Hatyai – Thailand

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Hatyai – Thailand

Travel to Thailand there are amazing places to travel in Thailand. I will give some tips to travel in Thailand and where to travel and the best places to travel in Thailand like Songkhla and Hatyai for some great sight seeing and adventure travel in Thailand.

Hatyai is in Songkhla province of Thailand and it’s one hour flight from Bangkok. It’s near Malaysia border. Very few people travelling to Thailand know about this city. However there are many places to visit here and some of the landmarks are even better than what you find in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. For example the zoo, the aquarium, the ice dome are I think much better than what you see in many places. In the Songkhla zoo and in the aquarium there are live shows of tigers, seals and sharks which are worth watching.

The Songkhla province is on the Malay Peninsula, on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The highest point is Khao Mai Kaeo at 821 meters. In the north of the province is Songkhla Lake, which is considered to be the largest natural lake in Thailand. This shallow lake covers an area of more than 1000 Sq kms. At the mouth of the Gulf of Thailand, near the city of Songkhla, the water becomes brackish. A few numbers of Irrawaddy Dolphins live in the lake, but are in danger of extinction.

In the city of Songkhla there is the Cape Samila Beach, the most popular beach in the province. The famous mermaid statue can be found here. The two islands Ko Nu and Ko Maew (Mouse and Cat Islands), are also very near the beach and they are very popular landmarks of Songkhla, Thailand. The name Songkhla is actually the Thai translation  of Singgora, which means “the city of lions”. This refers to a lion-shaped mountain near the city of Songkhla.

There are many places to visit in Songkhla and this region is completely different from the rest of Thailand. Some of the important places to visit are Tangkuan Hill, Samila Beach where you can find the famous Mermaid statue made of metal, Song Thale Park, The Hatyai Zoo & Water park, Songkhla aquarium, Songkhla national museum, The city pillar shrine, Songkhla old town, Tinsulanonda bridge, Khao Tang Kuan Pagoda, Khao Noi Palace, Wat Rong Was temple etc. So next time when you plan to explore Thailand definitely visit Songkhla and Hatyai.

The Hatyai Zoo is a nice place to spend a day with your with family in Thailand. What makes this zoo special is the presence of a large water park in the zoo’s premises. There are many types of animals you can find here like the Mir Cat, The Tapir, Ostrich, Penguin, Seals etc. There are live animals shows also of the Tigers, Seals and penguins which are worth watching. There is a water park with the zoo which makes it more special, it features a high-water slide and a flowing river to get drenched. There are separate pools for adults and children. One can find plenty of waterfalls and fountains as well.

Night Life – There is a vibrant night life in the Central Hatyai. There are many pubs, night clubs, the Central festival and other top notch shopping malls. At the Central market of Hatyai you can also find a variety of restaurants and street food corners selling a variety of exquisite Thai dishes. Take your hotel in this area so that you can enjoy the evenings. Hotel Lee Garden, Hatyai is my favorite hotel in Hatyai but there are many other good options also.

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Below you can see pictures of Hatyai, a recommended place to visit

The Hatyai Zoo water park. Nice place to relax with family

The Tapir from Malaysia @ the Hatyai Zoo

The Hatyai Zoo has a separate section for Hornbills. There are many hornbills in this section

There are live tiger shows everyday in the zoo which is a must watch

The Seal show at the Hatyai zoo

The Penguin and the Mir Cat

The Ice Dome of Hatyai – Most unique, a must visit place

The live aquarium show where the divers feed the sharks, Star fishes and other aquatic animals. Very exciting thing to watch

The Golden Marmaid at the sea beach.

The sea beach market where you can buy a wide collection of art and crafts made of sea shells and other things

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