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Recommendations for your travel & Online Bookings – (Visa & Passport, Travel destination Suggestions, Hotels & Cottages, Vacation Rentals, Luggage Recommendations, Air Tickets, Cruises, Local Sightseeing, Travel Insurance, door to door transfer, Adventure travel, Historical travel, Honeymoon Travel, Forex at cheaper rates, Ski options, Worldwide Best Attractions, cottages & vacations at exotic locations, live like locals, discounted travels for students and many many more ….) – It’s a One Stop solution for all your traveling needs. Now you don’t have to keep browsing different websites and visiting your traveling agents.

Why depend on your local travel agent, the World’s Best & Top Notch Travel companies & Travel Advisers are waiting to help you here…

You will get everything you need in this one stop travel solution guide at a discounted price. You can also do all the Online Bookings here itself, directly through our partner sites (which are all very reputed multinational travel companies) with 100% security and transparency. Browse carefully and do not miss out any thing.

TripAdvisor – The best travel company in the world (Click Here) To see more

TripAdvisor – Our Traveling Partner – Get Complete & Discounted Travel packages worldwide – Any City/Town, Anywhere in the World – You will get the Best Offers here…

You will get the Best & the Cheapest deals here – Guaranteed. However you need to review all the options very carefully. Please visit the “Best Travel Deals” section located in the main menu of this website at the top Or Scroll Down till the Bottom of the Right Panel of this website to discover all the Best, the Unique and the cheapest options globally. Now you can also find Country specific travel offers from the “Best Places to Visit” section.


If you are not able to decide, then let us do that perfect planning for you. For assistance please mail us at or WhatsApp at +91-7044743511 for the Best Travel solutions Globally including India, Asia, Europe, America, CIS, Africa, Middle East & the Caribbeans. It does not matter where you stay, because we do it Globally


The Preface – Whether you are traveling for business, work or vacation, while you travel you need to be well organized to avoid any discomfort. So while travelling we should take care that we are well prepared in all aspects related to travel. Here you will get all the help related to travel like choosing the next travel destination, hotels, visa & passport, travel insurance, resorts & vacation rentals, flight ticket bookings and many more important aspects of traveling. Please keep visiting this page regularly as there will be regular updates.


Here is a check list highly recommended for traveling. Click the given links to do the Online Bookings directly from here. These are all our partner companies, which are all American and European Travel companies and giants in this industry. So Book Online directly from here with 100% trust, security and transparency.

(1) Visa HQ – Visa is the first and most important thing you need for traveling. Earlier you had to run to the embassy, fill up forms, stand in the queue. But now there is an unique option. Visa HQ is the only company in the world that provides Visa services online. It does not matter in which country you stay and to which country you want to go. They can arrange visa online for you for any place and they have very strong network all over the world. So just sitting home you can get your visa online and the cost is also very reasonable. Please visit the below link to understand this simple process. Remember this is very reliable and simple. Visa HQ is a US based company and completely reliable and most efficient. So do not worry at all. I do all my visas through them and it is always very hassle free.

Get Visa for Any Country from Anywhere in the World (Click Here)


(2) For flight tickets here is my highly recommended options. Cheap flight options available from any “City to City” in any country to any country. So you don’t have to keep visiting different websites and travel agents. It’s a one stop shop for all your ticketing needs. You just need a credit card and you can book any ticket of any remote location. This is the best site for flight tickets I have ever seen.


KIWI – Cheap Flights Worldwide (Click Here)

JetRadar – Cheap Flights worldwide  (Click Here)    COMPARE FROM 728 AIRLINES WORLDWIDE

The USP of this site is that you can compare from 728 airlines directly around the world, it’s a huge choice, right?

Airfare Watchdog – Compare between different Travel Agents & Service providers

This is different from the other sites. Here you can directly compare rates between different service providers like Expedia, Travelocity etc. and choose from the best rates.  Click the above link or the below image to Book Tickets Online.

Etihad Global Destinations (Click Here) for Bookings – This is another flight ticket recommendation for premium air traveling experience. This is a premium flying option you can check and compare. Sometimes they give very good offers in certain sectors.

CheapFlightsFreak  (Click Here)

Cheap Flights Worldwide  (Click Here)

So here are some of the best recommendations. You can compare all the above sites depending on your boarding city, destination and date and get the best deal. Most important, you can plan any remotest city to any city in the world from these options and get the best possible deal. Today there are many flight booking websites but these are the most reliable options. For Indian tickets please visit my “India Special” page for the best and the most reliable options.

As you scroll down further, you can find many more reliable, price competitive and good flight options. You will also find many premium flying options sector wise (Russia, Ukraine, Europe, USA, Middle East etc). These are all time tested, well researched, well reputed and highly recommended options. However it’s upto you to choose to make your bookings. Because a lot will depend on your location, budget, preferences, timing and your destination. And also whether you choose cheap flying options or premium flying options.

(3) Check some of the most exciting Luggage and Travel bags here. There is a huge variety you can choose from. Really good for traveling. There is a lot of space, slick, strong to withstand all pressure. Also scroll down the right panel of this website to the Shopping Section and explore more travel Bags & Luggage options from “Bric’s Milano” and “Travel Luggage & Cabin Bags“. These are international brands from Italy and UK, delivered globally. You will get some beautiful and awesome designs here at the most competitive prices. Definitely explore …

Travel bags  (Click here)

More Travel Bag options  (Click here)

(4) Here are some of the most important Travel accessories you should consider while travelling. This will make life easy for you. It’s a really good and useful list and you can pick up the items missing from your collection  :-

Travel Accessories  (Click here)

More Travel Accessories Options  (Click here)

(5) Hotel Recommendations : Whenever I travel I rely on All my hotel bookings are done through this site. I get very good hotels at reasonable prices. So I highly recommend for hotel bookings. You can compare with many other options also as mentioned in this website, as they also show some very good options. Compare the best deal and make the booking that suites you.  But personally I prefer only, it has become a habit for me. Traveled to more than 20 countries and more than 15 cities in India. My hotel bookings have always been through, the most trusted one. (Click Here)

ACCOR HOTELS  (Click Here)

Another great option for hotels is Accor Hotels. They have With over 5,000 hotels in 95 countries, 20 hotel brands from luxury to budget. Some of their great brands are Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure, ibis, and more. These are great hotels. In addition to you should also check your options with Accor Hotels. Search any city anywhere in the world to get the best options.


ACCOR Hotels is also partner with Tripadvisor and Europ car rental. So this is an additional advantage.

Centara Hotels & Resorts for South East Asia (Click Here)

Centara Hotels & Resorts group is a hotel group with specialization in South East Asia. They have very nice and beautiful hotels in Thailand (All Cities), Maldives, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. So if you are visiting any of these cities you can check and consider the Centara Hotels & Resorts.

Intercontinental Hotels & Holiday Inn IHG Group of Hotels (Click Here)

IHG Group of hotels are the owner of the brands like Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Intercontinental Hotels, Crown Plaza and many more. It’s a chain of luxury hotels present across the globe. So this is also a recommended option for hotels


Otel by Met Global – Weather it’s adventure travel, Back packing or theme travel you can check Otel by Met Global to check various options that suites you. There are 250,000 options from 20,000 cities.

So these were some of the best hotel options which I highly recommend. You can get many more good options as you scroll down. I repeat, these are all time tested, researched and highly recommended options. I use them myself to make my hotel bookings. They give good value for money, good location and good service and very safe. So do not hesitate to book through them. You are in perfectly safe and good hands.

Important Note :- Once you scroll down the right panel of this website completely, you will find many more beautiful options like heritage hotels, cottages at exotic locations, honeymoon cottages, homestays, European hotels & hideways and many other thrilling and enticing options. So keep reading you will know many new things.

Now let’s see the other aspects of your travel plan which are also equally very important for a well planned trip…


(6) Book your local sightseeing in advanceGetYourGuide (Click Here) is the easiest option to find out tourist attractions and must visit places in all cities around the World. They give a list of attractions, places to visit, local tours, conducted tours etc. Not only that you can actually make local site seeing visits and buy tickets online in advance and avoid long ques. For example you can book online Hip-On-Hip-Off bus tour of Moscow city or Paris illumination 1 hr cruise or may be the Taj Mahal and Agra city tour in advance even before you reach that country. And they give a lot of recommendations and new ideas to choose from. So you do not need a travel guide. GetYourGuide  (Click Here) is your Local travel guide for all your tours in any city around the world. So now there is no headache. Isn’t it wonderful.

BigBus Tours (Click Here)

Also explore BigBus Tours – Discover the great cities of the World with BigBus Tours. Largest operator of sight seeing tours in the World, covering 20 cities across three continents. Click the given link / image to explore further.

Once you scroll down the right panel of this website, there are other valuable options also like Lonely Planet, U2Guide, Attractions Ticket Direct, Travel Bird, TrekTeller and WithLocals which also give you a lot of valuable information and guidance. So keep reading till the end…

Book your Local Travel & Sightseeing Online (Click Here) 


Book Local Sightseeing Online in advance (Click Here)

(7) – Another great recommendation is door to door transfer when you are travelling abroad or within your own country. Safety is the prime concern when you are travelling. For example I arrived Almaty at 4:00 AM in the morning and was duped by a taxi driver. He charged me 5 times of the original fare and I had to give. But with this option you can book your door to door (From any air or sea port or train stations to any hotel or other destination) transfer online in advance. It’s very safe and very cheap.

Suntransfers (door to door transfer)  Click Here to book


Another Very Good Option for Airport – Hotel Transfers Any where in the World :-

Hoppa – Door To Door Transfer – Any City, Any Airport, Any Destination (Click Here)

You can get their service anywhere in the world. Very Reasonably priced, Good & timely Service and Very Safe. Click the above link for the offer and the details. Just change the country, language and currency as per your preference to get the offers relevant to you. It’s a global website so you need to customize the search. But I assure you it’s a great option when you are traveling.

Car Rentals :- 

As you scroll down you will get some more very reliable, price competitve Car Rentals worldwide. These all are very good and reliable options. I have tried to give a wider choice because a lot will depend on your location and your destination. I use their services myself and recommend them to you.

(8) Travel & Medical Insurance for traveling abroad – I think it is very important to get travel and medical insurance when you are traveling abroad. There can be many unforeseen circumstances and travel insurance will always protect you. At Visitors Coverage you can buy travel and medical insurance for your traveling abroad. It does not matter in which country you live and to which country you are traveling. It’s a one stop shop for all your insurance needs. And Yes, Lowest price is guaranteed. So book your travel insurance when you travel abroad next time.

Buy Travel & Medical Insurance for traveling abroad  (Click Here)

Travel Insurance (Click Here)


Another good option for Travel Insurance is Columbus Direct. Not only travel insurance they also cover a lot of adventure sports insurance. You can compare both the options here.

Columbus Direct (Click Here) to Buy Travel Insurance Online

As you scroll down further you will get other travel and medical insurance options also like “The Allianz”, Insurance for Russian traveling etc. So keep reading…

(9) Tours4Fun – Are you traveling for fun & adventure. Then your online tour planner is here. You can book a huge number of activities like water activities, adventure activities, Boating, paragliding etc. in any city and any where in the world. You will also get a lot of new travel and adventure ideas here. Your local travel agent will never give so many options to you as they themselves are not aware. These are time tested and well researched options. So you can easily rely on their services. I guarantee you will have a great lifetime experience during your tour. So just explore the options and then decide. Have a lots of FUN !!!

Tours4Fun (Click Here) for worldwide booking


(10) Historical & Adventure Tours – If you like visiting historical places and historical monuments then I recommend you check this site. They offer many good options to explore in Turkey, Egypt, Russia, Europe, India and many other exotic places around the world. You can get many new and unexplored ideas to plan your next travel. This is a very different option from the others. Just check their options thoroughly and you will understand yourself why I am saying so. Keep Exploring…

TravelTalk tour operator (Click Here) for booking


(11) ISANGO – For Top premium & Unique destinations in Europe, Oceania, Asia & Americas – I recommend to visit ISANGO for exploring the top premium destinations in Europe especially. Although they have many options for the Middle East, Asia, Oceania and Americas. But I consider their strength is the Most Unique & Exotic places of Europe, Like no other else can do. So, If you are planning to visit Europe and other top destinations then definitely visit this page for great ideas and bookings. There are some unique, mind blowing and out of the world experiences awaiting you. Just explore the optons and see yourself. It’s a Unique experience truly…

As you scroll down the right panel of this website further, you can also find many more lucrative and enticing offers like “TITAN Travels” which is an award winning escorted tour option like Isango and Trafalgar. So keep reading, there are many more surprises awaiting…

ISANGO (Click Here) to visit and book


ISANGO (Click Here) for ISANGO Worldwide destinations

Here you can explore all the global options from ISANGO and also make online bookings. Unique travel ideas and options from around the World (Asia, Middle East, Africa etc.) are all available in this link. If the previous link was Europe specific, this one is for the rest of the world. Check this above link and make bookings for global travel destinations. ISANGO is one of the best.

As you scroll down the right panel of this website, at the bottom you will find many other similar options also like “Travel Bird“, “ebookers” etc. You will get the best travel advice & booking options in all of them. Compare all the options and get the best deal that suites you. Also Check VIATOR here…

VIATOR – A Trip Advisor Company (Click Here) for Bookings

Viator is a Trip Advisor company, the most renowned name in the international travel industry. Travel with an insider who knows everything about the destination. World wide tour plans and travel packages are included here, whether it’s a tour to the Great Wall of China or any European exotic location. Travel with full knowledge and travel with an expert.

(12) Couchsurfing – This is another unique recommendation for solo and budget travelers. By joining the Couchsurfing community you can actually live like a local when in a foreign land. Just join this community of international travelers of 14 Million people in more than 200,000 cities around the world. People use this site to find a place to stay, to meet people where they are travelling, to host travelers, to get the best travel advice and more. Couchsurfers open their homes and share their lives so your stay with the host is free once you are a member of the community. And you can meet many travelers like you here…

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Right side panel of this website, you will get another similar option “WITHLOCALS – Enjoy the City like a local”. That is also a very similar concept and gaining enormous popularity, please check and compare.

Join Couchsurfing Community here ( Click Here) – Unbelievable but true


(13) Vacation Rentals – If you are traveling for vacation and you plan to stay for quite some time then it is very usual that you will like save some money on your staying expenses. In that case the most recommended option is Vacation Rentals. Here at this site you can find 12 Million available properties worldwide for rentals covering all most all major vacation destinations around the world. So plan for a Vacation Rental and same a lot of money on hotel expenditures.

Vacation rentals can offer more space, privacy, and flexibility compared to hotel rooms. Depending on the property, you’ll have access to amenities like hot tubs, gourmet kitchens, washer/dryers, free onsite parking, private pools, and so many more.

Vacation rentals are available in a wide range of locations so you can choose where you want to stay, like the center of the city or a local neighborhood with great nightlife. Plus, if you’re traveling with your family or a large group, having multiple bedrooms and bathrooms means there’s enough space so everyone can stay together under one roof.

Last but not least, at rates of up to 80% off traditional hotel rooms, vacation rentals are often the most affordable, cost effective option. So if you’d like to feel ‘home away from home’ on your next trip, in a place where you can cook, lounge and entertain? Stay in a vacation rental.

Vacation Rentals Worldwide (Click Here) to view and reserve

More Vacation Rental Options – Beach Houses, Cottages, Apartments (Click Here)

Home Away from Home in a foreign land (Click Here)             Vacation Rentals in Asia by Expedia (Click Here)

Vacation Rentals in The Nordics (Click Here) – Norway, Sweden etc.


Also check other options like “WIMDU” as you scroll down the right panel of this website fully. Keep checking all the options for the best and the most suitable deal & package for you.

(14) Guided Tours & Escorted Holidays – Worldwide

Confused where to go next (Click Here) for guidance

Trafalgar Tours – Award wining tours & Guide. Speak to the experts and get complete guidance for your tour, suggestions & ideas. For example discover the charm of Myanmar, see what you can experience in Sri Lanka, explore Asia, Europe etc. There are many exotic destinations globally. Choose from a wide range of options. This is also a unique thing in it’s own way. They can guide you and plan your next holiday trip. They give the best and expert teavel advice. In my opinion one of the best tour guides and tour operators in the world. I suggest you recommend all of these sights thoroughly and completely and understand yourself the difference and strength of each one of them.

Trafalgar Holidays (Click Here) to view & book

Trafalgar Worldwide Holidays


Also Visit TreckTeller – Complete Tour Guide for Asia & India

You will get expert advice on 24 Travel Themes here and can also connect with travelers who have already visited these places. Entire Asia is covered here. It’s a Unique concept and very useful for traveling in Asia. Click the below logo and check the offerings.

(15) Trains, Cars, Hotels & More – This is another Trusted tour leader with worldwide coverage. You can get options of traveling by Train to various cities in China, UK, Korea etc. Book cars at any place in the World. Explore more hotel & flight options. It’s a NASDAQ listed company and covers 5,000 cities in the world. Just check it, you might find something relevant to your travel needs. This is also a good and highly recommended options for your travel. Just check it out … SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE FOR THE “RAIL EUROPE” PAGE – FOR TRAIN RESERVATIONS IN EUROPE (ALL EUROPEAN DESTINATIONS). As you scroll down the right panel of this website you can also find other similar options like “GoEuro”,  “Interrail” and “Eurail”.


Click This Link to View and Explore more Options

(16) Food & Restaurants – This is another important recommendation. You can find your favorite cuisine and the best affordable restaurants around the World from YELP – Your Restaurant Partner. Just scroll down the site, select your country and you get all the recommended restaurants,  Food Delivery at your doorstep, Night Life Recommendations, And of course most extraordinary – A range of Home Services which is most important to know in a foreign location for easy convenience. It’s even more important if you have taken a vacation rental & planning to holiday for a longer time.

YELP Worldwide (click here) for – Restaurants, Food Delivery, Nightlife & Home Services

It’s really an amazing thing. For example you can locate Indian food in Oslo Norway and get a pack of kababs delivered at your hotel room in Germany or anywhere in the World. You can visit the country wise location in the website and make your search. No more headache for food where ever you go… You can get your favourite cuisine anywhere in the World (except few places where service has not yet started but will start soon). They will cover the whole World very soon. Check It…

As you scroll down the right panel of this website, you can also find other great restaurant options like “La Fourchette” and “The Fork” – Most valuable and the finest dinning options available in many countries especially in Europe. So keep reading, there is more in store for you…


Quandoo (Click Here) to find & book restaurants

At Quandoo you can find and book the finest restaurants online in Singapore and other Asian countries. Finest dinning experience awaits you. Click the given link / image for booking.

If “La Fourchette” and “The Fork” are especially for Europe, “Quandoo” is especially for Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and some European countries. For restaurants and food deliveries in India, please visit the “India Special” page to see various options.

(17) Cruise & Holiday PackagesExpedia is a trusted name in international tours and travels. You can search here for a wide number of Tour packages, Car Rentals, Airport to Hotel Transfers, Cruises, Home Stays, Flights etc. It’s another very good option for holidays and vacations. Expedia is a world renowned brand, so I don’t have to recommend, the name speaks it all. Just check the complete options they have. You can also get a complete package from them suiting your needs.


Now Book your Cruise @ EXPEDIA  (Click Here)

Another great platform like Expedia is Lonely Planet. Considered one of the best in the World.

Lonely Planet (Click Here) to Book

Lonely planet is Travelers’ guide to the planet. It has guide books for all countries and place that one can think of and you can but them online – books and e-books. Besides the World’s best guide book, Lonely planet is also a platform to explore and book for top tour attractions, top destinations, travel insurance, adventure tour, sightseeing, car rentals etc. You will get to know the best of the places to travel to from lonely Planet and book at the most competitive prices. Click the link or below to make online bookings. This is a must see website for everyone whether you travel or not

(18) Traveling in India – You can locate all good restaurants, spas, theatres, night life etc. of all major cities of India at NEARBUY (Click Here)

Here you can explore all possible options of Eating out, Spas, Movies, Various entertaining activities, Salons, Health, Shopping Hobbies, Fitness etc. near by your location. It covers all major Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai and many more…  The best thing is you can explore everything under the one roof instead of visiting various websites and guidebooks or google.

Food, Movies, nightlife & more in India (Click Here)

(19) Foreign Currency – You will need foreign currency for your trip abroad. You can get foreign currency in any airport, that is not an issue. However it is recommended that you book and get your foreign currency in advance before traveling, it will save a lot of time and headache. You can get foreign currency and Forex Cards from Thomas Cook, Travelex, BookMyForex – Whichever is available in your country. If you plan in advance you can get good rates and much cheaper than in airports. If you scroll down this site further, on the right side panel of this website, if you scroll down, you can find Thomas Cook for UK and Travelex catering to US, UK, Europe and many other countries.


BookMyForex (Click Here) to book Forex & Home Delivery – If you are based in India (Indian or Foreigner) then you can book and get your Foreign currency at BookMyForex for your tours and get them delivered at your door step. No matter in which city you stay, they deliver everywhere. And it’s not only Foreign Currency, they give Forex Cards, Travelers Cheques and make International Money Transfers also for your dear ones. You can see their reviews at The Economic Times also. It’s the only company of it’s kind in India. They offer the best exchange rates, so it’s better to buy from them instead of buying from banks, agents or at the airport. Now I take all my currencies from them while traveling.

After landing at the destination abroad get some dollars changed to the local currency immediately at the airport. Because most of the taxis and hotels accept local currency only. However if you book door to door transfers (see above Point # 7) online then these hassles can be avoided. Plan well in advance to make your travel smooth, safe & hassle free.

INSTAREM – Now send Money anywhere in the World (Click Here)

Now you can send money anywhere in the World from any country. Overseas money transfer made easy with Instarem. Click the given link or image to explore further. Best transfer amount is guaranteed.

(20) Medical Tourism – The most important aspect to traveling abroad today. Thousands of people travel to different destinations for medical treatments and medical procedures to save an enormous amount of money. Just because medical treatment is too costly in their own country. This is called medical tourism. Medical Departures is a platform for medical tourism and most trusted name worldwide. I am myself a B. Pharm graduate and I proudly and confidently recommend Medical Departures to all my friends residing abroad.

Services in the most reputed hospitals are available in Thailand, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. So depending on your country preference and your medical condition you will be directed to the right place for treatment at a much lower cost. So Treatment & Tourism both are taken care of.

Medical Departures (Click Here) with Confidence & Hapiness

(21) Interpreters Travel (Click Here) for Interpreter service

If you are traveling for business meetings, trade fairs, exhibitions to a country where there is language problem for you. Then you can book an interpreter from this platform. You will get good and professional interpreters in any part of the World. Click the given link / image to check further. This is a very helpful tool for business travelers like me. Last time I got a very professional interpreter from here for Kazakhstan so I booked again for my upcoming trip to Russia in December. The cost is also very economical.

(22) For tourists traveling to and from India, USA, UK, CIS and Europe there are some special offers and great recommendations. Please scroll Up/Down the page fully and see all the offers you can avail on the “Right Side Panel”. There are some very exciting links in the page which will give you some very exciting offers and great recommendations.



Important Note – In all the sections of Flights, Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Car Rentals etc. I have suggested & recommended more than one choice. This is because the traveling needs of each one of you will be different. Also, your location and destination matters a lot and will be different for each one of you. So I have tried to give a wide range of options suiting everyone’s specific needs. So see all of my recommendations and make the best choice that suites you. 

Explore Europe by Train

See the European Rail booking website down the Right panel of my website. Book your Europe Train Tours & Bus Tours online. Traveling Europe made much easier now.

GoEuro (Click Here) – Book Trains, Buses & Flights for Europe

Once you scroll down the right panel of this website you will find more options to explore Europe by Train like “Interrail” and “Eurail” compare and find the best options that suites your traveling needs.

Princess Cruise Lines – Alaska, Europe & more Exotic Destinations

Once you scroll down the right panel of the website you will find many more similar packages and offer like “Avoya Travels”, “Cruise Winkle” and “E-Hoi” etc. so keep reading for more great options.

Great Value Vacations (Click Here) to Explore Worldwide Offers

Here you will get wide range of travel inspiration, travel guide, knowledge about culture, art & architecture of various places around the World like Africa, Europe, Asia, Caribbean, South America, Oceania etc. You will also find and can book online some of the best tour and holiday packages from this website covering almost the entire World. Keep visiting regularly. It’s very interesting like Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor, only the options are different.

Mr & Mrs Smith – Exotic Honeymoon destinations around the World – Villas, Boutique Hotels and more

Bus & Train Tickets for Ukraine, Belarus & other European Countries (Click Here)

Virgin Atlantic – The Most Prestigious Airlines of the USA

With dinner, drinks and award winning entertainment included, how can you resist?

Voyagin – Click here for Trip & Tour Ideas in India & All Asian countries

Asia’s Best Things to do – This is also a very special website dedicated to India and All Asian countries. Here you can identify travel ideas and trip ideas in India & Asia, which you were not aware of before or may be you were not getting the opportunity to explore before. You can also do online advance booking at very low prices. It has offered wide choices and at very lucrative prices. There are packages like tour of temples and religious places in Kolkata, Extraordinary caving tour in Meghalaya and many such unique ideas across Asia.

SKI France – (Click here) If you love to Ski

This is one of the best programs for Ski lovers, rated positively and recommended by the TripAdvisor. Here you can find Ski Hotel accomodations, airport and hotel transfers and all other services and support required for the best Ski experience of your life time.

SKI Total – Fantastic Skiing deals & destinations in Europe

With catered chalets & chalet hotels in 20 of Europe’s top ski resorts, they’ve got the perfect ski holiday for every skier and snowboarder. All the skiing holidays include flights, transfers, catered accommodation and even your wine.

U2Guide – Enrich your travel experience, wherever you go (click here)

Enrich your travel experience with the local guide wherever you travel in the World & experience amazing activities.

Titan Travels – Award Winning escorted holiday packages (Click Here)

Explore holiday packages in EUROPE, AFRICA & the CARIBBEAN with Titan Travels – Award winning escorted tours and holiday packages around the world. River cruise & many other interesting options are available – See the World differently (Click the given link / image) for booking.

Tiqets UK – Book tickets of Worldwide Cultue & Entertainments in advance & skip the line

Click here to book in advance the Worldwide tickets of culture, entertainment and sightseeing sites & skip the line. Now tickets in your smartphone – No waiting, No printing…

OnTheBeach UK – Explore extraordinary holidays in Europe, Africa & the Caribbeans

Click here for extraordinary holiday packages especially in Europe, AFRICA and the Caribbeans

Apple Vacations – For USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean & South America

Click here if you are looking for holiday packages in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean or South America

AttractionTIX – World’s Best Attractions & Landmarks

Click here to book tickets for World’s best attractions and landmarks – Lowest price Guaranteed. Instant e-tickets for the handpicked locations around the World – Landmarks, Theme parks & other attractions.

WithLocals NL – Enjoy the foreign city like a local (Click here) for booking

Enjoy the foreign city like a local with a local (click the link / image) to book. Over 1200 things to do and food experiences with Verified locals across the World. It’s a great concept to make your foreign trip memorable.

Travel Supermarket – From Travel packages to Travel insurance – All you need to travel

Click Here for all your traveling needs at one place from travel packages to travel insurance, everything is covered here for your convenience (Click the given link / image) for bookings. Compare travel deals here & book the best one that suites you.

ebookers from Expedia – (Click Here) for tailor made travel deals

ebookers is a partner site of  the World famous Expedia for traveling. Not only flights and travel packages around the world, explore this site also for Things to do, cars, holiday rentals, trains and travel inspiration.

WIMDU – Apartments for holiday or work – 150 locations around the World

More than 350,000 apartments and holiday homes in 150 locations across the world to make your stay “home away from home” click the given link / image to see the options and book. You can change location and currency that suites you and explore further.

Attraction Tickets Direct – Tickets for Worldwide attractions

Book tickets here for various attractions around the World like Burj Khalifa – Dubai, Disney Land Paris, UK Theme Parks, Vatican tickets for Rome and many more (Click the given link / image) for bookings. Book in advance, get cheaper price and skip the line.

Allianz Travel Insurance – To protect your traveling (Click here) for booking

Click the given link / image for booking travel insurance to make your traveling completely protected from every unexpected happenings. It’s one of the best travel insurances available today. It’s for USA residents only.

Cruisewinkle NL – Some of the Best Cruise Packages (Click Here) To View & Book

Top Class Cruise packages available from the best cruise lines of the World. Click and see the options available

THOMAS COOK UK – Worldwide Travel Packages (Click Here)

Thomas Cook UK is one of the most reputed travel company in Europe, famous for offering great travel & holiday packages for UK, Europe and around the World – Holiday packages, City Breaks, Cruises, Travel Insurance, Foreign exchange and many more – Complete tour packages available here.

E-Hoi Cruises – Top Cruise packages from the Best Cruise lines of the World (Click Here) for Booking

Stena Lines – Ferries in Scandinavia, Ireland, UK & Latvia

Because everyone needs a break – explore ferries in Scandinavia, Ireland, UK & Latvia. Great holidays waiting for you

Travel Bird – Discover new places in Europe with Travel Bird (Click Here) to explore

The best European locations are best explored with Travel Bird, click here to explore…

Just Go Holidays – Huge variety of holiday packages for Europe (Click Here) for exploring the ideas

Sea side holidays, river cruising, ocean cruising, events & entertainment, heritage holidays and many more types…

Student Universe – Special Cheap flights for Students only (Click Here) for booking

These are special offers for students only residing all over the World. Finding the best rates for students after comparing the prices from all the airlines operating globally.

Interrail EU – Explore Europe by Train (Click Here) to explore

Radisson Blu Hotels Worldwide (Click Here) for bookings

Radisson BLU is a famous brand of hotels & resorts and present globally in all locations. Check the options available here to compare.

Fast Pass Tours (Click Here) To Book in advance

Fast Pass Tours – Get your tickets in advance for the most famous monuments and attractions around the World. Skip the line by booking in advance and get the best possible deals.

i-Venture Card (Click Here) to know more

i-Venture Card is all-inclusive pass to the best attraction, tour and sightseeing experiences offering unbeatable savings, value and convenience. Simply present your i-Venture Card on arrival at each experience to gain entry or receive your benefit. No cash and fussy coupons required!

Eurail – Another great option to explore Europe by Train (Click Here)

This is another great option to explore Europe by train. There are many available options, please check…

Trusted Housesitters – Helping Pet lovers to travel (Click Here) to find more

Where ever you live in the World, from this site you can get trusted house sitters who can take care of your pets when you travel. This is really a great travel bonus for the pet lovers. Now no worries if you want to travel. Click the given link / image to find out more.

RAYNA Tours – For Tours & Holidays in Dubai, the UAE and Asia (Click Here) To Explore

Check Rayna Tours for tour packages and holidays in the UAE, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong special travel deals. Dubai desert safari, Abu Dhabi tour, Singapore night safari and many more exciting packages for Asia are included here.


SPUTNIK – Unique Tours of Russia & Ukraine (Click Here) for Bookings

More than 500 experiences by local guides in Russia & Ukraine. Visit Pripyat in Chernobyl, discover Moscow and many more unique packages. You can change the language to English and explore the packages. One of the best options to explore the CIS like a local, with the locals. If planning to visit Russia & Ukraine then explore this page…

Hotels Combined – Hotels in 245 Countries – Compare from different websites (Click Here)

Here compare hotel prices from different websites and book at the best rates – Hotels from 245 Countries Worldwide

Almosafer – The Best Travel Packages exclusively for the Middle East (Click Here)

Almosafer is exclusively for the Middle East region. If you are planning to visit the Middle East region then definitely check Alosafer and compare the deals with Rayna Tours (Mentioned above), to get the best deals for Middle East. There are some other options also for Middle East in the right panel of this website, you can check and compare.

National Holidays UK & Europe (Click Here) to explore

This is another great option for extraordinary holidays in UK and Europe. Please click this given link or image to explore the options. There are many extraordinary holiday packages and ideas in this website. If planning a visit to UK or Europe then take a look.

Amstar DMC (Click here) for guided tours in American Continent

Click here to explore exceptional travel ideas, travel experiences and guided tours in Mexico, Dominican Republic, USA, Jamaica and Costa Rica. You will get exceptional travel ideas and can also book online. This website is targeted for this specific countries only.

These are just Few Examples only. There are many more fantastic and mind-blowing options for the European, American, Indian, Russian and ALL travelers from around the World. Scroll down the Right Side Panel of the website “TILL THE END” and view all the options that you can avail at the best possible prices. Lifetime experiences and many surprises await you…


Some more additional Options here…

Cheapfaremart – Cheap flights – USA & Canada

Cheapfaremart is mostly for flight tickets for USA and Canada. The website compares flight ticket rates from various airlines and offers the best rate. Check it out if you are in USA or Canada. Click the given link or image for booking.

The May Fair Hotel, London

The May Fair Hotel in London is one of the finest 5 Star hotels in London. Highly recommended if you are traveling to London. I have stayed here myself for two nights, it’s an amazing hotel. Click the given link / image for booking.

Super Breaks (Click Here) for Booking

Super Breaks is for UK and Europe. Find and book more than 5000 types of unusual breaks here for yourself and your family in Europe. Click the given link / image for bookings. Just check what all you can find here – Unusual traveling and attractions options in Europe are available here.

Legoland Windsor Resort, UK (Click Here) for Booking

Not only excellent resort in the UK, also has more than 55 exciting rides, attractions and live shows. Click the given link / image for booking. Highly recommended for UK family breaks and gateways.

Ticket Liquidator (Click Here) for Bookings

100,000+ Tickets of Concerts, Events, Theatres and Sports in the USA are available here at discounted prices. If you are interested in such events then click the given link / image to explore the available options and make online bookings.

TravelTalk – Fantastic Tour Destinations

TravelTalk is one of the finest package tour companies for the best and the most exotic locations around the World. Be it Morocco, Egypt or Russia, you will get the finest deals here. Click the given link / image for bookings.

Famous Restaurants of Europe – Click the below links to Explore Fine Dinning :-

La Fourcette (Click this link / image) for bookings

The Fork (Click this link / image) for bookings

Both the above names are from the World Famous TripAdvisor company and boast of 40,000+ Restaurants in more than 11 countries. It’s all about Top Class & Fine dining experience in Europe and around the World.

Britannia Hotels – More than 50 Hotels across UK

Click the given link or image to explore more hotel options from Britannia Hotels. They have more than 50 hotels across the UK. You can see and compare the options here.

LivingSocial UK – Shopping, Traveling & More

This is specifically for UK and Ireland residents only. Explore unusual and fantastic shopping, traveling and many more ideas in this single website.  This is a really fantastic site to explore. See all the available options here, you will definitely like them.


Keep visiting my page regularly. My travel and research both are still going on to explore new places and new ideas. And I will be adding new places every week in my “Explore Countries” page. So I will keep sharing a lot of new ideas in the time to come. keep visiting my page regularly.

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