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Top 7 Must Visit Places When You Are In Maldives This 2019

Maldives which is also known as the republic of Maldives is a small island built on the Indian Ocean, and is located on the south west of the Indian Subcontinent. Male is generally believed to be the capital city of Maldives, and is famous for the shopping hub. With more than 1, 190 islands being scattered among the 26 attols, Maldives is in the list of the top beach destinations in the world as it is believed to be a home for some, whereas for the others it is the top and ideal honeymoon station in the world. Keeping the above things in mind given below are some of the top best places you should be visiting when in Maldives this 2019.

Muleeaage Palace: This is a place that is built in a colonial style in the historic center of Male. Located in the heart of Male, this Muleeaage palace lies very close to the Friday Mosque and the Grand Minaret of Male which is also known as the Munnaru. The construction for this place was started in the year 1914 and was completed in the year 1919. This is a place that has very grand and spectacular appearance turning out to be a home for the four presidents till date. Unfortunately the entry of the public is not allowed in this place, and as a visitor you can just have this building being admired from outside.

National Museum:The National Museum is generally believed to be located on the island of Male, and is a place that sits inside the sultan park which was once a part of the Sultan palace. The museum was made open to the public in the month of November 1952, where the visitors could come and find a huge collection of the historical artifacts that belonged to the sultans, and also included manuscripts, the dresses that were worn by the kings and the last but not the least the anthropological objects during the time of pre-islamic era. The lower level of the museum is dedicated to the medieval period, whereas the upper level of the museum is dedicated to the Maldivian Iacquer boxes. This is place that you should definitely not miss when in Maldives.

Nilandhoo, Faafu: The NilandhooFaafu is generally believed to be the second and the oldest mosque in the country. The mosque was built during the time of Sultan Mohammed IBN Abdullah. While you have a visit made to this place you get to see that the entire building is made up of dressed stone and you have the interiors being decorated with the carved wood. It is also possible that the stones that are being used here are recycled from the ruins of the earlier, the pre – Islamic structures.

The Male Fish Market: This is a place that is generally believed to be located near to the inner harbour near to the island. The Male Fish Market is the west of the Republic square. This is a place where you as a traveller could easily connect with the locals out there, understanding how they have been doing their business by staying ahead of their competitors. The best time to visit this place is in the afternoon and the early morning since this is the time when the fishermen gather at this place. Tuna is the most common kind of a fish that is caught and sold over here.This is place that you should definitely not miss when in Maldives.

Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa: Located on the Villingiliisland, the Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort &Spathis is generally believed to be the only island in the seenu atoll. The resort is generally believed to be the southern end of Maldives and is closer to the equatorial channel. This island continues to boasts the beautiful white beaches being surrounded by the crystal clear turquoise waters. The guests here do have an option of staying in one of jungle resorts in the midst of beautiful green vegetation that is being surrounded by pristine waters.

 Artificial Beach Male: The Artificial Beach in Maldives is generally believed to be a favourite of all the locals, as this is the only swimmable beach in the capital city of Male. This is something that has turned out to be possible because of breakwater protecting the beaches. The guests at the artificial beach male will find limited number of travellers when compared to the locals, revealing swimwear such as the speedos and bikinis are prohibited. This is a place that has turned out to be something more than relaxation and leisure swimming. It has turned out to become a hub for some of the best entertaining activities like parades, carnivals and leisure swimming.This is place that you should definitely not miss when in Maldives.

Maadhoo Beach in Maldives: This is a beach that is generally believed to be located at the island of KundaFinolhu, and sits in the south island of the Maadhoo. This uninhabited island is generally believed to be a half mile long and is about 165 yards. The day trips are generally arranged for all those guests to come forward and enjoy the picnic experiences with beautiful sandy beaches, plenty of vegetation, and the last but not the least crystal clear water in the lagoon. The pics here are also customizable depending on the size of the groups along with the duration that you decide in order to stay on the beach.

So what other places would you like to add above. Have you visited any of the above mentioned places? How has the experience turned out to be? Leave your thoughts in the comments section given below. We will be happy to hear from you. Here are some photographs for your reference…


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