Splendours of Morocco

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10 Best Places for you to Visit and The Food You Should Try in Morocco

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman might have given the world with Casablanca, but when it comes to a place like Morocco when compared to the largest city. This Atlantic Coast country gives all the travelers one of the best experiences that they could ever come across in an Arabic culture, sunning on the beaches and the last but not the least, snow skiing in the mountains. So, whether it is about rambling in the ancient medinas, sampling cuisine or relaxing in the sun at the white washed sea side town, the past has always been present in this diverse and the colourful country. Given below are some of the best places for you to visit along with the food that you should not miss when in morocco. Let’s have a look at them right below.

Casablanca: Casablanca is the largest city of Morocco and a major financial hub. The port of Casablanca is one of the largest artificial ports in the world. You can go for many Moroccan sightseeing tours from Casablanca also. In Casablanca itself there are many things to see and discover like the Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca cathedral, Medina, Place Mohamed V, the central market, the downtown and many more. The architecture is very special here as it is a blend of Moorish style and European art deco as it was a French colony once upon a time. Also explore the sea-side district which is famous for it’s leisure and nightlife activities, cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels. Casablanca in short is a major tourist destination offering all types of attractions to the tourists.

Jebel Toubkal: Jebel Toubkal is one of those places that is situated on the High Atlas Mountains, and is one of the highest peaks in the North Africa.  At 13,667 feet/4,167 meters, the trek to the snow-dusted summit is not really an easy feat but is still a breath-taking scenery that actually turns out to make the entire process worthwhile. And while you can make it to the summit and to a place called imlil in a day, it is a good idea if you actually allow it for a day. In fact, ​the mountain is also just 80 kilometres away from the Ouikaimeden, which is one of the only ski resorts in Africa even today. 

Snail soup: Snail soup is something that can easily be found all over Morocco. You will actually need to use a tooth pick in order to find where the snails are inside the shells, and then have the soup. In fact, the locals believe that the broth is really very good for digestion and fever. So, do not miss to give this a try when in morocco Africa this 2019.

Meknes: Meknes is a smaller and more laid back than Marrakesh and Fez, and yet has all the charms that you are actually expecting in an imperial city, especially when it comes to the well-preserved medina filled with easily navigable souks. Meknes was the capital during the rule of the 17th century Sultan Moulay Ismail and is also believed to be the showcase of Moroccan architecture that is completed with huge gates and impressive carvings. And if you are one among those individuals who loves history then you must definitely not miss the top attractions like the Royal Stables and the Museum of Moroccan Art, and the last but not the least the Roman ruins at nearby Volubilis which are again well worth if visited.

Egg plant fitters: Aubergine or say the eggplant are some of the most common kind of dishes that can easily be found in Morocco. Also, do make sure that you go ahead and try some fitters. The egg plant is first sliced and is then being dipped into paprika batter before actually deep frying them for the delicious side of the dish. So, do not miss to give this a try when in morocco Africa this 2019.

Marrakesh: Marrakesh is one of those places that is situated on the foot of the Atlas Mountains, and the imperial city of Marrakesh has noisy atmosphere and full of history. In fact, there is a lot for you to see and to do when you make a visit to the sampling traditional Moroccan street food, especially at the nightly market in Djemma el Fna and to some of the best shopping places that are famous for all the spices and artisan jewelry in the atmospheric souks of the medina. Not just this, the tourists will also get to see various attractions like the Saadian Tombs and El Badi Palace give an insight into the city’s rich history. 

Couscous: Couscous is one of those Morocco dishes that is generally served with meat or the vegetables stew. Traditionally this Moroccan dish Couscous is prepared during the time of Muslim holy day which is generally the Friday, and for the special occasions but you can still find couscous in most of the restaurants and cafes. 

Fez: Fez continues to serve as the cultural capital of Morocco, for more than 400 years and is still known to be the religious and cultural center. The old walled part of the city which is also known as the Fes el Bali was founded in the 19th century, and is recognized by UNESCO for the historical importance of the idrisid dynasty architecture. This is a place that can be best explored on foot, and includes the famous Quaraouiyine mosque and its associated university the oldest in the world even today. The other places that the tourists will get to see here is Chaouwara, Tanneries, the Merenid Tombs and the last but not the least, Mellar or Jewish Quarter. 

Fish Chermoula:  Fish Chermoula is actually a mix of herbs and spices, and is specifically used when grilling or baking fish and the seafood. Depending on the mix you will then get the flavours of onion, coriander, chilli, pepper and the last but not the least saffron. Most of the times you will even get it to see as a dipping sauce too. So, do not miss to give this a try when in morocco Africa this 2019.

Chefchaouen: Chefchaouen is a small town with a bigger landscape. This is a place that is believed to be a center filled with enough of creativity, attracting painters, photographers having a clear light, serene blue painted houses and more. Not just this the travelers can also browse up for the local arts, crafts in the quaint shops of Medina, and continue to enjoy their drink amidst the architecture of the Uta el-Hammam square or taste the fine Moroccan cuisine at a raid restaurant. 

Bissara: Bissara is one among those Moroccan dishes that is served during the time of breakfast. This is a dish that is considered to be rich and the hearty soup is made up of the dried favoured beans. Not just this, Bissara is also then topped up with fresh olive oil along with the sprinkle of cumin. So, do not miss to give this a try when in morocco Africa this 2019.

Merzouga: Merzouga is one of those places that is located on the edge of the erg chubbi dune sea. This small town Merzouga acts as a gateway to the dramatic wilderness of the Sahara Desert. And while you make a visit to this place you will get to see that many operators offer the travelers with the camel safari and that lasts from a very few hours to several days. Not just this, it is also one of the best authentic ways of exploring the Saharan landscape of the knife edged dunes, the blazing blue skies, and the last but not the least, the rare desert wild life. Most even include a visit made to the traditional Bedouin camp. The travelers can then sign up for the quad bike tours, sand-boarding and the last but not the least, sand-skiing.

Stuffed camel spleen: Taking on to the other form of sausage the stuffed camel spleen is not just soft but even creamy. This is a dish that is filled with beef or lamb, olives or spices and a bit of humpy fat. It is also served in the sandwiches. So, do not miss to give this a try when in morocco Africa this 2019.

Hassan II Mosque: Hassan II Mosque is one of the most lavishing symbols of not just the Casablanca city but even the country as well. This modern mosque which was actually finished in the year 1993 does not do things by halves. The decoration detail that has been covering every centimeter of the mammoth two sector site actually took 10,000 artisans to complete. Intricately carved marble pieces, the vibrant mosaics, and the last but not the least zellige tile details continue to pay a tribute to traditional Islamic architecture ideals and the mastery of Moroccan craftsmanship and yet, at the same time, still manage to feel contemporary.




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