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Top 13 Cool and Best Thing for You to Do in Finland

Finland is a place that is filled with pandora box of experiences. Starting from the sea to the snow, for the young and for the old alike, Finland is like a hidden gem that is waiting to be discovered. And with an infinite list of places to be discovered and visited in Finland, it is really very tough to just pick a few out of them. But let me tell you that the travel to this city will not just turn out to be the most fantastic one but will leave you craving for more. Given below are the 13 cool and some of best things that you can turn out to do when in Finlandthis 2018 – 2019. Let’s have a look at them below.

Exploring Olavinlinna:Olavinlinna is generally believed to be a castle that sits on the Savonlinna and has been dating from the 15 centuries. This is a castle that is famed with three dominating towers and is constructed on a rock right in the centre of the glassy lake to afford it more protection from the enemies. In order to get into this castle, you will actually have to walk into a series of creaking bridges, followed by a maze inside the ornate towers and serene chapels. While you have a visit made to this place you will be able to find guided tours that lasts for an hour gaining the right history of the daily life in the castle of 15 days old.

Sleeping under the stars at Kakslauttanen Artic Resort:Tucked in the wilderness for which Finland is also know as the Kakslauttanen Arctic resort, which is another great pace of all the intrepid travellers who are looking out to get away from the main tourist spot of Sweden. This resort has a claim to fame having glass igloos that allow you to look up directly at the northern lights and you can have one of them to sleep overnight. The resort dates back from 1973 that is not just impressive as it turns out to be but also looks like something out of a science fiction film.

A land: Mostly known for being a nature lovers’ refuge, A land is still considered to be old and the quaint groups of islands. So, take a deep divine into the old Finnish culture by visiting the maritime museum and the open-air museum. It is even today considered to be the most peaceful island destination. This is a place that will actually make sure you sit back and enjoy your Finland holidays. So, do not miss visiting this place when in Finland this 2018 – 19 as the trip would not be considered to be completed without having a visit to this place.

Shopping at Market square: The Market square is also known as Kauppatori and is generally believed to be the main square in the centre of the city. This is also believed to be one of the most popular markets in the northern Europe and does have views of the spectacular Baltic sea to the east. While you make a visit to this place you will be able to find a wide range of local produce like the flowers, vegetables, fruits and the last but not the least baked goods. This is also an art and craft markets, so it is definitely the right place for you to pick up a few souvenirs of your trip to Finland.

Santa Claus village: This lovely amusement park has been nestled in the snowy mountains of the Lapland and is the version of Disney land.  Starting from the various process of ice restaurants, husky and reindeer sleigh rides, an igloo hotel, and safaris you will definitely find something or the other that will lead you to a huge interest here. Your trip will not be considered to be completed without your visit to this visual treat. So, do not miss visiting this place when in Finland this 2018 – 19 as the trip would not be considered to be completed without having a visit to this place.

The Northern Lights: This is something that is generally believed to be visible between the month of September and March. The Northern lights or aurora is a surreal treat for the eyes of all the onlookers out there on the trance. This mystical and the out of the world experience with the lightning in the sky are one of the breath-taking attractions of Finland.

Vaasa: This is a place that use to be located 6kms further in the south, before it was completely burned down in the 1952. Today all its ruins are a part of the national park and are open to exploration. Vaasa is actually believed to be the bilingual town with almost half of the population speaking Swedish.

Picking up berries and mushrooms from the forest: This is truly one of the best ways of living and the closeness to the nature that the fins have one, should definitely not miss visiting this place in order to pick up some berries and mushrooms from the forest. The bill berries, the cloudberries and the lingonberries are not called as superfood for no reason. They are not just tasty but are even packed with high levels of vitamins and flavonoids after ripening under the white summer nights.

The light house island: The Finland coast turns out to have the largest archipelago in the world. And when there are Islands there are even light houses. Most of these light houses can be visited during the day trip, where the others where you can even spend a night in. The bengtskar on the west coast is a majestic sight for you to see. It is also believed to be the tallest lighthouse in the Nordic countries. This is a place that is located on a beautiful island and can be accessed by boat from the beginning of June to the end of August.

Jyvaskyla: Jyvaskyla is a beautiful city that is located near to the Finnish Lakeland. And while you visit this place you will get to see a lot of beautiful architecture, especially works done by the famous architect Alvar Aalto, who designed many of its buildings. This is also believed to be a home for the two sites listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Petäjävesi Old Church, which is a unique and beautiful wooden Lutheran church that was built during the mid-18th century, followed by the 19th century research station called the Oravivuori Triangulation Tower, that was set up in the mid-1800s in order to try and determine the size and curvature of the Earth, but now makes for a beautifully scenic overlook.

Have fun at Särkänniemi Amusement Park: Särkänniemi Amusement Park is a place that is known for its fast-paced rides and attractions being filled with enough of fun for all the family members. This is a park that has a larger aquarium as well as a planetarium and children’s zoo. And if you feel that this is something that is really not enough for you then let me tell you that, you can also have the views of the surrounding tampered observation tower which is now also called as the Nasi Needle. So, do not miss visiting this place when in Finland this 2018 – 19 as the trip would not be considered to be completed without having a visit to this place.

Life is sweet: Finnish people love sweets and in fact Finland is one among the top countries to consume sweets. And when it comes to the families Saturday is commonly referred to as sweets day in Finland. And in order to have their sweet tooth being satisfied this shop is recently opened in punavoiri district. This shop helps in satisfying all their customers by offering sweets, chocolate, soda, coffee and all kinds of treats you can only dream of.

Espoo: Although this is something that might sound to be smaller when compared to the other bigger cities, espoo is the second largest city in Finland. This is a place that is generally believed to be located in the south of the country, followed by the 20 minute’s drive from Helsinki. This is a place that offers all the visitors with its heavy dose of culture, monuments, museums, shopping, and restaurants and still manage to stay very close to the nature.So, do not miss visiting this place when in Finland this 2018 – 19 as the trip would not be considered to be completed without having a visit to this place.


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