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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Chile You Must Not Miss to Visit This 2019

Boasting one of the planets most diverse landscapes, Chile in the recent years has turned out to become an increasingly powerful destination especially among the ones who are nature lovers and the adventure seekers. Chile is a symphony of the various natural attractions starting from the glaciers to the southern tip of Patagonia where the mantra is those who hurry just waste their time. The long and narrow country on the western edge of south America is being characterized by the diverse and abundant natural beauty. With the above things in mind given here are some of the best places that you must not miss to make a visit this 2019. Let’s have a look at them right below.

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Laguna San Rafael National Park: The Laguna San Rafael National Park is one of the largest with a whopping 3,832,400 acres. This is a place that includes some of the best places like the Northern Patagonian Ice Fields, where there are numerous lakes, rivers and glaciers. The Laguna San Rafael is also believed to be a home to the highest peak in the southern Andes like Mount San Valentine and more. The ice field continues to stretch over San valentine and the neighboring hills, creating 19 glaciers out of which the most remarkable is the San Rafael Glacier hence the park’s name. One of the major highlights of this park is the extraordinary sight to behold and the blocks of ice that break off the glaciers and fall into the lake with just the deafening boom. The park is home to a variety of wildlife including marine otters, sea lions, black-necked swans and condors. This is highly recommended place to visit in Chile.

Quinoa: Not surprisingly you will turn out to find a lot many dishes in the Atacama Desert of the northern Altiplano region of Chile. Quinoa is one of those super dishes that has gained enough popularity and availability in the US. And this is a dish that has successfully grown since the time it began. So, if you are one of those individuals who have yet not given this dish a try then let me tell you that it’s a light and tasty dish made of quinoa seeds that turns out to be really very soft when cooked and served with salads. You will also get to see puffed quinoa pops for breakfast and food that is made up of quinoa floor including some of the best pastries out there.

La Serena: This northern Chilean town is believed to be the second oldest in the nation. This is a city that has a reputation of an intellectual town, having a number of sights that fit some of the best descriptions like the archaeological museum and the astronomical observatory. The outdoor enthusiasts will love this place especially when they get the opportunity to bike through the Elqui Valley, swim, snorkel, dive and/or hike through Isla Damas, and then make a visit to the national park at Fray Jorge in the last. The city is also known for its long beaches and the landmark Faro Monumental lighthouse, and its colonial architecture.

Chorrillana: This is a dish that is tasted by most of people visiting Valparaiso, the colorful port city which is near to the coast of Chile. This is a dish similar to the Pichanga that most of the people visiting Chile must have had a taste near Patagonia. But let me tell you Chorrilllana is a much more dinner like dish where the meat has turned out to be sautéed and less grilled when compared to the pichanga. The dish mainly consists of a plate of french fries topped with different types of sliced meat, sausages and scrambled or fried eggs It is actually sautéed with onions, and the cheese being melted over the fries. It’s heavenly and one of the most tasty dishes one can try in Chile. So do make sure that you have a taste of this before you actually leave Chile.

Chiloe Churches:  The Chiloe Churches located on an isolated group of islands called the Chiloé Archipelago and are best known for a number of unique number of churches boasting a particular architectural style known as chilota. The style used here is a unique combination of aboriginal and the European, which reflected in more than 100 wooden churches that were created in the 17th century.  The churches then fell into despair and almost two dozen of the sites are restored and serve a gorgeous representation of this unique mestizo style of combination. It’s a UNESCO world heritage sight and must not miss if visiting Chile.

Patasca: Patasca is the northern stew of Chile and derives its name from the kernels of white corn that pop open up when they are stewed long enough. Besides the corn this dish usually include potatoes, onion, pork and beef. So do make sure that you give this dish a try, as not giving it would actually make you feel that you have missed something really special in Chile.

Santiago: Santiago is the capital of Chile surrounded by the snow-capped Andes and the Chilean Coast Range. Santiago is a cosmopolitan city that has ample of restaurants, bars, hotels, and shopping from tiny boutiques and craft fairs to the giant shopping malls. While you make a visit to this place you will get to see a lot many art galleries, museums, theaters, opera and ballet, lively nightlife, parks, tree-lined streets, and the very distinct neighborhoods. For the ones who don’t wish to spend their entire day in the city there are amazing opportunities like the steep slopes of Cajon de Maipo, San Cristobal hill, Santa Lucia hill and more. Each and every area of this city has something or the other to offer its visitors so I am sure that you will never be disappointed while you make a visit to this place.

Valparaiso:  Located on the Pacific Coast of the central region of Chile, this is a place that is known for the brightly colored houses, the bohemian culture and the last but not the least the beautiful seaside views.  Valparaiso turns out to boasts a labyrinth of streets and cobblestone embodying a rich architectural and cultural legacy.  It’s an unusually beautiful place that should be visited in Chile.

Easter Island: The Easter Island is one of the most isolated places on the earth.  This is a place that is located on the southern east of the Pacific Ocean and a territory of Chile. This is an island that is famous for the 887 carved monumental statues which are called as the Moai, and was created by the early Rapanui people centuries ago. Not surprisingly, the well-publicized Moai have been successful in attracting a greater number of visitors when compared to the other attractions.  The Moai are carved human figures with oversize heads resting on massive stone pedestals called ahus. Ahu Tongariki has the largest group of upright Moai. This is a must visit place in Chile.

Pucon:  Pucon is a small tourist town located in the middle of the Southern lake District.  This unrivaled location by a beautiful lake, and the imposing volcano turns out to make it one of the most popular tourist destinations of Chile.  This place offers a wide variety of sports and recreational activities starting from the water skiing, snow skiing, white water rafting and kayaking, horseback riding, natural hot springs and the last but not the least climbing the snow capped Villarrica volcano.



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