not the least the white rhinos are just some of the animals you might see. Not just this you will also get to see various landscapes that are ranging from sweeping grasslands bordering the lake to rocky cliffs and woodland.

Westgate Shopping Mall: Known as the high-end malls in Kenya the west gate shopping mall has a lot to offer its customers especially when it comes to the space for the kid’s activities, the food court and multiple stories for all the different kinds of products and services including the crafts of the locals. This is also believed to be a place that has been famous for hosting different events for all the ages and different group of people. So if you are not in any mood to visit the local streets then let me tell you that this is the right place for you.

Ugali: Ugali is a Kenyan Staple and is one of those dishes that is made up of a maize flour. Not just this it is also something that is made up of maize flour to the boiling water unless and until you turn out to get a dough like consistency. Ugali is also believed to be a body building kind of a food and is a great source of iron. Most travellers even to visit Kenya have eaten Kenya so many times as an accompaniment to the beef stew and the bean stew. So, don’t forget to give this dish a try when in Kenya 2019.

City Market: Located at the intersection of Muindi Mbingu street and the Market Road the city market is generally believed to be a blend of busy street walls and the wet markets. So, if you are planning or still deciding of what exactly has to be bought in Nairobi Kenya then let me tell you that things from vegetables, flowers and meat to wooden carved structures, paintings, and the last but not the least soap-stone artwork can be got out from here at ease. So, don’t forget to visit this place when in Kenya this 2019.

Gikomba Market: One of the most flea markets when it comes to shopping in Kenya is the Gikomba Market. While you are making a visit to this place you can actually stop by at this place in order to have a look at the clothes and shoes that this market has to offer to its visitors. Though it has nothing too fancy to offer its clients and customers this is a place where you can actually go ahead and buy regular and best clothes at a reasonable price.


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