Grand Canyon – USA

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Grand Canyon – USA

Grand Canyon National Park is in Arizona state of the USA. It is made up of layers of red coloured rocks which is a magnificent example of geological evolution of millions of years. This place is has a marvellous look all created by mother nature and it is so unusual a place that it is unbelievable unless you see yourself.

In 1869 geologist John Wesley Powell, who led the first exploratory boat trip down the Colorado river, called the Canyon the “Most sublime spectacle on Earth”. Carving this chasm over the course of six million years, the Colorado created what may be the World’s most comprehensive geological miracle. Stacked at the top are layers of ancient shale, sandstone and limestone, telling stories of deserts, seas and swamps that have covered the land over hundred of millions of years.

Ever since the Santa Fe Railroad reached Grand canyon village in 1901, the South Rim has been the focal point for the park’s 5 million visitors each year. The viewpoints include the Mather point with it’s panoramic view into the Canyon, Yavapai observation station, Mary Colter’s lookout studio and the Lipan point which gives wide and the best views of the Canyon and Colorado river. The place is especially worth seeing during the sunrise and the sunset. The colour of the sunlight and the colour of the stone creates a beautiful orange scenary which is most unforgettable.

The rugged isolation of the North Rim allows for a more intimate experience. Nearly 1000 feet higher in elevation that the South Rim, it is cooler, greener and less crowded. Heavy snow closes the roads in winter and the spring supports a forest of fir, spruce, aspen and great stands of ponderosa pine. The focus is the historic Grand canyon lodge, built by the Union Pacific railway in 1928. It’s made of rough hewn logs and kaibab limestone. From here two scenic short hikes await when you drive to the Cape Royal trailhead and take the paved trail to Angels Window, an opening eroded through the rock spur that frames the river below.

Seeing the Grand Canyon from the river provides an adventurous perspective on the deep wilderness and chronology of the park. Within a single vista you can experience two billion years of the earth’s geological history. No roads reach the inner canyon, it’s accessible only by boat on strenuous trails. For about USD 250 per day, river runners tackle more than 160 world class rapids and explore numerous side canyons.

In Spring you will see colourful cactus blooms, while summer brings the monsoons that feed many side-canyon waterfalls. It’s hard to look away from the fantastic display of the Canyon itself, but also worth some attention is the amazing variety of wildlife including elk, mountain lions, bighorn sheep, coyotes and ringtails.

Grand Canyon is a UNESCO world heritage centre. Grand Canyon National park has an elevation of nearly 7,000 feet, the rock layers in the park display two billion years of geological history. There are also many rare animals and birds in the park like California Condor, Canyon Wrens, Stellar Jays, Humming Birds, Squirrels, Deers etc. The famous Rattle Snakes are also found in the Grand Canyon National Park. Besides that there are many other forms of reptiles and birds present in the park.

Grand Canyon is a unique combinations of geological color and erosional forms of stones that decorate a canyon which is more than 270 river miles long and almost 20 miles wide. Grand Canyon is a spectacular view of nature which can be seen in a very few places in the World.

Grand Canyon can be reached by plane from Las Vegas and Phoenix Sky Harbour airport. It can also be reached by car from Arizona. There are guided tours that offer bus service from Phoenix, Las vegas and Los Angeles. You can find some good options from my website to plan a trip to the Grand Canyon. Best flight deals, hotels, guided tours and local sight seeing, every option is there in this website. You can search and get the best plan here.

The top things to do in the Grand Canyon are – Visiting the Grand Canyon village, Visiting the Northern Rim which has a reputation for its rugged & isolated trails, Take a steep trail which starts just west of the Bright Angel Lodge in Grand Canyon Village upto to Plateau Point, Visit the South Rim, Visit the North Rim, Visit the havasu falls, Enjoy Colorado River rafting, back country camping and Grand Canyon Skywalk.

There are many things to do and see in the Grand Canyon National Park. There are many hotels, lodges and cottages near the Grand Canyon national park. There are separate hotels for the North, South, East and West Rims. Depends on where you want to stay. You can find good available options and make bookings online from this website also. There are many options available here to plan your trip. For example from Cheapflightfreaks you can do the flight reservation, from you can book your hotel and from Getyourguide and you can book all the sightseeing options of the Grand Canyon. These are just examples. You can search this website for many other options, evaluate and then book the best package for you.

Don’t miss this worldclass spectacle, it will be a lifetime memory for you.

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