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10 Best Tourist Attractions That You Must Not Miss to Visit in Norway

Starting from the majestic mountains and the famous Fjords to the modern yet picturesque cities, Norway even today is believed to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Picture perfect landscapes are one of those places that are to be explored by car, foot, bike and boat.So, whether taking away the breath-taking wonder of the northern lights or the summer sun glistening on a massive glacier, Norway is the and greater adventure in any season. A nation that has a rich story and great past Norway does invites cultural expeditions too. Given below are the top 10 best tourist attractions that you must miss to visit this 2018 – 19.

Oslo: Oslo is generally believed to be one of the most peaceful cities in the entire world. It is also believed to be one of the leading cities that try to raise awareness in order to make the entire environment friendly. For most of the reasons Norway is also believed to be one of the best reasons to visit, and is the best example of the city which is believed to be modern in each and every definition and has a fine laid-back nature. You might even be surprised to know that one third is the city, and two third of the forests, parks and the green spaces. You might even go hiking or cycling that you might not actually go ahead and anticipate from one of the best things you can do in Norway.

Tromso: Tromso is one of the best places to visit while you are in Norway for many reasons. In short Tromso is a party town, followed by more number of pubs per person than any other Norwegian town. But let me tell you that Tromso does have something more than what’s being mentioned above. It is also a vibrant town with an spirited street scene, several museums, a respected university, and the last but not the least sacrosanct Mack Brewery. In spite of all these the toursits still continue to more thrilled, when they get to know that this is the place where you could observe the magical phenomenon of the northern lights. No one can actually predict when such thing would appear.

Trondheim: Trondheim is a place that is going to be captivating you with its undeniable charm, and is the oldest of the Norway major city and the third largest in the city. This is one of the best places you can actually visit when you are in Norway, and was believed to be the capital of the country during the Viking age. It was also believed to be the religious centre of the country. Being the second largest church of the northern Europe, Nidaros cathedral is something that is located within the city and is one of the best tourist attractions. Unfortunately, this is a place that is made up of woods due to which it continued to face damage many numbers of times.

Alesund: Alesund is a place that would reward you with both the immense natural beauty and terrific architecture. And with these two different kinds of contrasts of beauties this is something that has turned out to be like a fairy tale. This wonderful town spreads like a slender, fishhook shaped, and the sea bound peninsula. This is a town that has been devasted on fire in the year 1904 and was again reconstructed in the Art Nouveau style in between 1904 and 1907. You must definitely not forget to miss this place when in Norway this 2018 -19.

Lofoten Island: Lofoten islands is generally believed to be one of the dreams like places, where you would be getting the feeling of dejavu. This is a place that has each and everything for its tourist, and with all its solemn mountains, deep fjords, squealing sea bird colonies, stunning beaches this is one of the best places to captivate you. This is again one of the best places that you should not miss to visit while you are in Norway 2018 – 19. In short this is a place that will actually lead you with one of the best experiences ever. There are also some of the best attractions that you get to see while you are in Norway. Some of the best things that you could do here is hiking, skiing, fishing, ocean rafting, and scuba diving. This place will give you the best feeling when compared to the real Viking age. In fact this is also believed to be a place that will lead you with unforgettable targets, and things for you to do in Norway.

Jotunheimen National Park: If you have ever read Marvel comics or have an fascination for Norse mythology, Jotunheimen National Park is something that sounds something similar to you. Jotunheimen National Park is also believed to be a home for the giants in mythology. This is a place that is not just big but even one of the most wilderness destinations in the entire Europe, due to which it even today turns out to be one of the most undoubtedly the must visit place while you are in Norway this 2018-19. This is a place that holds more than 200 peaks, including the northern Europe two highest peak called Galdhopiggen at 8,100 feet and Glittertind at 8087 feet. This is a best place for all those who wish to get wild without getting lost here.

Tusenfryd Amusement Park: The Tusenfryd Amusement Park is generally believed to be one of the foremost amusement parks in the world. It is a home for more than 30 attractions such as the speed monsters, super splash, thunder coaster, and space shot. The best time to visit this place is during the summer as you can also enjoy the water park known as the Badefryd that not just has a pool for swimming but also an exciting water slide. The entry fees for this place is 1700.

Svalbard: Svalbard is a place that should actually be a dream place to go. This is a place that is situated in the Arctic Ocean, the Barents Sea, The Greenland Sea, and the last but not the least Norwegian Sea. Svalbard is a wondrous archipelago with all the dramatic snow drowned peaks and the glacier’s. And since the year 1920 this place is one of the best places you could ever visit when in Norway. This magical archipelago is one of the best places for you to actually visit in Norway, and is the northern most place where the people would wish to live permanently. While you visit this place you will get to see polar bears, and apart from this you will also get to see animals like caribou, reindeer, the polar foxes, the whales, seals, walruses. It is also one of the most wilderness in the world and probably one of the best places where you could have set your foot. You must definitely not forget to miss this place when in Norway this 2018 -19.

Arctic Cathedral: If you are one among those individuals who are thinking what to see in Norway, then do not forget to visit the Arctic cathedral. This is a place that is renowned for its striking architecture that is not just modern but even beautiful. This enormous and majestic stained-glass window turns out to reflect the resurrection of Jesus Christ, making it to be one of the best Norway tourist attractions. You must definitely not forget to miss this place when in Norway this 2018 -19.

Western Fjords: There is no way where you could actually explain the to beauty of Western Fjords in the word. This is not the only place that is filled with one of the major tourist attractions in Norway but also believed to be one of the best a hotspot in Europe. It’s also believed to be a landscape that is not just unique and beautiful but is also believed to be one of the most desirable Norway tourist attractions. These Fjords are the most scenically outstanding of all.You must definitely not forget to miss this place when in Norway this 2018 -19.


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