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Best Places That You Should Visit When in Zimbabwe This 2019

Zimbabwe is known to be a curious beast. Ravaged by the wars and the civil strife, it had a particularly tumultuous exit from the age of the European colonialism in Africa.  And while there are still lingering the human rights complaints and the authoritarian tendencies in the government here, the general consensus is that those dangers are slowly but surely subsiding.  This shows that Zimbabwe is once again entering the safari fold, and the beginning to the re magnetize intrepid travellers with the promise of its inselberg-studded backcountry, its teak forests and the last but not the least cypress-spattered hills. Given below are some of these major places that you should not miss to visit when in Zimbabwe this 2019.

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Victoria Falls: There is a clear reason as to why this place is named as Victoria Falls.  This is again one of the greatest waterfalls of the world. Thousands of people flock here to see an awesome sight of this mighty waterfall and it looks even more beautiful when the rainbow forms an arc over the water fall.  The visitors here then join the baboons in the jungles, and then slowly delve into the Victoria falls national Park just to the South of the center, gawping and gasping as the scenic beauty comes into view. The best time to visit here is in the month of July and August, as the weather is dry and there is no mist in order to obscure their view. In 1989 Victoria Falls and the adjoining parklands were collectively designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Sadza: Sadza is one of those dishes that turns out to be on the top lists of the Zimbabwe food. The sadza is a kind of a corn meal that can be easily cooked with gravy or stew. And in places like Botswana people will know this food as it is really very popular out there. Nevertheless, it is one of the most eaten food in Zimbabwe. Just try it if you are there.

Bulawayo: After Harare Bulawayo is one of the second most visited town in Zimbabwe and so far has been successful in managing the 1960 American ambiance. Most important is the town here is lined up with huge flower covered boulevards and it’s on its own a remarkable tourist attraction.  However, for all your visits there are a national Museum that is located in the heart of the town and this part is actually considered to be one of the best in the town. After this you are also visiting the railway Museum in the town and enjoy the view of the passenger coach dating back from 1904.  It’s a gateway to Matobo National Park, home to the Matobo Hills rock formations and Stone Age cave art. Park wildlife includes rhinos and black eagles. Also make a visit to the art gallery and the Mzilikazi art and craft center, it’s a great experience out there.

Mopane Worms: I am sure that an outsider might cringe and flinch at the thought of having an earth worm.  However, let me tell you that Mopane Worms are not just any worms, and can turn out to be really very delicious when crunchy and fried and cooked in stews. In fact, these are even nutritious and have more protein when compared to the beef. Eaten as a snack or a part of food this dish is not just popular in Zimbabwe but also in the other parts of Africa, including Nigeria.

River Zambezi: If you are actually looking out for some pure adventure, then you must not miss to visit river Zambezi that is located near Victoria Falls. Here you will actually have breath taking fun activities like river rafting and trigger-fish fishing. Not just this you will also enjoy climbing out Bakota George and enjoying cold refreshment served by the restaurants nearby.

Maheu: Maheu is generally believed to be one of the most popular drink that is being made up from maize.  This is something that is made up of munya, in short the left over sadza. The low-priced drink here can either be brought and homemade either way.  You will be energized and thirsty for more if you actually have a taste of it.

Mutare town: If you are looking for a cool place that will help you forget the scorching sub-Saharan climate, the Mutare town is a place that you should definitely not miss to make a visit when in Zimbabwe this 2019. Make sure to visit the Rhodes museum and the Aloe garden in the main park and as well as the Vumba botanical gardens. Lastly you can continue to enjoy the wild life view at the Chimanimani National park, Thompson national Park and then last but not the least the Cecil kop nature reserve.

Mupunga Unedovi: The Zimbabweans love their peanut butter and it is their food and they add peanut butter to each and everything. Mupunga Unedovi which includes rice and peanut butter actually includes a personal taste. This tasty combination of both will leave all the Zimbabweans tingle their taste buds, especially when they are being served with gravy and lots of meat. The very first thing that you will love about this is the look of it which you might find inviting enough.

The great Zimbabwe ruins: The worlds renowned great Zimbabwean ruins is one of the best places for you to visit in Zimbabwe.  This is a place that offers an impressive set of an ancient stone complexes that were built during the time of 13th to 15th century.  Not just this you can also go ahead and enjoy the remarkable architectural design behind the ruins and the museums that holds the entire history of the ruins.

Nyama: Another great and one of the best dishes know among the Zimbabwean Dishes is the Nyama, which is  a beef stew. This is a dish that is generally cooked with beans and the vegetable leaves (as in leafy beefy stew). It is beans and vegetables that turns out to make the entire dish delicious and is also very easy when it comes to the process of preparing it. This dish is best when it is served with rice or Sadza. One more thing is that the stew has a lot of meat included in it and that may be goat, beef or other things that you prefer or would like to add into it. So do not forget to give this dish a try when in Zimbabwe this 2019.

Hwange national park: Hwange national Park is a place located near to the south of Victoria falls and harbors a huge number of wild animals that attract thousands of tourists from across the world. You can see lions, elephants, giraffe, hippos, and antelopes among a wide variety of other animals in this park.  Not just this even the bird life is abundant here with more than 4000 species recorded within the park. The accommodation in the Hwange National Park, that ranges from the various kinds of luxury lodges located in their own private concessions, to the rustic camps that offer the chance to spend a night under canvas in the heart of the African bush.

Muboora: Last but not the least is this famous dish called as Muboora. Muboora is nothing but a pumpkin soup that’s cooked with tomato sauce. Not just this Muboora can also be cooked using the peanut butter and the fresh cream. Muboora can also be eaten with Sadza and any roasted meat of your choice, after all what matters here is the taste. The ingredient used in making this is pumpkin leaves. Interestingly enough, preparing this is in fact, very easy. So do not forget to give this dish a try when in Zimbabwe this 2019.


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