Chiang Mai – Thailand

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Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai – Thailand

Thailand is an amazing place with a lots of variety. Now from the sea beaches we go to the mountains of Thailand. Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are on the hilly part of Thailand. Chiang Mai is a city in mountainous northern Thailand. It was capital of the independent Lanna Kingdom until 1558. There are hundreds of Buddhist temples, including the 14th-century Wat Phra Singh and the 15th-century Wat Chedi Luang, adorned with carved serpents.

Chiang Mai is a land of mountains and colourful hill tribes. The climate is very nice and cold and very different from Bangkok.  For tourists and travelers it’s a paradise as there are many things to do there. You can visit very old Buddha temples in the hills. It is said that some part of Buddha’s ashes are kept in one of these temples here.

There is a vibrant night market in Chiang Mai with plenty of shops selling huge assortment of things. You can find cloths, watches, handicrafts, decorative items, preserved butterflies & scorpions and what not. But bargaining is a must in this market and you can buy at very cheap prices. The Night Market is located in the center of Chiangmai surrounded by many big hotels, restaurants, shops, malls and pubs. Chiang Mai has a vibrant night life.

There are many local sight seeing spots in and around Chiangmai like the Tiger Kingdom where you can touch and play with live tigers, Elephant shows, Crocodile shows, The Orchid garden where you can see a wide variety of orchids being grown, The wooden handicrafts market where you can find a huge selection of Thai wooden handicrafts, The Silk factory, Karen Long neck tribe, The gems factory, the leather showroom (here you can find jackets mate of elephant leather) etc. Then of course you can visit the Chiang Mai Night safari which is amazing. They will take you through the jungle and you can meet many animals. The Chiang Mai zoo is also very special and you should not miss. The Flamingo, The Three coloured monkey, One humped camel and many more. There are some very special animals which I have never seen before. From Chiang Mai you can plan a one full day trip to Chiang Rai.

There are some good places in Chiang Rai also like the famous White temple of Chiang Rai, the Hot Spring, Tribal market and the highest spot of Thailand. You should also visit the Golden Triangle which is the meeting point of Thailand, Laos & Myanmar and see the “No Man” land. This is the piece of land which belong to no country only an ancient Buddha statue can be found there. The river dividing Thailand & Laos is flowing to China and there is a lot of trade through this river. You can also cross over and visit Laos on the other side of the river.

Chiang Mai is a heaven for shoppers and a delight for adventurers. On a trip to Chiang Mai, the curious traveller can expand their horizons with Thai massage and cooking courses. Others will be bowled over by the variety of handicrafts and antiques. You will find plenty of lively nightlife, and you can enjoy wonderful cuisine. Inspite of its being relatively small size, Chiang Mai truly has it all.

Located 700 km (435 miles) north of Bangkok in a verdant valley on the banks of the Ping River, Chiang Mai was founded in 1296 as the capital of the ancient Lanna Kingdom. Today it is a place where past and the present merge with modern buildings standing side by side with venerable temples. Chiang Mai has an airport and is well connected with other cities of Thailand. I was staying in the Chiang Mai Plaza hotel which is just 800 metres from the Night market and city centre. It’s a nice hotel and I recommend it to everyone. There are many restaurants around serving all types of cuisine and there is no problem of fooding.

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Here are some photographs from my Chaing Mai and Chiang Rai visit – Doi Suthep temple. It is said that some part of Buddha’s ashes are still there in this temple.


The Famous Tuk Tuk of Thailand

Wooden Handicraft showroom of Chiangmai. It’s really big and has huge and amazing collection.


This is the Golden Triangle where Thailand, Laos & Myanmar meet.


The Famous White Temple of Chiangrai. It’s a must visit place if going to Thailand.

The Natural Hot Spring @ Chiangrai

The Orchid Garden of Chiang Mai. Here you can find a huge variety of beautiful orchids.

The Insect Museum of Chiang Mai

The Tiger Kingdom where you can play with the live Tigers and cuddle them

The Chiang Mai Night market @ center of the city. You can buy many Thai local things from here at a cheap price if you can bargain. It’s a paradise for shoppers and tourists

14th Century Buddha temple @ Chiang Mai

Wat Chedi Luang – Very ancient Buddhist temple

Chiang Mai Night Safari. Very nice experience of seeing animals in the jungle at night and that too from very short distance.

The Jewelry Showroom & The Silk Emporium. here they show how they make the famous Thai Silk

The Doi Suthep Temple

The Emerald Buddha at Doi Suthep temple

Snake Whisky @ Laos. Real snakes inside whiskey bottle.

The Chiang Mai Zoo

The Panda from China, The One Humped Camel & The Koala from Malaysia

This is the Tri-Coloured Monkey, most rare species

Waterfalls of Chiang Mai


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