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Top 10 Places You Should Definetly Not Miss to Visit IN Puerto Rico This 2019

Being one of the most enchanted Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico is even today a home to many than just a few couple of attractions, and because of the nation’s relatively small size making it possible for all the travellers to visit a greater number of places in a day. This is a place that is known to be rich in historical buildings, natural wonders and the last but not the least opportunities for adventurous activities. So, take a pick from the following must see attractions while you are planning to make a visit to the Puerto Rico this 2019. 

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San Juan: San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and the largest city, situated on the island’s Atlantic coast. Its widest beach has the Isla Verde resort strip famous for its bars, nightclubs and casinos. Cobblestoned Old San Juan is full of colorful Spanish colonial buildings and 16th-century landmarks like El Morro and La Fortaleza, massive fortresses with beautiful ocean views, as well as the Paseo de la Princesa bayside promenade. In the end of the article you will find detailed list of sight seeing & touring options and deals from San Juan that you should consider.

Mofongo: Mofongo is an unofficial king of the Puerto Rico cuisine. This is a dish that is generally believed to be filled with tasty and filling concoction of mashed plantain, seasonings and unlimited choice of fillings including the vegetables, shrimp, steak, pork, seafood. So, whatever your dietary is you will have something or the other to go ahead and match with it. Almost every Puerto Rico restaurant from the road side shack will turn out to have their own and different kinds of Mofongo.So, don’t forget to give this dish a try when in Puerto Rico this 2019.

Old Ponce Fire Station: The parque de bombastic which is also known as the Ponce fire station has been one of the most notable building in the southern town of pounce for more than 100 years. It is in the year 1882 that this building houses an exhibition centre which was then converted into a pounce fire station three years later. This firemen’s museum was designed by the Architect Lieutenant Colonel Maxino Meana in a Gothic style, and is known for the famous red and black exterior. This building has also been recognized by the U.S. National Park Service.

Surfing and Whale Watching at Rincon: This is a place that is also known as the Pueblo de surfing and Little Malibu. The dominant language in this specific area is English and many of the foreign surfers even today along with the other expats do make sure that they have a visit to this place before they go ahead and visit their home town. Not just this, this place also turned out to be one of the most surfing mecca after the world surfing champions in the year 1968, where images of the ricon and the frequent 15-foot-high waves had been transmitted worldwide. So do make sure that you visit this place before leaving Puerto Rico this 2019.

Arroz con Gandules: If Mongo is considered to be the most official standard of Puerto Rico then the Arroz con Gandules is considered to be the national dish of this island. The pigeon peas with rice turn out to have the carribean roots, and the Puerto Rican twist to the dish as a secret sauce. This secret sauce is known as the sofrito. The Arroz con Gandules is a dish that is made up of the ham, pork, chorizo, red pepper and the last but not the least olive. This was a dish that was heavily being influenced by the Spanish who then turned out to introduce some of their ingredients especially the olives in this island. So, don’t forget to give this dish a try when in Puerto Rico this 2019.

El Morro Castle: The Castillo San Felipe del Morro is something that is found at the end of an expensive green lawn by the ocean in the historic old Saun Jaun. This is a place that is built by the Spaniards for military and security purposes, and was later modified by the US government after the Puerto Rico turned out to become a U.S territory. This century old fort is now an entertainment venue where the travelers can turn out to explore the different areas of attraction which is the most famous in the country. 

Condado: The Rodeo Driver of Puerto rico, Condado Ashford Avenue is something that has been lined up with the boutiques catering to the more discerning tastes and wallets. Here is a list of the few places that you can go ahead and look out. And they are Nono Maldando, 1054 Ashford Avenue, Mademoiselle. So do not forget to make a visit this place while you are in the place Puerto rico this 2019.

Asopao: Asopao is Puerto Rico’s answer to the chicken soup. This homemade classic is a kind of savoury soup and is something that is usually cooked with chicken and rice. Fortunately, many restaurants even today turn out to have their favourite dish in the menu, as it is also the favourite dish of the islanders. Just understand and know that this is something like a gumbo more than a soup, and this is something that can come in variations including chicken, shellfish, pork, ham, peppers, pigeon peas, olives, and the last but not the least tomatoes, among other ingredients.So, don’t forget to give this dish a try when in Puerto Rico this 2019.

Plaza Las Americas: The Plaza las Americas is one of those places that is located in the Caribbean mega mall, and is the most dominating one, located in the Hato Rey district of San Jaun. And among the 300 Plus stores you will get to find things starting from the candles to the cars, along with the plethora of restaurants and activities, including a movie theatre and a bowling room. In fact, you will also get to see international brands along with a few local names like the coach, nine west, Macy’s etc and the local names Bared for Jewellery. Plus, the sculptures and open spaces in the mall are quite pleasant.

Puerto Rico Museum of Art: Open for almost 20 years the Puerto Rico Museum of Art where almost every art work of the famous artists of the Puerto Rico museum is been displayed here. Francisco Oller and Lorenzo Homar are two of the famous and notable artists whose pieces are in the museum visitors to come forward and participate including the guided tours and workshops. So do not forget to make a visit this place while you are in the place Puerto rico this 2019.

Vieques: Vieques is is eight miles away from the main island of the Puerto Rico, and has turned out to become one of the most popular beaches having smaller upper hotels, restaurants, shops and the galleries. With the departure of the united states army from the island in the year 2003, Vieques has now turned its focus towards tourism. This is a place that is now supported with quality tourism infrastructure attracting both the Puerto Ricans and the foreign travellers, who take the time to make their way over to the island. The island is also known for a unique phenomenon at Mosquito Bay (also known as Bioluminescent Bay), where the visitors can actually go ahead and take a tour, either in a boat, canoe, or kayak after dark to experience this natural wonder.So do not forget to make a visit this place while you are in the place Puerto Rico this 2019.

The Old San Juan: Shopaholic then let me tell you that you are lucky. The old San Juan is one of the best tourist areas in Puerto Rico and is also a home to the best shopping. The old San Juan is a place that is known for the historic monuments, fountains, museums and restaurants. So, once you are done with all of them you can then go ahead and visit plenty of shops there especially the ones who have been specializing in jewelry and souvenirs. Not just this you will also find good-quality clothing boutiques like the Custo Barcelona, the local product Lisa Cappalli, and Clubman, where you can actually go ahead and get those cool Guayabera shirts (Guayaberas are loose-fitting, extremely comfortable, usually patterned shirts for men; they’re perfect for the tropics).


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