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Top 10 Places and Food for You to Visit and Try in Austria

Austria is one of those places that is known for all the iconic architecture, endless nature beauty, and the surroundings filled with mountains. All these features turn out to make Austria equally impressive in their own ways, and making it to be the perfect destination for all those travellers who are in search of a new adventure. Austria is that one place that has one of the most incredible examples of the historic architecture in all Europe, followed by the myriad towns and cities that continue to give their own and cultural kind of a feeling. Without any further adieu given below are some of the top 10 places and food for you to visit and try when in Austria this 2018 -19. Let’s have a look at them below.

Salzburg – A date with Mozart and the Sound of Music: Salzburg is one among those cities that is surrounded by the rolling green meadows, the majestic historical buildings and the last but not the least Mozart. This is also the birthplace of the genius composer along with the place where the iconic movies and the sound of music was being shot. Salzburg continues to be in the top lists of the tourists even today. The old town Aldsten with the stunning baroque buildings is UNESCO worlds heritage site, while imposing Hohensalburg Fortress boasts of being the Europe last preserved castle.

The Sachertorte: The Sachertorte is a proud symbol of the Austrian capital. This is a dense, sponge chocolate cake that has been made up with thin layer, of the apricot Jam that is again topped up with the semi firm chocolate icing. So, when in Vienna do not forget to try this dish as your trip to Austria will be considered to be incomplete.

Vienna – For a walk down the glorious past: Vienna – For a walk down the glorious past is the city of grand places and museums or say the home of opera and Beethoven, Vienna is a place that is steeped enough with culture and grandeur. Having a walk down towards the city beautiful Ringstrasse Boulevard has been lined up with the royal buildings like Hofburg Imperial Palace and many beautiful parks. This is actually one of the best ways to allow the magic of Vienna to grow inside you. While you visit this place don’t forget to sip the famous Viennese coffee at one of the many cosy coffee houses and gaze in wonder at the world-famous Vienna opera house before you actually bid adieu to one of the best places in Austria.

Wiener Schnitzel – and all its variations: Wiener Schnitzel and all its variations is one of the most famous dishes of Vienna. This is a dish that is made up of veal and is often made available with pork, chicken and the turkey meat. The real deal is veal though it still turns out to make the entire dish very delicious. Do make sure that you have this dish being stuffed with enough of potatoes and redcurrant jelly and not fries and ketchup. Not just this Wiener Schnitzel – and all its variations is also believed to be a standard dish on the menus all over the country. But if you really wish to have this in Vienna, I would highly recommend you to try this in the best restaurants like Figlmüller or Grünspan.

Innsbruck – the picture postcard perfect town: The idyllic alpine town is surrounded by the high mountains and has provided its visitors with plenty of options that actually make you stay worthwhile. While you make a visit to this place you can continue to enjoy a walk through the old town and marvel the glittering Goldenes Dachl, that is again being adorned with more than 2500 tiles and get the right peak into Tyrolean Folk Art museum which is even today considered to be one of the finest museums of the regional heritage in Europe. While you make a visit to this place you can go hiking up the gorgeous meadows, bungee jumping at the Europa bridge and even take a small trip to take the thrilling funicular ride up the Nordkette mountain range.

Austrian Goulash: This Hungarian import has actually turned out to become hugely popular in Vienna and Austria, and has also been adapted locally to become its own distinctive dish. A hearty beef stew is a dish that has been seasoned with tomatoes, onion and paprika. The version that you would like the most includes semmelknodel. This is also a dish that is believed to be perfect for the winters. The Austrian Goulash actually turns out to pair well with the heartier beer or a glass of spicy, rich and the last but not the least Zweigelt wine which is again believed to be Austria rare needs.

Graz: This is Austria second largest city having more than six universities and is Europe best preserved old town area, Graz does have so much to satiate the soul of the travellers who visit there. While you visit this place, you will find in numerous museums, impressive baroque, renaissance style building and the last but not the least unique forested hill in the centre of the city offering panoramic views giving you the right recipe for a perfect kind of vacation. Gaze is a place that is known for its history, food and the last but not the least education.

Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel): Another Austrian dish that is loved by all the individuals around the world is the Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel). The Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel) turned out to become popular around the eastern Europe under the influence of the Habsburg empire. The Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel) can easily be found in bakeries, cafe, and restaurants around Vienna, this is a delicate counterpart to the heavier American pie. This is a dish that is typically made with light, crisp pastry, that is stretched and thinned, filled with an apple, sugar, raisins, lemon, rum, cinnamon and the last but not the least cloves.

Innsbruck: This is a place that is generally believed to be famous for winter Olympics twice in the year 1964 and 1976. The city of Innsbruck is considered to be one of the best destinations for sports during the time of winter. The visitors who visit this place are not very keen when it comes to the concept of skiing and snowboarding. The ones who visit during the summer can actually find a lot to do in the historic city including the exploring the Innsbruck Cathedral, the bell-making museum, or a number of local restaurants.

Spargel (Spring Asparagus): This is one among those dishes that is generally found in the month of April and May, and at many local restaurants in Vienna start prominently featuring special seasons with spargel. This is a dish that is served with a bit of lemon and butter and is doused in bread crumps, whereas the other times it is made up into delicious fresh soups that are being wrapped into prosciutto and is slathered with hollandaise sauce. You can actually enjoy this dish with a side of parsley potatoes, followed by a glass of crisp equally fresh Gruner Vet liner wine.

Tafelspitz (Beef or Veal Boiled in Broth With Vegetables): Another major speciality for all the travellers here is Tafelspitz (Beef or Veal Boiled in Broth With Vegetables). Tafelspitz (Beef or Veal Boiled in Broth With Vegetables) is an Austrian dish that is made up of tender filet beef or veal gently boiled in broth. This is a dish that is generally believed to be served with seasonal vegetables or with apple sauce and horseradish, this dish is something that is enjoyed all across the country, especially in fall and in winter.

Zell Am See: For all those travellers who are actually looking out for an ultimate natural scenery and adventure, then let me tell you that Zell Am See is the right place for you. This is a place that is generally believed to be surrounded by the majestic alpine mountains, world class ski slopes and the tranquil blue lakes. Zell Am See is also one among those places that hosts numerous outdoor recreation events throughout the door, including the number of ski and snowboard competitors.

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