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Best Places That You Must Not Miss to Make A Visit in Jordan This 2019

Jordan is one of those countries that occupies one great cut of the Arabian Peninsula. This is a country that has been sandwiched between the more tumultuous nations of the contested Israel, Iraq and Syria. Although this is a place that is completely in the heart of the middle east, Jordan can feel more liberal, progressive and really safe enough when compared to its neighbors. As a result, it is the ideal destination for all those who really wish to explore this part of the world. A trip to Jordan offers you an opportunity to visit all the ancient cities, admiring magnificent granite cliffs and you can even experience the secluded deserts and even swim in the dead sea. Given here are some of the best places that you must not miss to make a visit in Jordan this 2019.

Amman – A unique blend of old and new: Amman is the national capital and the largest city of Jordan holding a lot many surprises for the travelers. The city is a pot of new and the old flavors keeping you intrigued. These sky-high modern buildings turn out to blend really very well with the ancient culture. It is one of the top 10 places that you must not miss to visit in Jordan for every type of traveler. While you are in Amman you can also visit some of the best places like Amman’s Roman Amphitheatre, Jordan Museum, Jabal Amman for art galleries, Abdoun for its terrific nightlife, shopping malls etc. You can also spend a relaxed evening in one of the terrace cafes of Amman watching the sunset from Amman Citadel. Also make sure that you visit places like an open-air marketplace — where you can buy Jordanian carpets, rugs, jewelries, handcraft etc.

Moutabel: Before going to Jordan you can always think of the dish named Moutabel when you actually think of the Middle Eastern Roasted Eggplant Dip. But when you are in Jordan you should definetly not miss to give this dish a try, as this is a dish that is similar to the baba ghanoush but quite different. One of the main ingredient differences is that this dish uses yoghurt in this recipe. This is a dish that is also being topped up with the fried peanuts, fresh parsley before being eaten with yogurt and tomato cucumber. You will just be eating it straight from the pan and there are no extra plates required. So do not miss to give this a try when in Jordan this 2019.

Mount Nebo – Gorgeous views of the barren valleys: Mount Nebo – Gorgeous views of the barren valleys is one of the most sacred sites for Jordanians and many others. This is a place where Moses was laid to rest and thus making it popular enough for pilgrimage since the time of Christians. The Memorial of Moses on Mount Nebo is one of the most fascinating places that you must not miss to visit in Jordan. Mount Nebo is about 37 kms from Amman and around 10 kms from Madaba. And one of the best ways you can reach this place is by the private or the shared taxi. There are no frequent buses that have been plying from the Amman and Mount Nebo.

Zarb: You actually have to get yourself ready for this. Zarb is a Bedouin Barbecue feast that is cooked underground for a few hours. Yes, they have an oven that is buried underground. First the meat which is chicken and the lamb is marinated with the blend of spices and is then placed on a tiered tray of cut vegetables. The tray is placed into an underground oven that has been preheated an hour before. The oven opening is then covered with the sheets of aluminium foil and then buried in the sand and is left for a few hours. So do not miss to give this a try when in Jordan this 2019.

Madaba: The south capital is Madaba and is known to be a small town for all its religious structures and its ancient art. This is also known as the Madaba Map, which is a mosaic from the sixth century showing the map of Jerusalem and the other holy sites. The Madaba Map is found in St. George Church. So, if you are interested in the history of Madaba then do make sure that you visit the place called as the Madaba Archaeological Park as well as the Madaba Museum. And in order to have a look at these attractions you will actually have to climb to the bell tower of the Shrine of of Saint John the Baptist, which can offer spectacular views.

Shawarma Wrap: The Shawarma Wrap is another middle eastern cuisine that is being adopted by the entire world, just because it turns out to be really very delicious. Shawarma is one of those dishes that is made up of the stacking slices of meat and fat onto a vertical spit, which will continue to rotate and grill the meat for a longer period of time. Sometimes even for the entire day. Once the things turn out to be ready the meat is then shaved off with a large knife and is then collected at the bottom of the spit before being made into a delicious wrap using onions and fresh vegetables. So do not miss to give this a try when in Jordan this 2019, or else your trip will considered to be incomplete.

Umm Qais – A medieval city & modern town in northern Jordan: Umm Qais – A medieval city & modern town in northern Jordan is also know as the Gadara and the green town in another barren country. This is a place that is located in the north of Amman with the sweeping views of Yarmouk River, Lake Tiberias, Yarmouk River, and Golan Heights. This is a place that requires two hours for you to reach it. So, whether you wish to have a one-day trip from Ibrid or stay in Gadara in order to experience the calm twilight and the chilly fresh morning air in the town. You must definitely not miss to explore the ruins of the Decapolis city of Gadara while you are there.

Barazek: Barazek is one of the Syrian thin crispy butter that is covered in a toasted sesame, honey and the last but not the least Pistachio. This is a dish that is really very popular in Jordan especially when it comes to the Levantine region and is often eaten with coffee or tea. It makes a great souvenir I brought back a tin of Barazek for my office and everybody loved it. So do not miss to give this a try when in Jordan this 2019.

Dana Biosphere Reserve – A place of staggering beauty & biodiversity: The Dana Biosphere Reserve – A place of staggering beauty & biodiversity is one of the largest nature reserve places for all those individuals who wish to go for hiking, and walking on a breezing day. The campsites here organize various activities like the cycling trails, cooking classes, stargazing, and the last but not the least bird watching. This is a place that is breath-taking beauty, heritage and biodiversity. The biosphere reserve dramatically changes from the stand stone to the limestone granite. This is an ecosystem that switches from oak to the Juniper woodlands to the sandy desert. Most of the species include Sand Cat, Syrian Wolf, and the spiny tailed lizard are endangered species.

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