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7 Attractions That You Will Get To See When In Quebec City Canada This 2019

Quebec City is generally believed to be the only walled city in the North America and the UNESCO world heritage site. This French speaking Quebic city tends out to have a strategic location a top steep cliffs that generally overlook the St. Lawrence River. Founded in the year 1608 as a fur trading organization at the present day place royale, it then turned out to become an administrative center and is now believed to be the capital of Quebec Province.

And a vast province that makes about one sixth of Canada, Quebec helps in covering diverse landscapes starting from the historic cities to the isolated arctic tundra. The region also reaches the Arctic Circle in the north, followed by the borders of the American states like Vermont, New York and the Hudson Bay in the west. While you as a traveller visit this city there is much more for you to explore in both summer and as well as in winter. The historical sites, the cultural institutions, the festivals, the small towns and the last but not the least beautiful parks are some of the highlights that you get to see when in Quebec City Canada.

Palace royale: The Palace Royale generally believed to be standing on the site of the Quebec actual foundation, the spot where Samuel de Champlain erected the fur trading post and that soon then grew into a French trading post. Palace royale is believed to be the largest surviving ensemble in the 17th – 18 century buildings of North America.

The Canadian Museum of history: The Canadian Museum of history is generally believed to be one of the oldest museums of the country dating back to 1856. It happens to be the most visited place in Canada followed by 1.2 million annual visitors. The reason why most of the travellers visit here is this museum helps in tracing 4 million items tracing the history of the country around 20,000 years ago. Not just this in the grand hall of this museum you will get to discover the story, culture, beliefs of Canada first pacific nation, followed by the beautiful setting of the Ottawa River and the parliament hill.

Hotel de Glace: The only ice hotel in North America is just a few steps away from Quebec city. This beautiful hotel has been hosting guests from past 15 years, and every year it presents them with something new, fresh features and ideas. So while you are here in Quebec Canada you can grab a drink or two at the ice bar in order to warm your blood, spending an hour in the outdoor spas and sauna, and then head to the room where the walls are ice, the ceiling is ice, and the bed is also ice. The best time to visit here is during the month of January and march.

The Montreal Botanical Garden:The Montreal Botanical Garden is generally believed to be one of the biggest garden in the entire world. While you visit this place you will be welcomed by the 22,000 different plants and species followed by the cultivars living in the 10 green houses, 20 thematic gardens and pavilions, having a tough time smelling them all and dreaming really high. So whether you are into lilacs, the lotus flowers, the orchids, or the succulents you are just trying and looking at the pretty flowers and there is something or the others for ones who makes a visit out there. This is a place that is generally believed to be located within the city and is just a few minutes away from the town. It’s actually near to the place called Olympic stadium and Bio dome making for a great day trip.

The Plains of Abraham: The Plains of Abraham is generally believed to be the recreational public park, being one of the most historic sites in the history of Canada. In the year 1759 this was a site where British troops defeated the French in half of their battle, and was believed to be pivotal in the subsequent folding of the North American history. While you have a visit to this place you can then head towards the plateau for a small picnic, depending on the time of the year to enjoy the activities like cycling, cross country skiing etc.

Mont-Tremblant: Mont-Tremblant is generally believed to be one of the top ski destinations in the province of Canada. While you make a visit to this place you will get to see a lot of snow, and the snow making systems in the world who are making snow boarders and skiers at skill levels. And if you are not among those individuals who are not big on flying down a mountain then there are a few other activities that will turn to make your trip worthed. All you need to do is grab your tuque and begin skating, snow mobiling, snow shoeing, and the last but not the least dogsledding.

Museum of Civilization: The Museum of Civilisation has been successful in attracting more than 14 million of visitors annually, making it to be the most recognized and famous museums in Quebec Canada. As a traveller you will get to explore a series of permanent and temporary exhibits, multimedia presentations, and hands-on activity stations, which will then offer major insights into the history of Quebec, Aboriginal peoples, and global histories beyond.

These were just a few but there are a lot more to go. So what other places would you like to add to the blog post above. Have you visited any of the above mentioned places? How has the experience turned out to be? Do share your experiences in the comments section given below. We will be happy to hear from you.

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