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15 Exotic Places and Food That You Should Definitely Not Miss in Sweden

With all its rich history and landscapes Sweden is believed to be a traveler’s paradise. And if you love outdoors then this place is definitely hard enough to beat. The air and water are crystal clean and there are thousands of acres of the unspoiled forest with the majestic lakes to explore, and not to mention archipelagos along its coasts. The roads and public transports are excellent and the citizens are in variably friendly and very helpful, and in the recent years the Swedish cuisine has undergone what can only be described by a specific kind of a revolution. Throwing in the mind-blowing history of the notorious Viking invaders to the royal dynasties and the imperial intrigue ensuring that you never ever get bored. Given below are the 15 exotic places and food that you should definitely not miss when in Sweden this 2018. Let’s have a look at them below.

Kosterhavet National Park: Sweden is one among those countries that has a lot many coastlines and there is no doubt about it. And the best place where you could actually observe the marine line under the protected circumstances is the Kosterhavet National Park. Kosterhavet that borders Norway is the first country national park. And with more than 6000 species of marine life the park is a home for several species that cannot be found anywhere else in Sweden.

Jansson’s Temptation: The Jansson’s Temptation is generally believed to be a classic Sweden Christmas dish consisting of a creamy potato and anchovy casserole. This is a dish that can be served any time of the year, but the Sweden’s even today prefer having them only during the holiday season. This is a dish that is named after Pelle Janzon who was a Swedish opera singer during the 1900s and was a big-time food lover. So, do make sure that you give this dish a try when in Sweden this 2018.

Marstrand: Marstrand is a city since 1200 and is known for two major things sailing and old fortress. This sea side community is located on an island in western side of Sweden, hosting the annual match cup Sweden holding an important sailing competition. This place is also a home for the 17th century carlsten fortress a majestic stone structure that has been guarding the city from a longer period of time. This is a place that is described by the visitors as a good day trip from Gothenburg and Kodak moment, so do make sure that you take in a lot many images that line up in the cobblestone streets.

Raggmunk & Lingonberries: The Raggmunk & Lingonberries is generally believed to be an Swedish winter dish and of course no one would ever judge you if you actually decide to go ahead and eat it in another time of the year. The swedes here just don’t prefer to have potatoes which is one of the major reasons why this dish is chosen during the winter period. Raggmunk & Lingonberries is a kind of Swedish potato pan cake that is being fried up in butter and is best served with pork or the well know Lingonberries. So, do make sure that you give this dish a try when in Sweden this 2018.

Malmo: Something new and something very old is actually one of the best ways you can describe this place. Malmo is a city related to the medieval history and with landscapes that are being studded by modern and contemporary buildings. Sweden’s third largest city has this marvellous old town followed by three main squares called as the Stortoget, Lilla Torg and the last but not the least Gustav Adolfs Torg. The old town is where you will actually find the castle called Malmohus Slott.  A must-see “new” attraction when you are in Malmo, is the Turning Torso which is an architectural masterpiece that twists more than 190 meters (600 feet) into the sky, making it Sweden’s most talked about building.

Marinated Salmon with Dill Potatoes: The Marinated Salmon with Dill Potatoes is believed to be a food in heaven. This is a dish that has its origin in France and is generally recommended to be served with mustard sauce. Gravlax is also made to be present among the Swedish smorgasbords but is also believed to be really very delicious when served as three slices, and is been accompanied with cold potatoes and dill.

Ystad: Ystad is generally believed to be the coastal town located in the southern part of Sweden, and is sure to draw sleuths and the murder mystery plans. One of the well-known authors Henning Mankell set up his Kurt Wallender detective novels in Ystad. The notable buildings of Ystad you will get to know through his books including Greyfriars Abbey, which is one of Sweden’s best-preserved medieval monasteries, and the Church of the Virgin Mary, which is again a large medieval church; and are even today believed to be an outstanding examples of Gothic Hansa architecture.

Crayfish August: The month of August is generally believed to be the time when you can actually go ahead and eat Shellfish and crayfish. During the 1500 crayfish was one of the most popular dishes in Sweden and among the upper-class individuals. And over the years this speciality trickled down to all classes of people in the country. This is usually one of those dishes that is reserved for the summer and is the main dishes being served along with the main course including lobster for a sea food celebration. So, do make sure that you give this dish a try when in Sweden this 2018.

Stockholm archipelago: If you are one among those individuals who are into island hoping then Stockholm archipelago is definitely your cup of tea. And it’s obvious that you will not have enough time to visit each and every island since there are more than 3000 out there. Ferries serve to be the major points in the archipelago, beginning with a 10-minute boat ride from Stockholm and then visit to the world war I Fortress at Stockholm.

Chives and Sour Cream: This is a specialty that is often prepared during the time of celebrations. Chives and Sour Cream is one of those dishes that can be found on the table from traditional midsummer festivities to the holiday celebrations. During the mid-summer celebrations this typical Sweden way of eating Chives and Sour Cream together with fresh potatoes is something like a traditional lunch for the localities out there.

Are: Are is generally believed to be a mountain village that never sleeps and continues to give the metropolitan vibe with all its wide array of things. While you make a visit to this place the different kind of things that you will actually get to experience over here is the street lined with shops, the restaurants, the bars, and the fascinating view of the mountains. This place is also believed to be a major escape for all those individuals who are looking to calm down their adrenaline rush and spend a vacation in this city.

Gubbröra:There is no doubt that the sea food is Sweden’s culinary tradition, and in this case Gubbröra is an egg anchovy salad that is being served on an thin slice of an dark bread and is mostly presented during the time of some celebrations. This dish can also be served as an midnight starter or proper meal and trust each and every individual out there does love this dish.So, do make sure that you give this dish a try when in Sweden this 2018.

Halmstad: Halmstad is known for boasting its timber-framed architecture, ports and universities. Not just this even the south-west part of the Swedish city reflects the other parts of the Danish culture of the 17th century along with the vibe of the metropolitan city. The summer city of Sweden, this destination is generally believed to be a paradise for all those individuals who wish to have an escape to the sandy beaches while enjoying a mild climate. Some of the major attractions that you will get to see here while you visit this place is Nissan River, Galgberget, Tylösand Strand, Mjellby Art Museum.

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