Dubai – The UAE

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Dubai – The UAE

Visit Dubai and see the magnificent scale of building an ultra modern city in a desert. Dubai is one of the most desirable places to visit in the Middle East. It’s a marvelous city and I wander how they converted a desert to such a modern city. Dubai is well known and recognized worldwide for luxury shopping malls, ultramodern and most extra ordinary architectures and a great nightlife.

Burj Khalifa which is 830m tall building is the tallest skyscraper. There are also many other extraordinary buildings like the Dubai Window Frame which is an extra ordinary building looking like a window frame. The Hotel Atlantis is also a very important architectural marvel of Dubai. The Cayan Tower which is a twisted building is also an amazing thing to see. The Dubai Mall is one of the most famous malls of Dubai and the UAE. The city is full of skyscrappers and it is a very well planned city. Dubai Metro which is an um-manned metro is also very successful and beautiful.

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So in Dubai in addition to seeing the marvelous architecture and worldclass buildings, there are many other things to do. And of course it’s a worldclass shopping destination and a paradise for the shoppers. There are many good shopping malls like Dubai mall, Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre, Mercato Mall, The Village Mall and many more.

You should also visit the Meena Bazar in Dubai which is an Indian market in Dubai. It’s a mini India-Pakistani market. You will find many Indian and Pakistani shops here and you find here good dresses, handicrafts, Dubai special Date Palm Chocolates and many other items from India and Pakistan. This place looks just like India, so it’s very interesting. Fooding in Dubai is never a problem there are innumerable food joints serving all types of cuisine.

One more important thing is the Dubai Duty Free shops at the Dubai airport. Dubai airport is a huge complex itself, probably the biggest of it’s kind in the World. You will find a huge Duty Free Shops complex in the airport. Most attractive sections are the shops selling Arabian arts and crafts, they have a huge collection of Arabian handicrafts of all types and you have a wide choice of souvenirs for your collection. And also the shops selling golden jewelry. This is a very interesting section to visit. You can see a unique range of high quality gold jewelry here.

Here are some photographs from Dubai where you can see the Atlantis, the artificial island, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Metro, The Dubai Window Frame building, Burj Khalifa and also glimpses of Meena Bazar.

The Meena Bazar

Meena Bazar & Burj Khalifa

The city is very well decorated with a lot of plants and flowers, well maintained and very clean.

Preferably visit Dubai during the winter season when it is quite comfortable. Avoid visiting during the summer time as the temperature is very high and the heat is really unbearable for many of us.

Dubai has a vibrant night life. Many of the hotels have night clubs with live dancing bars which run till very late in the night. So an evening in Dubai is never boring there is a lot for you to enjoy. However please note that the laws are very strict in the Emirates, so behave like a responsible person to avoid any untoward situation and embarrassment.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that constitute the UAE. It’s a very convenient place in all aspects. In terms of food, shopping, sightseeing, currency exchange, safety and public convenience, Dubai is one of the most advanced cities in the World. You name any aspect, you will never face any problem in Dubai. So visiting Dubai at least once is most recommended for travelers, vacation lovers and explorers.

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