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14 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions for you to visit in Rome

Rome is generally believed to be one among those cities, where hope springs eternal. This is a city that is proud of its ancient glorious heritage and has expanded its empire throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Rome is generally believed to be a city that is drenched in history and Christianity. The first-time visitors here are over whelmed by this magnificent city for all that it has to offer its visitors. After all, one can find history and art almost everywhere and at every street corner. This is why the visitors are also asked to do their homework in order to narrow down what they wish to see and what they wish to do before getting on a plane or the train bound to the Italian capital. Given below are the top 12 places and things for you to do when in Rome this 2018 – 19.

In addition to the great and the famous Colosseum, an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, there are many more important attractions in Rome which one should explore. Colosseum is the symbol of Rome since 80 AD and is one of the most important tourist attraction of Italy. This is the place where the Romans used to watch and enjoy the gladiators fighting. The other attractions of Rome are as follows…

National Roman Museum: If you wish to soak yourself in the Roman history, heritage and culture as much as possible then make sure that you do not miss the National Roman Museum as it just does not house the entire collection in just one spot, but even has the exhibits who are located in multiple destinations throughout the city. While you visit this place all that you get to see here is the amber, Roman artifacts and jewellery within the incredible Palazzo Massimo ale Terme, get an up-close look at Roman baths at the restored historic site of the Baths of Diocletian.

Allesso di Bollito: The simmered kind of beef dishes were once a upon a time considered to be the most common ones in Rome, especially when the butchers developed slow cooked kind of recipes in order to tenderize tough cuts of beef. Today the beef is considered to be the most affordable ones than what it actually uses to be, and some of the most traditional kind of dishes have fallen out of fashion today. However, this roman dish Allesso di Bollito is very much live, where the stall continues to serve tender kind of a meat being dipped in the meat of savoury dishes, and sandwich is the most reviewed classics that the city actually has to offer.

The Appian Way: The Appian way is generally believed to be one of the most famous ancient roads in Rome, connecting the traveller’s to brindisi in the south eastern Italy. This is a place that is named after the Appius Claudius Caecus, a Roman censor, and was a military road. While you visit this road all that you get to see here is the historical monuments that can be found within 8kms (5 miles) of the 560 km (350-mile) stone road today.

Artichokes: Artichokes is generally believed to be a kind of flavourful thistle that has even today turned out to be the ambassador for the roman foods. And due to the demand from both the tourists and the locals you can actually find Artichokes being sold in each and every market out there along with some of the best restaurantsall year around. So, don’t forget to give this a try when you are in Rome this 2018- 19.

Piazza del Popolo: The Piazza del Popolo is generally believed to be a large oval square located in the northern Rome and has been around since the days of the roman empire. During that specific period of time this place was believed to be the beginning of the most important road north. Three churches boarder the square but the main eye catcher for all the tourists even today is the obelisk from ancient Egypt. The north side of the square is being dominated by the porta del popolo that leads to the via flaminia, a road that is connecting toRome and the Adriatic coast.

Cacio e Pepe: Cacio e Pepe is actually a local name given to the word Pecorino Romano which is a salty, aged sheep milk cheese along with pepe which means black pepper. The two major ingredients are combined with cooked pasta and yes even a bit of cooking water and is then stirred in order to create some soothe sauce. Not just this you will also find a brilliant version of salumeria roscioli, whereas Cesare al casaletto is known for the loose and liquid kind of a variation on the classic dish. So, don’t forget to give this a try when you are in Rome this 2018- 19.

Santa Maria in Trastevere: Santa Maria in Trastevere is generally believed to be one of the oldest churches in Rome and with most historians believing that this was first built in the 4thcentury. The church has an impressive mosaicfrom the 12th to the 13th century and it has been enlarged and restored over the years. Located in the popularTrastevere neighbourhood its atmospheric piazza has been enhanced by mosaics on the fade especially during the nights when the church and its tower has been illuminated.

Carbonara: Many dishes in Rome even today continue to inspire passionate debate and Carbonara is believed to be the focus of the most spirited ones. Each and every cook and eater have a strong and separate opinion about the origin of the dish where the ingredients are totally inflexible and confronted with variations. However, there is one strong thing that the Italians continue to agree on are carbonara should never have cream being added to it. This is a dish that is specifically made up of spaghetti or rigatoni, guanciale or pancetta, egg yolk or a whole egg, Pecorino Romano or a combination of Pecorino Romano and Parmigiano-Reggiano, and black pepper. The eggs are heated up in order to create some thickened sauce clinging to the pasta for a silky and non-scrambled kind of an effect.

Ostia Antica: Ostia Antica is generally believed to be the most important archaeological site that was once the seaport for Rome. This is a place that is located less than 20 miles from Rome at the mouth of river Tiber. This is a site that has well preserved ancient buildings some of them that dates back to the fourth century B.C. This is a place that is also known for the outstanding frescoes and mosaics on these old buildings, along with the ancient public toilets actually that turned the bathrooms into a social setting.

Gelato: Rome is generally believed to be a home of thousands of Gelatos selling scoops with one of the best classic flavours and whimsical originals. And with such a glut the romans actually have a major access to the gelato en route home to work, so it should definitely be of no surprise that most of the locals even today continue to enjoy this frozen treat on regular basis. And while there is certainly plenty of tempting gelato around not all the shops are actually created equally and the relatively few use the natural ingredients around. So, don’t forget to give this a try when you are in Rome this 2018- 19.

Capitoline Museums: When it comes to the Capitoline Museums it is believed that the romans took 400 years to build this Capitoline Museums. And once they were designed by Michelangelo in 1536, the wait was much worth it. This museum has an outstanding collection of both the art and the archaeological museums that started with papal donation in the 15thcenturyand can also be found on at the Piazza del Campidoglio atop Capitoline Hill. The collections include medieval and renaissance art old roman statue and jewels.

Pizza al Taglio: Pizza has a very broad meaning in Rome and this is a word that is generally believed to be applied to flatbreads and round personal pizzas. Pizza al Taglio is strictly a style of pizza that features either the adorned dough being cooked in a sheet of pan and worked into an oblong shape and then being baked. The pizza is being served with a slice and is cut using a knife or scissors into the diners desired portion. Depending on the size the pizza might even be folded in a plate and is always served in a casual way with no frills and table service. So, don’t forget to give this a try when you are in Rome this 2018- 19.

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