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10 Major Places and Food That You Must Give It A Try When in Portugal

Located in the western coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal even today continues to be the most visited countries in the world by the travelers today. The reason behind this is the idyllic climate, affordable travel costs, and the last but not the least exceptional attractions. Not just this even the geography of Portugal continues to vary from the verdant mountains and vineyards of the North to the rolling farmland, to the medieval villages of the Central region to the glamorous beaches of the Algarve along the southern coastlineo. Portugal is one of those places that you must definitely miss to make a visit. Given below are some of the best places along with the food for you to eat and try. Lets have a look at them right below.

Wander around Braga: This is a place that is pretty much close to Porto and Amarante. Also, this is a place where you will get to see the world’s most impressive buildings and history. So, while you have a visit made to this place do make sure that you have a visit done to the stunning Bom Jesus do Monte… ohh, and make sure that you take a bottle of water along with you – as there are many steps that will actually make the best Olympian out of breath!

Sopa da Pedra (Stone Soup): This is actually the very first thing that the traveller’s get to try when they are in Portugal. In fact, the soup is the best option for all those who are having a really bad cold. The soup is basically a bean and a sausage kind of a soup, with a lot many ingredients that are being added inside it especially the potatoes. Trust me this is perfect lunch for all those rare cold days that you are having in Portugal.

Coimbra: This is a place that is situated by the Mondego River in the central Portugal, Coimbra is home to a treasure trove of the historic sites, beautiful garden, the country second style of the fado music, lively culture, and is something that is centred around the European oldest universities. One of the best things for you to do here is to get lost and discover the historic attractions starting from the stunning old cathedral to the Gothic Monastery of Santa Clara – a – velha containing the tomb of Queen Isabel.

Piri Piri Chicken: After the stone soup the very next thing that the Portuguese get to taste here is the piri piri chicken. And when you ask most of the individuals what they would like to have while they are in Portugal, they would just say peri piri chicken. The Portuguese actually eat much of the spicy food, so it is the different versions of the piri piri chicken are actually the delicious roasted chicken without any spice being added into it. Though this is one among those dishes that you will be finding all over Portugal, you will actually have to look a bit further where you will get to see the bottle of piri piri on the table. One of the places where you can actually get them is in café Bonjardim which is again located in Lisbon. While you visit this place, you are served with one whole piece of chicken along with the fries, and you can then go ahead and add as much as piri piri you wish to add on them in order to make them spicy.

Porto: Porto is Portugal second largest city, and it seems like a capital city since this is a place that is characterized by the old, colourful buildings, sprawled across the hilly streets sitting beside major rivers. And Porto is the yin to the Lisbon’s Yang. And where you find Lisbon to be really very bright and sunny. Porto is something that shines with culture. While you visit this place, you will definitely not be disappointed as you will get to see gardens, medieval palaces, and cathedrals, and the cuisine is often referred to as the best in the country.

Seafood: Portugal is a country with a huge coastline and this it is always expected that you will find in some sea food when you make a visit here. Lisbon is a place that is famous for all the delicious and fresh seafood. Some of the incredible seafood that you must not miss to taste here is the lake fish called Rwanda, which is also a whole fish in Thailand and even live octopus in south Korea. So, if you wish to get the taste of sea food while you are in Portugal you can then visit a place called as Cervejaria Ramiro. This place is a Lisbon institution so they do not take any kind of a reservation and the line is always out the door. So make sure that you are on time when you wish to make a visit to this place or else you will have to prepare your self to wait till your turn comes.

Lisbon: Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and is one of the most visited cities in Europe. This is a place that is located on the River Tagus, and has been scattered over with a series of hills that heighten the splendid waterfront location. While you make a visit to this place some of the best attractions that you will get to see here is the Castelo de São Jorge and Alfama, which is the oldest part of Lisbon even today. Not just this you will also get to see a huge collection of the class museums that extends the cultural experience. To the east, just a few kms away from the city centre, you can marvel at the modernity of Parque das Nações and its crowd-pulling sites such as the brilliant Oceanário. Across to the west in Belém, Portugal’s golden Age of Discovery is mirrored in the magnificent Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and the quirky Torre de Belém, both these places are in the list of the  UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Bacalhau: Bacalhau or say the code fish is something that you will continue to find everywhere in many different forms. You will actually find in the salted version which is also found in the sandwiches, being mixed with tomatoes and onions and are then fried with some eggs and potatoes and even turned into a cheesy casserole type dish. Most individuals like the version of eggs and potatoes as this is something that turns out to be like the Bacalhau omlet and full in flavour.

Oporto: With all its roboust and granite architecture and the commercial disposition, Oporto which is generally believed to be the second city of Portugal rewards the visitors with a very different kind of experience to that capital. Sited at the mouth of River Douro and being blessed with a waterfront, Oporto is even today believed to be one of those destinations that has been endowed by baroque churches and the neoclassical buildings that even today continue to number some of the best examples of their kind in the country.

Octopus: Most of the traveller’s even today when they visit Portugal prefer eating octopus. So, if you have ever tried to cook octopus before you will know how tricky it is when cooked. Even when it is just a bit overcooked it still turns out to be rubbery and pretty much inedible. Octopus is actually a dish that is all about the raw ingredients and do not smoothen it much with the sauce when it comes to the flavour. I personally feel this is the best ways we can actually go ahead and eat.

Obidos: What would any king give to his queen in the wedding. For all the queen’s in Portugal it is the pretty town of obidos a custom that has been prevailing for more than a period of 100 years. These days this place is also been gifted to the general public and is an hour drive from the north Lisbon in order to reach it. While you visit this place you get to see Igreja De Santa Maria, which features a wonderful interior of blue and white 17th-century azulejos (tiles). Not just this you will also get to see works of art by the 17th-century painter, Josefa de Óbidos.

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