Glasgow – Scotland

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Glasgow – Scotland

Glasgow is officially known as the World’s friendliest city in Scotland. As a tourist, you will receive a warm welcome in Glasgow. The visitor finds so much to explore and stunning architecture and enjoy an ever-evolving food & drink and legendary nightlife. This city has world-class visitor attractions and people all over the world come to visit Glasgow, Scotland. It’s one of the most attractive places to visit in Europe and most famous for it’s architectural marvels and culture.

Glasgow is a port city on the beds of river Clyde in Scotland. It is famous for its Victorian art and architecture. It has  a very rich legacy of the city’s 18th century prosperity due to business & trade and the shipbuilding industry. It is a cultural hub and home to great institutions like the Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet, National Theater of Scotland, many museums and a thriving music scene. It is a very old and historical city in Europe with a lot of culture, architecture and tradition of the old European ages. If you are planning to visit Europe, then visiting Scotland is a must to understand the actual legacy of Europe in terms of culture, art and architecture.

Unusual places in Glasgow

We all know that Glasgow is world-famous for its culture. It boasts museums and galleries and restaurants galore. A city where we look at the places guaranteed to make anyone fall in love with Glasgow, Scotland.

Here are some unknown places for traveling to Glasgow, Scotland.

Glasgow City Center Mural Trail  

People who love art can explore more than dozens of massive & the moral lining of the streets of Glasgow, Scotland and it stands on the city’s new moral Trail. Mural Trail menders with lanes & stress and here artists have transformed the parts of the buildings into bold pops of color. This trail offers travelers an itinerary for seeing the awe-inspiring displays on the street. The aim of the project is to provide artists with a way to showcase their passionate work and they can also go from street planning to start their own business.

George Square, Glasgow

City’s most iconic and imposing buildings is the focal point of George square. The city chamber’s glory tells the story of the wealth and prosperity of the second city of the empire. Queen Victoria had opened it in 1888.   She is portrayed on the front of the building; it is the symbol of the statue of truth & This figure is known by locals as a Glasgow’s own “statue of Liberty”. At present George, the square is the home to the headquarters of the city council in Glasgow. It has vast collections of statues & monuments dedicated to Robert Burns, James Watt, Sir Robert peel & Sir Walter Scott.

Music city Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is considered as the vibrant city with a legendary music scene. The venues are equally varied and the city hosts an average 130 music events each week & obviously it is more than any other Scottish city. In August 2008 Glasgow was named as a UNESCO music the music lover enjoys most in the city of music Glasgow, Scotland. This city hosts more than 100 music performances a week.

The Riverside Museum

This museum is very remarkable which honored with an award. The museum is sitting next to the River Clyde. It has a vast collection of cars, bikes, trains etc. In this museum, there are over 3000 items on display which takes from Glasgow’s rich industrial history. Visitors are allowed to feel the cobbled street in Glasgow to experience the past like never before.


Glasgow is called as a home to a wealth of vintage and second-hand clothing shops. This area has countless designer & roadside stores. this market stocking everything from antique wedding dresses to military regalia, the place is a must for fashion fans.

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