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Top 18 Places And Things You Must Not Miss to Do in Denmark

Denmark is generally believed to be one among those countries where Scandinavia begins. This is a place that has changed a lot over the centuries. Once known for all the fierce warriors, the Vikings, it is now believed to be a most peaceful country where you will get to see the innovative architecture shares and space with medieval buildings. You will also get to see the picturesque fishing villages that will help you tracing their heritage back to most of the Vikings. Denmark is generally believed to be a land of Hans Christian Andersen, so you will definitely be able to find palaces and castles where may be fairy tales come true. Given below are some of the best places and food that you can go ahead and try when you are in Denmark. Lets have a look at them in detail.

Maritime Museum: This is one of the best places you could ever visit in Denmark. Maritime Museum does have all the doors opened for the public in the 1915. While you visit this place, you will get to see numerous collections in terms of the Danish trade and shipping belonging to the 15th century. However, in the year 2013 this museum was the shifted to a brand-new spot under the supervision of Bjarke Ingles Group. This is a place that is also known as the Trade and Maritime Museum and is among the interest points of Denmark. The trade was executed between India and china.

Hot Dogs and Sausages: The hot dogs vans that is also known as the polsevogne can be found at any specific place of Denmark. These are foods that are easily attracted towards the steady flow of Danes and foreigners. An organic hot dog stand that is located near to the round tower actually sells various organic meat and vegetable hot dog. These are also served using breads and healthy mashed roots.

Faroe Islands: This is a place that is believed to be rising like the petrified rocks where the Norwegian sea continues to fuse with the north and are stuff with legends. Their coastlines are not just believed to be extreme, chiselled and sheer cut, but are also beautifully carved with crashing waterfalls and topped with a layer of verdant green grass. The norther lights continue to simmer in the sky while the timber towns and the hamlets below hide rowdy fisherman taverns and pubs that tick over to the trademark of the local folk shanties.

Den Marks National Dish: Though you will get to see many kinds of meat dishes in Denmark, fried pork with parsley sauce and potatoes is believed to be the best national dish of Denmark till date. These small pieces of pork can actually be served with the salt and pepper and are fried until and unless they turn out to be crisp. They are then served with potatoes and Parsley sauce.

Copenhagen: The Copenhagen is believed to be every inch of the 21st century Scandinavia capital. This is a place that can be found facing the Malmo across the Oresund strait, rising against the rollers of the Baltic sea and in the patch work of the red tiled medieval roofs and urban modern new builds. This is a place that is also believed to be a home for one million Danes and hosts neighbourhood like the Vesterbro and christianshavn.

The Danish Riviera: The Danish Riviera is believed to be a home for many of the finest resorts in all the Scandinavia. Particularly popular in the castle towns of the Helsingr and Hillerod playing a host to the majestic Kornberg castle and the elegant renaissance Frederiksberg palace respectively. Beach wise the gilleleje and the Hornbaek carry over the biscuits along with the yellow stretches of the sun splashed sand, backed with the undulating tunes and the colourful bed of roses. So, do not forget to visit this place while in Denmark this 2018.

Smørrebrød: Smørrebrød are generally believed to be open faced sandwiches that are typically eaten for lunch in Denmark. These are sandwiches that are eaten along with the rugbrod, and is topped with raw herring or shrimp, hard boiled eggs, meat and vegetables.

Aalborg: This is a place that lies in the Denmark’s Jutland region and is believed to be the country fourth largest city. This is a city that is known for its vibrant waterfront area on the limfjord. The city centre is easily walkable along with the reliable public transportation in case you wish to get further afield. While you visit this place several attractions that you get to see here is Aalborg castle, the Aalborg Akvavit distillery and the last but not the least the KUNSTEN Modern Museum of Art. Families who make a visit to this place will actually wish to check out the small but one of the most enjoyable zoos that has elephants, big cats, giraffes and more.

Kartofler: No Danish meal is believed to be completed without a side of Kartofler which is the potatoes. They are things that can be made in a variety of different ways and are boiled in water and then served along with the other vegetables. These are also often made in Kartoffelmos, mashed potatoes being cooked with sugar creating caramelization.

Mols Bjerge National Park: This southernmost part of the Djursland is one of the most rugged landscape in Denmark. While you make a visit to this place you can actually hike across the heathland, woodland, marshes, pastures and meadows encountering many numbers of wild animals and plants along the way. The Mols Bjerge National Park is a designated national park.So, do not forget to visit this place while in Denmark this 2018.

Herring: This is generally believed to be something that is sold when it is smoked, marinated like Sol Over Gudhjem, one of the favourites of the Danish island of Bornholm. The Sol Over Gudhjem is also translated as the sun over Gudhjem, which is a town of Bornholm and is a butter piece of the red bread being topped with herrings, red onions, and egg yolk. The Other fishes like salmon, plaice and cod are generally believed to be eaten with dressings such as parsley sauce and potatoes.

The Little Mermaid of Copenhagen: The Little Mermaid is generally believed to be the famous bronze statue, that has been specifically designed by an eminent sculpture Edvard Eriksen being one of the most gorgeous things that you would ever get to see in Denmark. This unimposing statue has been a major landmark of Copenhagen, how ever the statue has turned out to become a major venue for vandalism by all the miscreants. The mermaid is an epitome of prominent cities such as MannekenPis, Statue of Liberty in New York and the Redeemer.

Ebeltoft: Ebeltoft is an old port town that is located in the eastern coast of the country. This is a place that is relatively new to the tourists, but still people come from the different parts of the world to see the city restored 1860 battle frigate named Jylland, followed by the tiny town hall from the late 1700s, and has been converted into a museum. The frigate is one of the largest wooden ships on the planet that has been kept in the larger marine centre to restore and preserving the ships.

Tivoli Gardens: The Tivoli Gardens are generally believed to be the worlds renowned amusement park and a enchanting garden located at Copenhagen in Denmark. The place opened all the doors for the public on the 14th of August 1843. The Tivoli Garden is the worlds second largest amusement park that has been functioning actively across the globe. The park today has been successful in gaining immense popularity with more than 4.6 million visitors in the year 2017. The spot is more visited by the European population and it ranks on the top where Disney Land Park and the Europa park falls behind. This also believed to be one of the finest places you could ever visit in Denmark Copenhagen.

These are just a few examples of where you can visit and what all you can eat when you come to Denmark. There are, of course, many other places and cuisines that are made available to all the travellers, and which might even tickle their fancy; however, you will understand the Danes much better only when you actually go ahead and visit there and then eat with them, and learn a few Danish phrases and words such as ‘tak for mad,’ ‘det var dejligt,’ ‘hygge,’ and ‘velbekommen etc.


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