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10 Best Places for You to Visit and The Food to Try in Germany

Starting from the beautiful landscapes, the castles, the lush forests and the flowing rivers to the busy cities and the majestic mountain ranges, Germany even today is believed to be one of the best places you could ever visit. The visitors here can go ahead and explore Berlin,Munich, and the last but not the least Frankfurt in order to go ahead and enjoy the sweeping views of Rhine River in cologne. Given below are some of the best places you can go ahead and visit in Germany. Let’s have a look at them right below.

Berlin: The capital city of Germany, Berlin is a huge part of the country historical and cultural significance. Say for example in the 18th century Brandenburg Gate is believed to be the symbol of reunification and the main landmark for all the tourist to make a visit, housing a massive park and the parliamentary nearby. While you make a visit here you will then get to enjoy the museum island, and the prehistoric archaeology, and Pergamon with Greek, Roman, and Islamic masterpieces.

Spätzle – Traditional Swabian Egg Noodles: Though the name is something that turns out to be really very funny but is still considered to be the famous German dish and is completely vegetarian. Spätzle – Traditional Swabian Egg Noodles is a kind of pasta and the dough is something that consists of eggs, flavours, and the last but not the least hint of fizzy water. The localities are very proud of their spätzle so do make sure that you dont land up calling them the German pasta. 

Celle: Celle is a place that is located in Saxony Germany. Lying on the banks of the of the river Aller, this is a city that is also called as the southern gateway to the Luneburg Health which is also a home to a large and splendid castle known as the Schloss Celle. The visitors here can actually go ahead and explore the castle that has been built in a stunning baroque and the renaissance style. The other places that you must not miss while you make a visit here is Bormann Museum and is known for the way it has been captured and displayed along with the local history of Celle and its folklore to visitors, and the St. Ludwig’s Celle which is a stunning 18th century catholic church.

Bratwurst: Though this is something that is not very surprising Bratwurst has been successful in taking place. This is a dish that has been a part of every restaurant and is something that differs from area to area. All you need to do here is grill your bratwurst for 2 minutes on each and every side, putting it in a bun adding a ketchup and ready is this iconic German dish called Bratwurstsemmel. This is a dish that is really bigger and contain more fat. So, no matter what size there this is still a part of most of the restaurants even today. 

Dresden: Dresden is the capital of east Germany, and was initially completed in the 1973 but was rebuilt again when it was destroyed after the world war One. The Dresden Cathedral and Semperoper Opera House are the famous two things that can be found within the Dresden castle and are a part of the museum complex that houses the Neues Grunes Gewolbe – a place for visitors who wish to explore the amazing artwork and jewelry of the 1500s.

Maultaschen: Maultaschen is another major dish that has been originated in Swabia. Maultaschen is also known as the Swabian ravioli due to having a square or rectangular shape. This is a dish that is generally believed to be served as an appetizer or a main, and versatile enough to be fried or boiled. Not just this their outer dough is something that can be filled with anything starting from the minced meat to the sauerkraut and spinach, that is usually being flavoured with pepper, parsley and nutmeg. This is a dish that is generally considered to be heaven on earth. 

Hamburg: When it comes to the culture and the atmosphere of the major port city, Hamburg is incomparable to any other place in the northern Germany. While you visit this place, you will get to see that many of the waterside hotels turn out to offer an amazing view of the North Sea and the visitors who are looking to do rather than see will actually love the bars, cafe, restaurants, and the nightlife that has been offered here. While you make a visit to this place the place that you should not be missing here are Hamburgische Staatsopper, the Hamburg State Opera, or the Hamburg Ballet theatre etc. 

Flammkuchen: Flammkuchen is a pizza like dish that hails from a place called Alsace region, and is this is something that is subsequently claimed by France (where it’s known as Tarte Flambée), and yes off course Germany, this was then gone ahead and called as the Flammkuchen. This is a dish that is rectangular in shape and has a bread dough which is again traditionally topped with the finger blanc or crème fraiche, thin sliced onions and is then packed with delicious, salty punch lingers that would continue to give the same taste for a longer period of time even after having them.

Romantic Rhine: This is a place that has been stretching between the two cities Bingen and Bonn, and the middle Rhine continues to flow through the dramatic geological formation called as the rhine group. This is a place that has been successful in featuring the spectacular landscape which is again being dotted with around 40 medieval castles, picturesque and the last but not the least terraced vineyards. The region most famous natural attraction here at this place is Lorelei, and the deepest and the narrow section of Rhine George is the one that features a large treacherous rock that has been caused with several boating accidents prior to the 19th century. 

Rouladen: This is generally a dish or say a meat that comes with an elegant taste buds, and is a blended of bacon, onions, mustards, and pickles that have been wrapped together with a thinly sliced beef or veal and is then been cooked all together. Not just this you will also find the vegetarians and the other options been made widely open but still no one can actually go and replace the Rouladen dish. So do make sure that while you are in Germany you don’t miss to take a taste of this.

Cologne: Anyone who’s ever wondered where cologne came from need not worry any more. This type of fragrance is named after Cologne, the German city where it was invented. This is one of the most famous places to visit in Germany. Cologne offers a lively selection of attractions, energetic nightlife and a astral arts and culture scene. It also packs remarkable landmarks such as the city’s informal symbol, the Cologne Cathedral, a stunning Gothic church. Moreover, the Twelve Romanesque Churches are magnificent examples of medieval architecture.

Currywurst: The invention of currywurst is usually credited to Herta Heuwer, a Berlin resident who in 1949 managed to obtain ketchup and curry powder from British soldiers, mixed them up and served the consequential sauce over grilled pork sausage. Today it’s one of Germany’s most famous sausage-based street food snacks, it even has its own museum with some 800 million consumed a year, especially in cities like Berlin and Hamburg where it’s usually served with fries or a bread roll. The two most famous currywurst spots in Berlin are Konnopke’s Imbiss below the U-Bahn tracks in Prenzlauer Berg, and Kreuzberg’s Curry 36.

Rugen Island: It is the largest island in Germany, connected to the mainland by the Rugen Bridge and Rugen Causeway. Charming villas, romantic seaside resorts and beautiful beaches all draw visitors to Rugen Island, but the main attraction is the Jasmund National Park, famous for its unique chalk cliffs rising 528 feet (161 meters) over the sea. Another distinguished feature of Rugen Island is Cape Arkona, East Germany’s northernmost tip, where visitors can see an old lighthouse, remnants of a Slavic castle and a scenic fishing village

Rote grütze: This is a red fruit pudding originates from Schleswig-Holstein in the north of Germany. It’s usually made from black and red currants, raspberries and sometimes strawberries or cherries, which are all cooked in their juice, thickened with cornstarch or cornflour and served with cream, vanilla sauce or ice-cream.

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