India Special (Travel & Shopping)

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India Special – Travel & Shopping :-

In the “India Special” Page, in addition to Travel related aspects which is our main interest, We will also cover Shopping & Lifestyle and some other important aspects which are either directly or indirectly related to travel. In this page you will find some of the best and extraordinary travel packages specifically for India and Asia, check out these offers from KKDay, SOTC, Thomas Cook and Sterling holidays. Scroll down the page to see these offers if you want to explore India and other Asian countries. Here you will find some of the best tour and travel packages.

Why depend on your local travel agent, the World’s Best & Top Notch Travel companies & Travel Advisers are waiting to help you here…

Click the links / images given below to do Online Bookings & Purchases directly from here with 100% security and transparency. Any question or doubt, please mail me at

TripAdvisor – The World’s Best Travel company (Click Here) to see more – Both India & Global

TripAdvisor – Our Traveling Partner

Travel & Shopping – You will get the Best, the Cheapest deals & the Widest Range, Only here – Guaranteed. However, you need to review all the options carefully as you scroll down this page fully and also the right side panel of this website, so that you can get all the benefits fully. Note – Travel agents are not involved here so you are going to save a lot of money on your travel plans


If you are not able to decide, then let us do that perfect planning for you. For assistance please mail us at or WhatsApp at +91-7044743511 for the Best Travel & Shopping solutions in India & Abroad


The Preface – Here are Some Unique & Special Recommendations for my Indian Friends and all Foreigners traveling and residing in India. These are all time tested and proven. So you can rely on these products and services. These are my very personal recommendations from my many years of experience and research. I or my family and friends have used them / availed them at some point of time and we are very satisfied, that’s the reason for these recommendations. So all my suggestions and recommendations are 100% genuine and after thorough research. You can also make Online Bookings & Purchases directly from here through our partner sites, who are all very reputed names in the industry. Click the links given below for online purchase & booking.

Thomas Cook India – Travel packages for India (Click here)

Thomas Cook India is one of the best travel companies of India. They provide one of the best travel packages to various destinations within India, Definitely check this website for tour packages if you are planning to travel in India – Any location of India, they have many available packages for you.

TreckTeller – Your Travel Guide for india & Asia

Here you can get complete guidance about the place that you want to visit and can also connect with people who have travelled there and share their experiences. This is a unique platform for travelers. There are 24 Travel themes on which you can get expert advice. Complete Asia including India is covered. So before your next travel plan, visit this website. You will also get a lot of travel and adventure ideas here. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Voyagin – Click here for Trip & Tour Ideas in India & All Asian countries

Asia’s Best Things to do – This is also a very special website dedicated to India and All Asian countries. Here you can identify travel ideas and trip ideas in India & Asia, which you were not aware of before or may be you were not getting the opportunity to explore before. You can also do online advance booking at very low prices. It has offered wide choices and at very lucrative prices. There are packages like tour of temples and religious places in Kolkata, Extraordinary caving tour in Meghalaya and many such unique ideas across Asia. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Expedia – Hotels, Flights, Car Hire & Holiday Activities

Expedia is one of the fastest growing online travel portals in Asia, offering travelers an extensive selection of hotels, holiday activities and travel services to meet every budget and activities of every kind at competitive rates. With over hundreds of thousands of hotel partners worldwide and a comprehensive offering of flight inventory made available on the website, travelers can book everything they need for a holiday – rooms to meet every budget, activities of every kind and travel services to complement. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Are you relocating?

Are you relocating and want to sell out your Furniture, AC, Refrigerator, TV and other appliances. In the past it was very painful because you would have to sell at throw away prices. But now you can buy and sell used Furniture etc. at most reasonable prices. This is a unique development. It’s a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller.

ZEFO (Click Here) to Buy & Sell used Furniture, Appliances etc.

Guest Houses in India :-

GuestHouser (Click Here) to book guest houses across India

Whether you are traveling to Shimla or darjeling or any other place in India, you can book good Guest Houses here. If you prefer staying in gesthouses instead of hotes, then click here and check the options. Staying in guest houses can save money. Click the given link / image to buy online.

For Flights in India :-

JET Airways (Click Here) for Best Flying options in India

In India Jet Airways is one of the best airlines in the premium category with guaranteed good and timely service. So if you are planning to avail premium flying option in India book directly from them instead of booking from third party travel agents, to get better price offer. Click the given link / image to buy online. Change the location to India to get offers in INR as this is the global website of Jet Airways.

MakeMyTrip (Click Here) for Flights, Bus, Cabs & Holidays in India

This is a good platform to give you various flying options from all different airlines present in the country. Besides flights you can also avail booking options for Buses, Cabs, Homestays and Holidays in India. Now they have started offering some international flight operations also like UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia etc. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Click Here for International Flights from MakeMyTrip

I personally prefer MakeMyTrip for all my domestic flights & cabs. This is one of the best options in India.

ClearTrip (Click Here) For Flight & Train Tickets in India

In Cleartrip in addition to Flights & Train tickets you can also find out what you can do in a city like visiting Snow City and Waterworld in Bangalore, Crab Catching in Goa, Scuba diving in Mumbai etc. So you can explore a lot of things in the Indian cities (See The Local section of the website). You can also book Train Tickets and make Hotel Bookings here. It’s easy… Click the given link / image to buy online.

Please scroll down the page to see Hotel Booking options across India. I am recommending the best hotel booking sites in India for cheapest and the best hotel options.

Travel Insurance when traveling – India to Abroad :-

I think it is very important to take travel insurance when you are traveling from India to abroad. It gives Safety, Security & Guarantee for you and your family and other dependents of yours. Click the below link to buy your travel insurance online. It’s very easy and cheap. Make your life secured. It is the cheapest option available.

Visitors Coverage (Click Here) to Buy Travel Insurance Online – Cheapest Price

Your Daily Needs & Lot of Savings for your next holiday trip :-

Spencer’s (Click Here) for your Daily Needs

In whichever city you are traveling or residing in India, get your daily needs delivered to your doorstep. Now there are some very good options in India. You can order online, get the best quality delivered same day at your house and at the best possible prices, lower than your local market guaranteed. So save a lot of money on your monthly budget and plan your next travel. BUT I recommend only SPENCERS and BIGBASKET. These two are the best in India although there are many. You can trust these two portals for freshness, good quality, price and delivery. Click the given link / image to buy online.

BigBasket (Click Here) for your Daily Needs

From Any Thing to Everything :-

Amazon India (Click Here) to buy your Travel Bags & Travel Accessories

Not only a wide selection of travel bags, suitcases, luggage and lots of important travel accessories. This is probably India’s Biggest & Most trusted online shopping mall. You can buy any thing and everything here (from stationary to Electronics & home appliances), everything is available here @ heavily discounted prices and get them delivered at your home with full guarantee about payment & quality. Delivery time is the Fastest in Amazon. Any issue with the order, just one click and they will replace or pay back immediately. I trust AMAZON the most.

Flipkart (Click Here) for more Travel Bags & Travel Accessories Options

Like Amazon in Flipkart also you will get a wide selection of bags, suitcases, luggage and travel accessories. You can also buy books related to Travel in Flipkart. There is a huge collection of traveling books and guide books in Flipkart. So check the options here too. Click the given link / image to buy online. You will also get a lot of other products here like electronics, home appliances, Books, DVDs, Gifts, Home decoration etc. Flipkart is also quite reliable in terms of delivery, quality and reliability.

For Hotels in India: (Click Here) for Best & Cheap Hotels in India

My most trusted hotel website is but do compare with other good options also like Ixigo and Agoda. They also show some good options. Compare and book the best that suites you. Click the given link / image to book online. But personally I prefer only, it has become a habit for me. Traveled to more than 20 countries and more than 15 cities in India. My hotel bookings have always been through, the most trusted one. More Hotel Options (Click Here)

Here are some more hotel options from one of the most famous in the World

Agoda  (Click Here) for more Hotels & Airport Transfers

In Agoda you can get wide options for hotels & Airport Transfers not only in India but also in Asia, Middle East and many countries. You can check the options and compare if it suites you. It’s a rapidly growing name in the industry. Click the given link / image to book online.

Treebo Hotels (Click Here) To Book

If you are looking for Budget Hotels – Treebo Hotels provides transparent online hotel booking experience to all its customers. It’s India’s #1 branded budget hotels with its presence in 50+ cities (including the metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata) and more than 250 hotels. Click the given link / image to book online.

IXIGO – Compare Hotels & Book at the Cheapest rate (Click Here)

At IXIGO you can compare all hotel prices from all different sites at one place and book the cheapest price. So this is a good site to compare and book. Click the given link / image to compare and book.

BookMyForex – Click Here to book Foreign currency

If you are residing in India and planning to travel abroad then you will need foreign currency for your traveling. You can book foreign currency online and get it delivered to your door step in almost any city in India. You will get the best exchange rate here that is guaranteed. So instead of buying from any agent, airport or bank get it from BookMyForex. This is India’s first Nationwide Forex dealer with country wide presence. In addition to foreign currency you can also get Forex Cards from here, Make International Money Transfers to your dear ones & get Travelers Cheques for your traveling. Click the given link / image for bookings.

INSTAREM – Now transfer money to any country from any place (Click Here)

Now you can send money anywhere in the World from any country. Overseas money transfer made easy with Instarem. Click the given link or image to explore further. Best transfer amount is guaranteed.

For Entertainments in India:

BookMyShow (Click here) to book tickets for Movies, Theatres, Live Shows etc.

Now book all your movie tickets, live shows, Concerts etc. online. You can also select your preferable seats. It’s very convenient. No need to stand in a queue and waste your precious time. Select your preferable seat from the comfort of your home.

EventsHigh (Click Here) To explore & book Hundreds of Events in all Cities of India

Events High – Meet your City – Whether it is Mumbai or Bareli, you can explore and find out up coming events in any city of India and book online. You can explore events, parties, nightlife, live shows, food festivals, out door activities, upcoming treking activity and many more things. Now stay informed, book online and join. Click the given link / image to book online.

ToGedr (Click Here) To explore & book your next Adventure, Camping & Trecking in India

Togedr is an activity discovery & booking platform. Find & book Adventure, Fitness, Music, Sports, Dance, Leisure & Arts activities. Book online a single session/membership plans/best offers from verified service providers at one single destination.

GetYourGuide – For Local sightseeing in any Indian City (Click Here)

For a variety of local sightseeing options and packages in any city in India book through GetYourGuide.

It’s really cheap and they give very good services and ideas to explore the city. Your local hotel or local driver will not give so many unique ideas and packages to explore the city. It’s especially a very helpful tool for foreigners traveling in India. And it’s there in every country. Just check my “Travel Recommendation” page and Click. Click the given link / image to book online.

Fooding & Restaurants – Now no tension for food wherever you travel:-

FoodPanda (Click Here) to Book your Food from Anywhere in India and any Cuisine

Swiggy – (Click Here) – Another Food Home Delivery service across India

MIZON (Click Here) and explore more options

MIZON is for food & drinks, spas, movies & events, health & fitness etc. wherever you travel in India. Locate Oh Calcutta, Mainland China and what not in your new city. Do your really need another food & entertainment guide? Click the given link / image to buy online.

So, now you don’t have to wonder what to eat and where. There are many options. Order your favorite dishes from your room and get it delivered at your door step – Any city, any where in India.

FreshMenu (Click Here) & order Food Online – Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai & Bangaluru

BEHROUZ Biryani – Discover the Royal Biryani (Click Here)

This is different from normal biryanis that you get in your local shops. It’s real Royal Biryani, check the location, if it serves your city then give it a try. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Pizza Delivery – Order some extraordinary Italian Pizzas (Click Here) – This is different

These are real Italian Pizzas not the localized Pizzas from Dominio’s or other food joints. So if you are fond of Pizzas then definitely give it a try. Click the given link / image, check service availability at your location and order online.

Pizza Hut Home Delivery

Pizza Hut is a known name. Probably one of the first to open Pizza outlets in India. Click the given link / image, Book online and get delivered at your door step, anywhere in India.

Order KFC any where Online (Click Here)

Order directly from KFC Online anywhere in India. So now when you are traveling, you don’t need to search for your fab restaurants. Just order online from any where in any city. Click the given link / image to order online.

Traveling in India – You can locate all good restaurants, spas, theatres, night life etc. of all major cities of India at NEARBUY (Click Here)

Here you can explore all possible options of Eating out, Spas, Movies, Various entertaining activities, Salons, Health, Shopping Hobbies, Fitness etc. near by your location. It covers all major Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai and many more…  The best thing is you can explore everything under the one roof instead of visiting various websites and guidebooks or google. Very helpful if you are traveling to another city. Check it out… Click the given link / image to book online.

Food, Movies, nightlife & more in India (Click Here)

Other Important Services for your Convenience :-

At HouseJoy you can book and get a lot of services for your convenience. You can get services like Painting, Carpentary, Pest Control, Packers & Movers, Plumbing, Electrician etc. – One Stop solution for all problems at one place. Currently services are available only in 5 major cities – Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai & New Delhi. But the coverage will slowly spread to other cities also. They will cover entire India very soon. So get enrolling, it’s a one stop solution for all your needs. Very useful if you have relocated to a new city. It will make your life easy.

HouseJoy (Click Here) To Book various Services @ One Place

Below are the Various Extraordinary Options for your Holidays – These are the Best Options & I highly recommend – Plan your next travel destination here – Get all new ideas and let One of these three Tour Planners organize everything for you. You need not take any headache, just Relax. Click the given links / images to book online.

KKDay (Click Here) – Your Holiday Expert for India, Malaysia & Singapore

Explore to the fullest and see all the best places in ASIA you were never aware of before visiting KKDay.

SOTC – (Click Here) – Search Best Holiday Packages in India & Abroad

SOTC is one of the best website in India for travel and holiday packages. So if planning a vacation in India or even abroad, check the packages here. There are beautiful holiday packages available here.

Sterling Holidays by Thomas Cook (Click Here) to book – The Name itself says a lot

Sterling Holidays offers a wide range of holiday ideas (many exotic locations), holiday packages, resort bookings, holiday options etc. in INDIA. Sterling holiday also offers Complimentary Holiday Insurance coverage in India. That’ a great news.

SOTC, Expedia and Sterlings and very famous names in the Indian Travel Industry. So I don’t have to recommend, the names say it all. Explore all of them for All Indian holiday packages and destinations & compare the offers. These programs are India Specific and packages and offers are different in each of them. So compare all of them to book the best that suites you. Explore the Incredible India. However foreign packages are also included. Depends on what you wish.

New Ideas – Self Drive services in India – Your own car not needed. Exciting, Right ???

MYLES – India’s first Self-Drive service– Choose the Car you want from Myles and drive yourself to any location you want. It’s a new but wonderful concept in India. So even if you don’t own the car of your choice, you can get one and drive. Choice of car and destination is yours. Visit the sites the sites to understand how it works. Click the given link / image to book online.

MYLES (Click Here) To Know more

ZoomCar (Click Here) to know – Another option of Self-Drive car service in India – Go Anywhere

Bus Tickets Online :-

MyBusTickets (Click Here) to book bus Tickets online

You can now book your bus tickets online in India. Just enter the location – location, search and book online. It’s refundable so if you want you can cancel. Wide range of buses from AC, Non-AC, private buses, public buses etc. are available. Book in advance from the comfort of your home.

TicketGoose – BUS Tickets & Taxies (Click Here)

From TicketGoose you can book bus tickets from city – city for example Delhi to Shimla, you can book local taxies, and also outstation taxies for example Delhi to nainital, pilgrimage visits etc. They show you 3 – 4 options to choose from. You can book online and also select your seats online. Reasonably priced and good service. Not all cities have been covered yet but most of the cities have been. And the reach is spreading fast to cover entire India. Click the given link / image to book online.

HOMESTAYS in Pilgrimage, Wildlife and more – A Unique Experience

TravelGuru – (Click Here) For Home-Stays in – Pilgrimage, Deserts, Wildlife, Hillstation etc.

This is such a nice idea. Now we can book homestays in Religious places, Hill stations, Deserts, Forests, Tea gardens, Sea beaches etc. and stay for a long time at an economical rate, with freedom and without bothering about hotel expenses. Traveling dimension is changing with time. Click the given link / image to book online.

Important Note – In all the sections of Flights, Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Car Rentals, Clothing, Luggage etc. I have suggested & recommended more than one choice. This is because the traveling needs and basic needs of each one of you will be different. Also, your location, destination, budget, timing and preferences in various terms, matter a lot and will be different for each one of you. So I have tried to give a wide range of options suiting everyone’s specific needs. So see all of my recommendations and make the best choice that suites you. Please also scroll down the page fully to get more lucrative and enticing offers globally.


NOW HERE ARE SOME GREAT IDEAS, RECOMMENDATIONS & OFFERS – HEALTH, SHOPPING & LIFESTYLE… Check them all & Buy Online from here – Widest, Greatest, Cheapest deals Guaranteed


Amazon Luggage – Perfect for Traveling (Click Here) to Buy

Amazon India has a perfect assortment of travel bags and hard shell suitcases most ideal for traveling. Very strong & sturdy, very well designed and available from all top brands. Click the given link / image for online purchase. You can also search and buy huge range of travel accessories, shoes & cloths required for your traveling from Amazon. If you are interested in foreign Top Class branded luggage then scroll down the right panel of the website and see options from “Bric’s Milano” and “Luggage & Cabin Bags“. These are foreign brands delivered directly to your door step. World class quality and design.

Not only a wide selection of travel bags, suitcases, luggage and lots of important travel accessories. Amazon is probably India’s Biggest & Most trusted online shopping mall. You can buy any thing and everything here @ heavily discounted prices and get delivered at your home with full guarantee about payment & quality. Delivery time is the Fastest in Amazon. Any issue with the order, just one click and they will replace or pay back immediately. I trust AMAZON the most.

Toiletries Kit – ideal for Traveling (freshly Handmade) – Bon Voyage

Toiletries Kits for men, freshly handmade from herbal ingredients and customized for you, ideal for your travel. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Shaving Needs for Men @ Better Price – Bon Voyage

Now we have a choice. Earlier it used to be either overpriced-razors in monopolized market or cheap razors which cut the faces. Now there is LetsShave to fill the gap. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Pharmeasy (Medicines) – Click Here to Buy Online with Heavy Discounts

This is a very important recommendation. Many of us tend to ignore it but very important. Whether you travel in India or abroad, you should be stocked with necessary medicines with you. Medicines like Paracetamol tablets for fever, O2 Tablets for stomach infection, Bandages, medicines for stomach pain, medicines for vomiting etc. should be always with you. Besides that many people take regular medicines for BP, Cholesterol etc. which they always carry with them.

Do you know about PharmEasy – You can buy your all medicines online from this portal and get them home delivered. You will get only genuine medicine and no spurious drugs. And Most important you will get good, I will say the best discounts (20% Off) which your local chemist shops will never give. It’s a very genuine portal. I am my self a B. Pharm graduate and I trust PharmEasy very much and like their concept.

ZOYLO – Redefining Healthcare in Digital India

Zoylo is redefining healthcare in today’s digital India. It’s very helpful for Indians as well as foreigners traveling in India.  Zoylo has an online pool of doctors, medical practitioners, diagnostics, hospitals, medicines, wellness products, and other healthcare and emergency services all under one roof with incomparable information and easy online access. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Healthians – Blood Tests @ Home

It’s 100% accurate results, samples collected from home & timely report delivery. I am recommending this because The established names have become very very expensive these days for no reasons. Try this option you will save a lot of money and get accurate results. Diabetics & people with other ailments please get your blood test done before planning the next travel. You will enjoy your vacation better. Click the given link / image to buy online.

For Medical Tourism – Visit my Section “MEDICAL DEPARTURES” in the “Travel Recommendation” Page as well as on the Top Right section of all my Pages. You can help many of your friends and relatives staying abroad.

Sports shoes for trecking & traveling (Click Here)

If you are traveling for vacation then it’s most important to carry a pair of cozy and comfortable sports shoes. This will make your vacation more enjoyable. I always use Adidas OR Nike, it gives me extra comfort. Click below and check the range, you will like them.

Click the given links / images to buy online (Adidas, Nike & Reebok) – Here you will get wider choices than the retails stores

NIKE – Official Online Store

Check here – outstanding range of sport shoes for all events, clothing and accessories – Widest range available.

Reebok – Shoes, Apparel and More

One of the best sports shoes brand – Now buy from their online showroom directly. Get much wider range of designs and much better prices than shops & malls (Click the given link / image) to buy online – Shoes, clothing, fitness & accessories.

GEARBEST – If you are traveling to a very cold place then check GEARBEST for some warmest and cozy jackets to keep you warm. Not only jackets, you can also buy Watches, Bags, Outdoor sports items, apparel and many more things here. It’s a Foreign company but they are now shipping to India also. So it’s a great opportunity to grab some finest quality items from GEARBEST. Click and check their wide assortment of product categories which you will never find anywhere else in India. It’s really awesome. Click the given link / image to buy online.

AJIO – Here are some ultimate Clothing option for Traveling (Click Here)

At AJIO check out some ultimate range of clothing & shoes most suitable for traveling. I have seen many options in the market and the web and after a lot of research, I am recommending AJIO to all my friends and family. You will get just the perfect attire you need for your vacation and traveling. Check the whole range for both Men & Women. It’s fabulous. Click the given link / image to buy online.

RaymondNext – Official Clothing for the Business meetings

Are you traveling for work or business meetings? Now visit Raymond’s new online venture and get your suites & business clothing delivered at your home. There is a wide choice from many brands of Raymonds like Park Avenue, Parks and Colour Plus. Raymond needs no introduction. It’s one of the best and premium brand in India. I myself am an ardent fan of Raymond for many years. Click the given link / image to buy online.

ZODIAC – Another great option for Formal & Business Clothing

ZODIAC is another known name in India for formal clothing. There is a good and beautiful range for formal dressings and business meetings. Now you can buy online from a wide selection of designs and fabrics. So dress yourself perfectly for a successful business trip. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Mr. Button (Click Here) for Exclusive Men’s Fashion is a one-stop shop for mens wardrobe essentials. They pitch in a wide variety of razor sharp trousers, sensational Nehru jackets, men’s shirts, t-shirt and structured mens blazers. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Ladies Bags, Shoes & Accessories for Traveling (Click Here) Worldwide Shipping

In Dresslily you can find unique designs of Bags, Shoes & Accessories for Ladies. Designed internationally but delivered locally in India and other countries. This is especially for females as they might need them while planning the next trip. Check it out… ladies, Click the given link / image to buy online.

DailyObjects – Click here for Travel Bags, Passport cases, Wallets etc.

Click here for travel organizers, passport cases, Travel bags, Laptop cases etc, which are very important travel accessories. Very Unique and customized especially for you. Designed internationally but delivered locally. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Sugar Cosmetics (Click Here) To view the fabulous & enticing range

And this is for the beautiful ladies preparing for the next travel. Whether traveling in any city in India or abroad. Ladies always take extra care to look gorgeous. So here is an extraordinary suggestion for the very special ladies of my country. Sugar is a make-up brand owned by Fab Bag, a popular beauty/grooming subscription service. My wife and daugther are very fond of Sugar cosmetics and always make it sure to have them in their travel bag. So I thought I should share it with all. May be you like them too, just check it out. Look gorgeous with Sugar and let the foreign ladies envy… Click the given link / image to buy online.

My Glamm – Make Up Brand (Click Here) the range

MyGlamm is a revolutionary makeup brand that strives to simplify makeup for women all over. Crafted in Europe, the makeup line fuses the best of science and nature. MyGlamm provides women with multi-functional makeup products, through innovation, that help ease application and cut down on the time spent achieving faultless looks. Click the given link / image to buy online.

NYKAA – Make Up and Cosmetics (Click Here) to view the Range

This multi-brand online retailer hosts a wide range of cosmetics, beauty and wellness products for women. Click the given link / image to buy online. It’s a huge range of finest quality and top branded cosmetics online store. Check it…

PURPLE – Cosmetics & Make Ups (Click Here)

It’s a huge range of make ups and cosmetics. Please check and compare. Click the given link / image to buy online.

CELEBRATE INDIA – (Click Here) for India Special

For my foreigner friends exploring India – Explore Arts, furniture, linen, dresses, decor & gifts made from traditional Indian techniques. Fabindia links over 55,000 craft based rural producers to modern urban markets, thereby creating a base for skilled, sustainable rural employment, and preserving India’s traditional handicrafts in the process. So now you don’t have to roam around in Janpath, new Delhi and bargain for Indian crafts. This is what we call Celebrate India. Click the given link / image to buy online.

EXCLUSIVE LANE – Indian Handicrafts Collection (Click Here)

For my foreigner freinds and for people like me, who are ardent fans of handicrafts, this is another place to explore. Please click ExclusiveLane and view the wide range of collection of Indian handifrafts that you might be seriously interested for your home. Remember this is a very special collection. So kindly explore. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Fynd – Click here for Warm jackets, warm clothes, beach wear, Summer dresses, Active Wear etc.

No matter where you are traveling. Whether to the mountains of Shimla or to the Beaches of Goa you will get all your dress and clothing needs here. Leather jackets, Casual & Active wear, Beach Wear and everything suitable for the occassion. So explore FYND and get the best deal for all your clothing needs. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Lifestyle Stores – Click Here for many irresistible offers

You will get many lifestyle related products and irresistible offers here at cheaper price but good quality & marvelous designs. Remember clothing, attire and travel go hand in hand. Whether you are traveling in India or abroad you should be well prepared. Hence I am showing all these options to you. Be at your best when you explore the best places in your own country or abroad. So check them all and make a wise decision. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Also Check Jabong

Also check Jabong, it’s a Must. You will get many interesting options here also to pack your suitcase for the next travel. One of the India’s best & finest online fashion superstore with huge collection. Click the given link / image to check & buy online. One of the best online fashion store…

NNNOW – Now Shop Top International Brands at Heavy Discounts

At NNNOW you can shop international renowned brands like GAP, US Polo, Arrow, Flying Machine and many more with upto 50% discounts. It’s a heavily discounted online store promoted by the famous Arvind Group. Check it… Click the given link / image to buy online.

At Myntra check for Fashion & Lifestyle Products

Now a part of Flipkart, Myntra is one of the topmost fashion e-tailers in India, with a huge range of latest fashion apparels and fashion accessories for men, women and kids, and home & lifestyle products. May be you will get what you are looking for here. If you compare all these trusted & reliable sites, you will get a much wider selection to choose from at the best possible prices. And these all are different from each other in some way or the other. So explore them all to get the best out of them. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Tata CliQ – (Click Here) for online shopping

Tata CLiQ is the online Shopping mall by the TATA group. Wide range of products from Electronics to garments, personal care, watches etc. are available at very good price offers. Click the given link / image to explore the choices and buy online.

Lime Road – Discover Fashion (Click Here)

Discover fashion, footwear, home decor, kitchen ware, kitchen accessories and many more here. Click the given link / image to buy online. Widest range of fashion waiting for you at the best possible prices…

And Here comes the World’s Best Travel bags (Click Here)

At Mark Ryden you will get the best travel bags with latest international design. Also laptop bags, Sling bags, backpacks, wallets. They are the global trendsetters, So if you want something stylish go for them. They deliver in India too and you can get them at very reasonable prices. Be proud of being associated with a foreign brand. It matters when you are traveling. Click the given link / image to buy online.

MOBIKWIK Recharge (Click Here)

One of India’s largest mobile payment network, Mobikwik connects around 40+ million users with 2,50,000+ retailers. The Mobikwik wallet allows users to recharge their mobile phones, pay their utility bills, shop at various retailers and also transfer money in bank accounts. It is a great substitute for cash in this digital age. So wherever you travel in India you will have peace of mind. Now it’s joing faster than PayTM and to compete they are giving fabulous offers to attract more customer base. So grab it now and take the Early Bird advantage

RENTICKLE – Rented Furniture & Appliances for your Rented Home

Now there is easy option to rent your furniture and appliances at your rented apartment. Life has become so easy these days. Earlier we had to buy everything and sell out at a cheaper rate while moving out. Now it’s much better. Click the given link / image to book online.

EXCELLENT SHOPPING OFFERS ….. It’s for all tech savvy Indians. However foreigners traveling or staying in India will also get a great help from this section.

Here are some GREAT SHOPPING ideas & offers, Just CLICK the Logos & Links given below and check them all, I am sure you will like them. These companies have started selling online and providing some extraordinary options not even available on the retail stores. You will get the cheapest deals here, much better than the retail outlets and malls & the range available is very very wide, much more options available here than their retails stores. And there are some mind blowing newest concepts. Now you don’t need to visit the stores, you can buy anything & everything online… Just Click the below links & Logos and check the options. These are all very reliable sources and most reputed companies with quality products & services. I have done a lot of research on them and I am recommending the best ones only, so that all of us can reap the benefits of today’s digital India.

Click the given links / images to buy online

Sukkhi – Traditional Indian Jewellery – Beautiful Designs

Whether you are an Indian or a foreighner visiting India. It’s worthy to take their collection of Traditional Indian Jewellery. They are regularly exporting to foreign countries also. So quality & design are just extraordinary. Click the given link / image to buy online.

MELORRA Jewelry (Click Here) to Buy Online

Melorra designer jewelry for the Western wardrobe. They have fashion stylists and jewelry designers working together to create fashion-inspired designs. That’s right. Playful. Comfy. On-trend – Melorra is made for casual-dos, parties and work. Click the given link / image to buy online.

SONY LIV – Online TV Shows

Now whether you are traveling in India or abroad, you have full online access to your favourite entertainment programs (AD Free). Sony LIV is your online home for Single destination for Blockbuster Movies, Original Web series, TV shows, LIVE Sports and music. Click the given link / image to book online.

Dresses @ much discounted rate which you won’t get in shopping malls

You will find a much wider range of options here than the retail outlets and at better rates. Click the given link / image to buy online.

KALKI – Party Gowns & Bridal Dresses (Click Here)

Kalki is clothing brand for women. Celebrities, business tycoons, tinsel town divas, models are now the trusted customers of ‘Kalki’ as they get to shop for their choicest of attires and Indian outfits in the most elegant and glamorous styles. You ask for a bridal wear, wedding collection or a whole new range of Indian wedding dresses, they are with it, anytime of the year. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Bathing & Cosmetics – Huge Range & Very Exotic collection

Cosmetics, Perfumes and many more. 100s of International Brands available. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Once Upon A Trunk – Highly Sophisticated ladies Fashion

Introducing to you, the delicately magical nuances of life with “Once Upon A Trunk”. Sophisticated Fashion for ladies. Click the given link / image to buy online.

EZ Mall – Video Shopping Not Online Shopping (Click Here)

The first video shopping experience. Any product you want to buy you can see the detailed video before making your choice. It’s a Lifestyle online shopping mall with additional video shopping experience. Click the given link / image to buy online.

HomeShop 18 – A combination of TV Shopping & Online Shopping (Click Here)

Fashion, Home & Kitchen – HomeShop18 is the pioneer in TV shopping in India as it changed the way India shop by launching the first 24 hour Home Shopping TV channel. Today, the company brings the perfect balance between TV shopping and digital cum online shopping with India’s best online selling site, and HomeShop18 Mobile App.

Click the given links / images to buy online

Footwear Collection @ much discounted rate which you won’t get in shopping malls

You will find a much wider range of options here than the retail outlets and at better rates. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Men’s Grooming – New concept for men in India

Top selling grooming products for Men – Beard, Hair, Skin and Combos. Every Man should check this.

Smartphone Glucometer – Newest concept in Diabetes management – Wherever you go, stay in Control

Click the given link / image to check the latest technology in diabetes management. Every diabetic must try…

Amusement Parks, Entertainments and More… Perfect for the Weekends & Holidays

Lots of offers on amusements and entertainments in India. Ideal for weekends & holidays. Click the given link /image to explore and book. This is a new dimension of entertainment in India. Definitely explore…

Biba – Fashion & Jewellery for Ladies – But @ much discounted rate which you won’t get in shopping malls

You will find a much wider range of options & designs here than the retail outlets and at much better rates. Click the given link / image to buy online.

NINE Colours – It’s only Ethnic wear for the Indian Ladies

This is for very special ethnic wears for the Indian ladies for all festivals and all occasions. Click the given links / images to buy online

Zipker (Click Here) to Buy – Sarees, Lehengas & Salwars

At Zipker you will get the widest selection of sarees, lehengas, salwar suits and festive wears at the most competitive prices & there is a huge collection. Click the given links / images to buy online.

YOOX – International Fashion (Click Here) To Explore & Shop Online

If interested in Beautiful International Fashion, Design & Art then check the options available at Yoox. Top Class international fashion, Design & Art delivered in India at your doorstep. Easy return if you don’t like. Expensive but international fashion & design after all. All best international brands designed globally are available here.

More India Shopping options below – Best Designs, widest collection & best price offers :-

Click the given links / images below to explore all the irresistible offers & buy online

MARZENI – Dream Fashion for Girls (Click Here)

La Yuva – Very Nice collection of Ladies handbags, Purses, Cosmetics Bags etc.

Click the given link / image to check the best and the most exquisite collection you have ever seen.

Ayurvedic Skin & Hair Care – Advanced Ayurveda – You all like it, I know

It’s a massive hit in the foreign countries. Natural treatment of hair & skin is the hottest topic of discussion today globally. Check if you want to be a part of the revolution…

Your Online Jewellery Store – Wide range of Exquisite designs – Full Exchange & Refund if not satisfied

Huge collection of exquisite designs & easy return and refund. So, no worries check the collection…

VELVET Case – Exquisite range of Jewellery from Designers across the Globe

You will find here the best designed jewelry. All designed by international designers across the globe, not a matter of joke. Click the given link / image to explore

e-Johri – (Click Here) for all Jewellery brands at one place

This is a new concept and I am very much impressed from my first purchase. Service was fast and good. You will get all major brands of jewellery, from many cities and 100s of designs, bridal collections etc. just under one roof. This is India’s first e-market place for jewelley, really amazing. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Butterfly Ayurveda – Discover the natural way to healthy Life

Candere Gemstones – Genuine Gem Stones – Most Reliable & Only Genuine stones

I have been duped quite a few times. Once by the government recognized MMTC also. So now I buy only from Candere. You can get them tested from an independent laboratory. If not genuine you can return. I am a believer in God and Astrology. If the gem stone is not 100% genuine then you will not get any results. But my experience is, we can trust Candere. Not only gemstones, you can also find a very nice collection of jewelry here. Click the given link / image to buy online.

CHAIPOINT – Get Tea, Beverages & All Day Breakfast delivered at your Office or any other point of your Choice – Any Indian City

This is India’s first and largest, organized online Tea retailer. Modi Ji will be very happy. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Charles & Keith – Internationally designed Fashion accessories now in India

Hosts a wide range of fashion forward footwear, bags and accessories including belts, sunglasses, bracelets, and tech accessories. Customers may shop for stylish shoes, bags and accessories suited for every occasion, from a day in the office to a casual weekend or glamorous dinner.  Also carries exclusive colours and designs of bags, shoes, necklaces and bracelets.

Click the given link / image to buy online

Crocs – The World leader in Footwear – Now in India

WildCraft Outdoor Clothing – Backpack, Raincoats, Sleeping Bags etc. – Ideal for Travelers

Decathlon Sports – Only Sports related Equipments, Dresses, Shoes & Accessories – For All Sports (Click Below)

Very useful and important if you are going for Sports & Adventure travel.

ebay – Your online shopping mall for every item you need

Forest Essentials – Luxurious Ayurveda

Forest Essentials is an authentic, traditional Skin Care Brand, with its foundations in the ancient science of Ayurveda. A pioneer in the Luxury Ayurvedic segment, today it has become the quintessential Indian Beauty Brand where secrets of ancient beauty rituals for skin and hair care have been brought to life through pain-staking research and made available to modern day customers. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Your Online Gift Shop – For Birthdays, Anniversary, Marriage & All Occasions (Click the Icons below) For different Options


Happily Unmarried – A Unique Range of Cosmetics

CROMA – A TATA Enterprise – Most trusted Online store for Electronics

The most trusted electronics store in India is now Online – In the store you will not get all the variety but here in the Online store you will get the complete range of electronics items they see or have in their official list. Like TV, Laptops, Cameras, Home Theatres and many many more. You will get at the best possible prices and the widest range of choice. So instead of visiting the store, buy online from Croma. Click the given link / image to buy online.

FIZZ – A Unique Fashion range for Men & Woman

Beautiful handbags, purses, scarfs, sunglasses, dresses, watches etc. It’s fashion at it’s best. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Guardian Online Healthcare Store – Buy Genuine Nutrition & Health supplements online at a very discounted price. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Now Buy Furniture & Home Decors Online

Now no need to run from one furniture shop to another. Get a wide range of choice and designs at Pepperfry. I have bought seven items from them already. Good quality and good service. They will come and assemble at your home. Now everything is so convenient. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Home Town – Furniture & Decor (Click Here) and compare

HomeTown has been bringing the latest designs & fashion to Indian homes. HomeTown offers the widest and best in class range in furniture, home furnishings & decor, modular kitchens, home improvement and more. Part of the Future Group, HomeTown brings an enjoyable and hassle-free homemaking experience to all its valuable customers with varying lifestyles and preferences. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Urban Ladder – More options on Furniture (Click Here)

Has over 5000 designs across 35 categories such as living, dining, bedroom, study, and decor. Click the given link / image to buy online.

GoNoise – Click Here for Smart watches & Smart Audio solutions

Check out some smart watches, smart wearables and smart audio solutions. This is the latest trend among youngsters today & it’s a fashion statement.

Click the given links / images to buy online

Zivame – Only for Ladies – My Wife’s recommendation for all the Respected Ladies

Jockey – The Innerwear brand for Men & Women (Click Here) to buy Online

Buy online directly from Jockey instead of retailers or third party sellers. You will get more variety and better price.

Check Shopclues for more variety

One of the best online retailers of all types of products from A – Z in India. Click the given link / image to explore and buy online.

Jack & Jones (Click Here) – Fashion for Boys & Men

MAX – Fashion for the Entire Family (Click Here) to explore

My Dream Store – T-shirts, Polos, Hoodies etc. – Travel Fashion

Now Buy Online – sweets, dry fruits, paintings, handicrafts, chocolates, herbal products, and puja items from across India

Now Buy Online & Send gifts across India – Fresh Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates, Gifts

Ferns & Petals – Live plants, flowers, cakes etc. One more option

Send gifts anywhere to your loved ones – Flowers, cakes, gifts & more – Most trusted since many years

IGP – Also check and compare here for Cakes, Gifts & Flowers

For Babies & Kids – See both these options below (Click Logo)


Kraftly (Click Here) for Home Decor & Handicrafts

Kraftly is your place to shop for unique and beautiful products for yourself and your home. There are unique products and gifts from over 50k+ small and offline sellers, Kraftly is your very own destination for exclusive finds in fashion, home décor, gifting and more. From the latest apparel trends to fashion accessories, appealing footwear to tech accessories of daily use, quirky home décor to funky clothing; think of any product, and you’ll find it here.

WIPRO (Click Here) to buy an exciting range of Lights

Here you can buy online an exquisite range and designs of lights directly from Wipro at a better price. No third paty or retailer involved.

Now Shoppers Stop is Online (Click Here)

You will find a much wider range of designs, collection & options here than the retail outlets and at much better rates. Click the given link / image to buy online.

More Fashion @ The KOOVS (Click Here)

One of the finest fashion destination – Click the given link / image to explore and buy online

Reliance Trends (Click Here) for Reliance fashion

You will find a much wider range of options here than the retail outlets and at better rates. Click the given link / image to buy online.

Four Seven (Click Here) for Modern & Artificial Jewellery & Charms

There are many modern and innovative designs of artificial jewellery for your daily use. Good for outdoor, office, parties etc.

JAYPORE – Modern designs – Clothing, Jewellery, Home & Art

Now Buy your Eye Glasses, Sunglasses & Contact Lens Online

Also compare with the options @ CoolWinks

PAPERKART – Online Stationary Store for offices, schools, colleges at best prices

Harman Audio – Audio Systems at it’s best (Click Here)

A SAMSUNG Company – Smartest audio solutions

Magnet India – Click Here – Wireless Mobile Charger, Action Camera 4K and Smart Watches

Technology at it’s Best

HP Online (Click Here) to buy HP items online directly at better prices

HP is now online selling directly to you, so expect much better deals with no third party or retailer involved. Explore HP’s various technologies, find details of new product launches, get details of the latest offers and shop with the comfort and trust of buying genuine HP Products.

Easy Day – (Click Here) for membership

Now join Easy Day Club and make huge savings on your groceries, daily needs etc. from Big Bazaar. Get huge discounts on FBB, Big Bazaar, Hometown, Central, Brand Factory and Ezone stores. Click the given link / image to apply for membership today and home delivery.

Check This Out – In today’s Digital World you should be aware of this

If you find it interesting then also check and compare with GoDaddy

Keep visiting my page. My travel, exploration and research on various topics are still going on, to explore new places and new ideas. And I will be adding new places every week in my “Explore Places” page. So I will keep sharing a lot of new ideas in the time to come. keep visiting my page regularly.





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