Beijing – China

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I will now tell you about the best places to travel in Beijing. Traveling and adventure to China can be very interesting. Here are some tips for traveling to Beijing, China. China is reach in history and culture. You can see many historical places in Beijing which has now become a blend of modern architecture and very old historical structures.

In Beijing you should visit the Forbidden city. This is basically the emperor’s palace. Common people were not allowed to enter the premises so it was called the Forbidden city. It’s a huge place and if you visit then you will understand how the Chinese emperor used to live. You can also see the examples of their crockery, dresses and other items used by them at that time.

The Summer palace is also worth visiting. It’s surrounded by the lake and the Emperor used to live here during the summer time. Like the Forbidden city here too you can see amazing architecture which is typically Chinese. Use of wood and Lac is very wide and prominent. In both the Forbidden City and the Summer palace there is a huge collection of traditional Chinese pottery, art and artifacts. Here you can also see the dresses of the Chinese emperors.

Then of-course you must visit the Great Wall of China which is one of the eight wonders of the world. The great wall was built in the Qin Dynasty (221–206 BC). With a total length of 21,196.18 km (13,170.70 miles), equal to half the length of the Equator, the Great Wall of China is the longest feat of human engineering. The average height of the walls is  6 to 7 meters (20 to 23 feet), and the highest is 14 meters (46 feet ). It covers mountains deserts and what not.

Visit Old China Town to get a feel of the old town. You can find many shops selling unique Chinese items and many exquisite Chinese restaurants. Try the real Chinese food here. There are many varieties of dishes and they are amazing. I will say out of the world. You can taste the real Chinese food here in the old town. In my photographs you will see some of the exquisite dishes of China.

It is also worth visiting the Olympic stadium, the Nest and the Qube (for swimming). These are the examples of the modern architectural marvels of China. Beijing is a true blend of history and modernity. It’s an amazing place. Do visit if you get a chance…

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The Peking Duck – Most famous Chinese delicacy

The Old Beijing Town


Some exquisite Chinese dishes in Old Beijing town – Amazing food


Beijing City, Olympic stadium, the Nest and the Cube


The Forbidden city – Feel the 1000s of years old history of China

The Emperor’s Bed in the Forbidden city


A Traditional Chinese restaurant in Beijing


The Great Wall of China – Badaling sector

Amazing cuisine of China, just out of the world.

The Summer Palace


Chinese traditional pottery and dress of the Emperor


Lake at the Summer palace


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