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The 10 Best Places and Food for you to Visit and Try in Spain

Whenever you plan to visit Spain, you will actually find many places to visit. Even better in each region is the Spanish foods to try. Spain even today is considered to be one of the most addictive tourist destinations, and continues to focus on the laid-back culture in order to live a really good life, followed by the wild Spanish festivals, the diverse landscapes, and the impressive historical architecture that you get to look everywhere. Some of the most famous interactions in Spain have even reached the international heights, starting from Barcelona’s beach culture and the Valencia’s Fallas effigy burning, to the infamous Running of the Bulls and tomato-throwing festival La Tomatina.

Spain still continues to offer the travellers with plenty of beaten path experiences, like the Costa Brava coastline or hiking the Camino de Santiago. So, whether you are planning for some beach holiday or city break weekend or the long tour of the main Spanish cities there is a lot for you to do and eat in Spain. In order to make things really very easy for you given below are some of the best places for you to visit, along with the foods for you to try this 2018.

Madrid: Madrid is the capital city of Spain. It’s a city which boast of elegant and beautifully maintained parks like Buen Retiro. Madrid is also famous for it’s rich collection of European art, architecture and museums. Once in Madrid you should definitely explore the museums, Mlaza Mayor, the Royal palace and the armoury displaying historic weapons collection. Madrid is a historical place which one should explore completely.

Tapas: You will definitely not be allowed to visit the other places in Spain without experiencing the famous Tapas. In other words, it’s like visiting Paris without having a look at the Eiffel Tower or like exploring Italy without having a proper espresso. Tapas is not any specific kind of a food but is a kind of meal that the Spaniards can eat in the day or night. Tapas is a part of the Spanish culture and in order to gain a better understanding you should also be aware of the fact that there is a verb in Spain called as tapear which means eating tapas.

Malaga: Malaga is the largest city on the Costa del Sol. Located in the southern region of the Andalucía, this coastal city is famous for the various shopping opportunities, delicious cuisines, stunning beaches and the last but not the least historical sights. This is one of the most famous popular destinations that you can go ahead and count on for a much-needed beach time year around. Apart from the beaches there are lot many other things that you could do in Malaga. Say for example you can visit the birth place of the renowned artist Pablo Picasso. Then you will get to eat some fresh and delicious espetos, the grilled sardines skewered on a bamboo stick, which is a well-known and famous Malaga treat.

Tortilla de patatas: What makes this dish really very great is the potatoes, olive oil, onions that’s it. Some of the purists even today consider adding onion to be a gastronomic crime of the highest order. Let me tell you that the Spanish omelette is so much more than just the sum of its parts. In order to try this out you can visit one of the best restaurants called Bar Nestor in san Sebastian. They only make this once during the lunch time and another one during the evenings which is then served to 16 lucky kind of customers.

Barcelona: Barcelona is the capital and the largest city called Catalonia. This is a place that located directly on the Mediterranean, providing the travellers with a rich and diverse kind of a history, an extra ordinary art scene, stunning natural beauty and more. This gives the travellers a major reason to visit this place while in Spain this 2018. While you make a visit to this place you will also get to see the Marvel at the outstanding beauty of the (still under construction) Sagrada Familia Basilica, and the last but not the least Relaxing and enjoying the sun on Barceloneta beach.

Patatas Bravas: This is one of the dishes that is generally served as an appetizer, or tapas in the bars and restaurants. The potatoes are not just fried but are even extremely fluffy inside. They are then piled on a plate and topped with a secret blend tomato sauce, paprika, garlic, chilli powder and the last but not the least sugar. Not just this you will also get to see aioli type of a sauce on it as well. And as you can imagine these sauces continue to vary greatly depending on who the chef is and does not actually matter when it comes to the matter of taste.

Tenerife: Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. Located at the south west coast of Africa, Tenerife continues to enjoy a warm and tropical climate and hundreds of sunshine each and every year. Being one of the most popular destinations for all the tourists this island continues to boasts an energetic night life, exotic forests, incredible beaches and a varied terrain. While you visit this place, you can Go scuba diving in the clear, calm and comfortable waters of Tenerife. Not just this you can also relax and enjoy the golden sand of Las Teresita’s beach.

Lechazo Asada: Served in the asadores of Arande de Duero, the lechazoasado is a roasted lamb with a crackling kind of a skin and tender meat. This is a dish that is considered a true speciality when it comes to a country like spain. This is a dish that even has an IGP meaning Protected Geographical Indication) status, because of the unique way in which the lamb has been raised in short only through milk, which is why it turns out to make the entire meat tender and delicious.

Mallorca: This is a place that is located in the Mediterranean Sea, and is the largest of the Balearic Islands. This is a place that is generally believed to be famous for the sunny beach, the lively parties, historic architecture, the lush mountain landscapes and more. Mallorca is one of those places in Spain that you should definitely not miss to visit especially when you are looking out for a great blend of culture, excitement, charm and vibrancy. While you visit this place all that you get to see here is the stunning white sand beaches with clear turquoise waters, the impressive seaside cathedral de Mallorca and more.

Tortilla Espanola: Tortilla Espanola or say the Spanish Tortilla Espanolais one of the most popular dishes in spain. This is something that is made up of potatoes and eggs, and is believed to be a really good appetizer if you actually find the best one. The potatoes used here are incredibly tender and melt in the mouth at ease. The egg in the middle is still considered to be a bit runny in the middle. So if you are among those individuals who is san Sebastian then I would just recommend you to queuing in the morning for the tickets and only then will get the one slice of the famous tortilla espanola.

Seville: Seville is the capital of Andalusia in the southern spain, and is a place that is famous for the thriving flamenco culture. While you visit this place you can actually go ahead and take the cities intimate little flamenco bars in order to fully appreciate the passionate, dramatic and the last but not the least melancholy art form. Visiting this place is actually like coming forward and exploring the Real Alcázar, which is not just a well-preserved example of Mudéjar architecture that has been added to by Spanish rulers over the years, but is also believed to be the take in the city’s modern architecture at the Metropol Parasol, a huge wooden structure that brings much-needed shade in the summer.

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