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Some valuable pieces of advice :-

  • It is always advisable to take the visa in your country to avoid harassment and waste of time. In most of the countries visa on arrival facility is there but it’s time consuming. So if you plan well in advance then take the visa before travelling. And a lot of headache and time will be saved. In this website you can get guidance on how to get visa easily from the VisaHQ site. Just scroll down and check.
  • Book the To and Fro air tickets in advance so that you can get some good deals. In most of these places you will need to show the return ticket to get visa. Here also you will get many options to book your tickets online. You can compare them all and get the best deals.
  • I advise not to go on package tours sold by your local travel agents. They only include those places which are convenient and profitable for them. So there is a huge chance that you will miss out some of the best places to visit. Here at if you go to the “Top Places to Visit” section you will get the best places and ideas to visit for every country. Check out all the best option from various global travel companies, recommended by us and then make your final choice. It’s your hard earned money, don’t let it go waste.

Once I met a family vacationing in Bangkok. I asked them have you seen the Grand Palace, they said they never            heard of it and had no plans to see the Grand Palace, as their travel agent did not include it in their package.                  See, how miserable it is. They went to Bangkok, probably they will never visit Bangkok again. But returned                    without visiting the Grand Palace. So knowledge is very important before buying a tour package from your                    travel agent just blindly. And that’s what we are doing it here precisely. Giving our readers complete guidance              about traveling to a new place coupled with the best travel deals and handpicked travel offers.

  • It is advisable to take travel/medical insurance when you are travelling to tackle any unforeseen circumstances. besides that if you are travelling to countries like Ukraine, Belarus etc. then travel insurance is must for getting visa. Don’t worry you will get all that very easily from here online. I have done a thorough research and included everything here so travelers don’t have to run here and there.
  • Book your hotel in advance too. I personally rely on and some other reliable sites for all my reservations. They show the best hotels and in fair prices. So definitely compare all the offers and all the properties shown here and then make the final decision suiting your choice and budget. There are quite a few hotel booking sites enlisted here which are all very reliable, so you can just check and make your choice.
  • You need to carry currency for your travel. I personally recommend to take half of them as cash and the half as travelers cheques. These days Forex cards like credit cards are also available. It’s safer to do so. You can book your foreign currency in advance and get better exchange rates than at the airports & you can get them home delivered also. You can get it from Thomas Cook, Travelex or Book My Forex, depending on your location. You can get guidance on how to get Forex online in this website also if you scroll down. In my “Best Travel Deals” section also you will get the guidance and links to get Forex at a cheaper rate.
  • Always be in control of your passport, air ticket, hotel booking and currency. Otherwise there can be untoward situations to face. So always be careful with them. Always carry your passport with you when you are going out from the hotel, it’s very important.
  • You can book all your local sight seeing, adventure, activities etc. online in advance. You will get a lot more ideas and options in this website as I have included many options here. It is highly recommended that you book your local sight seeing, adventure, activities etc. in advance to avoid any last minute disappointment which can spoil your trip. In the “Best Travel Deals”  of this website you will get many good choices and offers from the World’s most renowned travel companies. Check the deals and book in advance – save money & travel secured.
  • My personal advice – Never discuss political issues with any local in any country. This can sometimes go against you. For example when in Thailand never discuss about the king and the kingdom. behave like a good tourist.
  • As soon as you arrive ask your hotel front desk to update you about any local rules and regulations which should be followed during your trip. If there is anything important to be followed then they will definitely update you. For example never smoke cigarettes in public areas in the Philippines, you can be fined upto 5,000 Pesos for smoking in public.
  • If you are travelling for the first time to any country, I will advise that you book your airport – hotel transfer in advance instead of relying on local taxi when you arrive for the first time at the airport. Once you have started knowing the city, then it’s okay to rely on local mode of transport. Recently I had a very bad experience in Almaty, so be careful. I have included some good and reliable door to door transfer options here in my website. So rely on them, book in advance and travel safe.
  • I have also included good car rental services platform here, in case you need cars abroad for a few days to go different places. You can make booking of your local transportation in the foreign country in advance and at much better rates. So explore my website thoroughly, you will have most convenient and happy foreign or India travel. In many cities like Almaty the local taxi drivers have a tendency to cheat. So it’s advisable to avail the services from these renowned travel companies.
  • I have also included reliable platforms here via which you can check the availability of food and restaurants near your location in the foreign country. It will be very helpful for you.
  • There are also a lots of suggestions and recommendations in my website which will make your travel very easy and pleasant in all aspects.
  • From the “Best Travel Deals” section of my website you can book your air tickets, hotels, local sightseeing, door to door transfers, travel & medical insurance, car rentals etc. online and in advance. There are many choices and very cheap & 100% reliable.
  • Instead of reaching a new city and doing research (experimenting is not recommended in a new place), I highly recommend that you make your booking in advance for a safe, happy and carefree traveling.

Remember, your travel agent will not be able to give you so many great options, suggestions and recommendations that I have included here. They have limited choices and resources. However my research work have got accolades internationally and have been recognized by big travel companies like Virgin Atlantic, Accor Hotels,, Intercontinental hotels, Trafalgar, Expedia, Travelex, Thomas Cook UK, Sterling Holidays, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Hoppa Sweden, Ukraine Airlines and many more.

So you can rely completely on and plan your next travel. Happy Travelling…. Have a great experience abroad

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