Japan – Land of the Rising Sun

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Japan and The Most Beautiful Places That You Must Not Miss to visit

Japan has turned out to become one of the most famous tourist destinations in the entire world. number of people are travelling to the island nature each and every year, and are then lured by the promise of fresh sushi, amazing train rides, the safe cities, the intriguing traditions and the last but not the least the pop culture. So, it’s not just the technological wonders, but even the best places for you to visit in Japan that have been highlighted on the island nation on the map. Trust me exploring each of them is really worth the time. So, if you have never ever thought of visiting over there, then this is the right time for you to do so. Let’s have a look at the list of some of the best places that you can visit in Japan. Have a look at them right below.

Tokyo: Tokyo is one of those places that has been reflecting the Colours of Japan. In Japan the places are endless and exploring them in one trip is something that is really very impossible. But this popular kind of a city in Tokyo actually deserves to be on the top spot of your list and all thanks to the culture and the world class attractions. The historical sites will definitely impress you much and the city has also got a great culinary experience. Some of the places that you should not miss to make a visit here is Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Sky tree, Tokyo Disney Sea. So, don’t forget to make a visit to these places when you are in Japan.

Sushi: Sushi is one of those Japanese dishes that comes with a combination of vinegar, rice and the seafood. Sushi comes in different forms while you visit here you will get to hear about nare-zushi, but the most typical types of sushi are nigirizushi and temakizushi. Not just there are other ingredients also made available for the ones who don’t like fish, including prawns and the grilled Conger eel. If you are planning to eat this then you can visit one of the best restaurants like kaitenzushi, or conveyor belt sushi restaurant, where you can enjoy sushi for 100 yen a plate.

Kyoto: One of the most beautiful places of Japan.This is a place that is famous for the shrines, gardens and palaces. And of all the destinations in Japan, Kyoto is one of the best places for you to visit irrespective of whether you are out with your family or with your wife. Starting from the iconic temples to the shrines, palaces, gardens, and the last but not the least the amazing bamboo forests are a treat to the eyes, and you cannot afford to miss it on your first trip. Some of the places that you should not miss to make a visit here is Kyoto Imperial Palace, Philosopher’s Walk and the last but not the least Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine. So, don’t forget to make a visit to this place when you are in Japan.

Tempura: Tempura is one of those Japanese dishes in which the sea food, fresh vegetables, and the other ingredients are being dipped into the egg and the flour batter. And while you can go ahead and enjoy the tempura in any of the restaurants of Japan, if you really wish to try the best then you should definitely not miss going to the place where the dish is immediately bought on the table once it’s ready.

Nara: Nara is a home to the adorable deer’s, temples and a lot more. None of the travel lists of Japan is considered to be completed unless and until that there is a visit made over here. Nara is a home to many of the shrines, monasteries and museums and the famous Nara back this is a place for you to get familiarized with the famed, Japanese culture and traditions. Some of the places that you should not miss to visit here is the Nara ParkKasuga-taisha and the last but not the least Ninja Museum of Igaryu. So, don’t forget to make a visit to this place when you are in Japan.

Mt. Fuji: This is a paradise for all the individuals who like adventure. Renowned around the world for offering one of the best experiences, Mt. Fuji is one of those places that you should definitely not miss to make a visit. Though the official climbing season begins from the month of July and ends during the month of September, you can turn out to witness the beauty from the distance throughout the year. Some of the places that you should definitely not miss to make a visit here are the Mount Tenjo, Chureito Pagoda and the last but not the least Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine.

Ishakgi: This is one of the most trending kind of a place that you should definitely not miss to visit when in Japan. The ishakgi island is yes, the best place for you to visit in Japan, the Island has no limit when it comes to offering unique and different kind of experience to its tourists, glamming up their holiday in the Japanese island. Some of the best places that you should not miss to visit here are Kabira Bay, Taketomi Island, and the last but not the least Ishigaki Limestone Cave.

Nishiki Market: The Nishiki Market is one of the marquee food markets in Japan. In fact, this place is also known as the Kyoto’s kitchen” in the local vernacular, and the Nishiki Market is a long shopping street which is actually a home to hundreds of small shops and stalls located over there. Having the history of several centuries these are shops that run a family establishment and have a specialisation in one particular kind of a food, and continue to work even more closely with the adjoining shops. So, don’t forget to make a visit to this place when you are in Japan.

Sukiyaki: Sukiyaki is one of those dishes in which the meat and the vegetables are stewed in an iron pot. The sauce which is also known as the warishita is something that is made up of sauce and sugar. In fact, there is a lot of variation in the ingredients and on the way the dish is eaten depending on the region. Say for example in some of the areas the dish is being mixed with beaten egg in the sauce in order to give it some different kind of a flavour. If you are among those individuals who are looking to enjoy some beef then this is the right place for you.

Ginza: Ginza is an affluent shopping district in Tokyo, and is a home to the city most posh boutiques and the gleaming departmental stores. The shopping places in these areas reflect the breath and the depth of the city consumer culture, which is then equal to the parts of the high fashion Glitz and the down to earth dedication to craft. So, don’t forget to make a visit to this place when you are in Japan this 2019.

Udon: This is a dish of Noddle’s that has been made up of the kneaded white flour, and is the eaten with the sauce that has been made up of soya sauce and sugar which is something similar to soba. You can enjoy having udon on at the standing soba restaurants but the firmness of the noodles which is known as Koshi, is a key part of the dish and we would actually recommend you to have this at a specialist Udon restaurant. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have a try without making it a miss.


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