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Awesome Places That You Should Not Miss to Visit in Kathmandu, Nepal

There are so many places for you to visit in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the remarkable capital of Nepal and has rich history that has been dating back from the 12th century. It is not just hectic, but even a busy or a loud and bustling city. Having your visit made over here will make you fall in love with Kathmandu and if you do then you will just wish to escape to the gardens of dreams. With so many incredible tourists’ places in Kathmandu, you can never ever be bored over here. And when you are travelling to Nepal, you should ensure that you at least spend a few days over here.

Kathmandu  continues to attract foreign tourists every year for everything it has to offer, starting from the ancient Buddhist temples, the Hindu temples, the palaces, the UNESCO world heritage sites, the Curo and handicraft shops, vibrant market places and also the spice markets which are bound to have you sneezing or buying exotic products in the kilos. Kathmandu might seem to be crazy enough but behind the curtain peace lies the Swayambhunath ‘Monkey’ Temple or say the Kopan Monastery, where you are bound to find a little piece of Nirvana. Keeping the above things in mind given here are some of the best places that you must not miss to make a visit when in Kathmandu this 2019. Let’s have a look at them below.

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Durbar Square: The Durbar Square lies in the South of thamel and was unfortunately damaged in the 2015 earthquake. The Durbar Square of Kathmandu has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the most prominent remnants of those old kingdoms in Nepal. Not just this the durbar square is also a collection of temples, stupas, open courts, water fountains and more. This place can be easily accessed from thamel which is 700 kms away, and once you are there you can explore one of the best temples or just sit back and feed the pigeons out there.

Dhal Bhat: The nearest thing to the national dish in Nepal would be the Dhal Bhat. The basic ingredients of this dish include rice and lentil soup. Most Nepalese even today continue to eat dal bhat twice a day. Though there are many versions of this dish the most famous one even today is the dal bhat tarkari which is a dish that comes with the curried vegetables. You can eat this dish with the fork but if you wish to have it like the locals then you can have the dal poured over the rice and then mix it in the curry and sauce. 

Boudhanath Stupa: The Boudhanath Stupa is a place that is located 13kms away from the center of thamel. Boudhanath even today continues to remain on top list of the must visit places in Kathmandu. Boudhanath Stupa is one of the largest stupas in the entire Asia. After all a Stupa is a place of worship where Buddhist generally visit for worship. This place is really very impressive and can also be seen from a few kilometers. This place was built in the 600 AD, and it was during this time when the Tibetian king decided to convert to Buddhism and made the Boudhanath the scared place for Buddhism.

Momos: Dal bhat is one of those Indian dishes that bears a lot of Indian influence. But for the other main staple of the Nepalese food you will notice some kind of the Tibetan similarities. Momos are like the dumplings but are one of the dishes that are served as a main entrée. Usually you will just get 10 pieces in a plate when you order. This is something that is made up of flour and you can find them steamed, served with a bowl of curry broth or fried. Momos are something that is typically filled with meat and these days you get them even with the vegetables being added in it. The shape of the momos can again depend on the area.

Swayambhunath: Perched above the city of Kathmandu, the Swayambhunath is even today believed to be one of the most spectacular stupas, and is known as the monkey temple to the visitors out there. The Swayambhunath is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Swayambhunath being a gorgeous historical site turns out to provide one of the best accessible views of Kathmandu with basically 360-degree views. This is one of those places that you should definitely not miss to visit. This stupa has been decorated with flags that are placed around the temples, stupas and the statues. The best time for you to make a visit is early morning 7.30, when the skies are really very calm and there are less people in the stupa.

Newari Cuisine: Nepal has many indigenous groups and the Newari are those individuals who are local to the Kathmandu Valley. The cuisine is famous for over 200 dishes and you should definitely not miss the aloo and bara when it comes to the food tour of the city. This is something like a flat bread eaten with spiced potatoes.

Thamel: Thamel is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Kathmandu, filled with enough of international restaurants, souvenir shops, hiking stores, and the last but not the least street vendors selling some of the best delicious cuisines. Thamel is one of the most famous destination of Kathmandu, so you can actually prepare yourself for one of the best street vendors who are trying to sell you some fruits, handicrafts and a whole lot of exotic souvenirs. This is one of the best places in the entire city if you actually wish to chill out. One of the best places to visit in Kathmandu if you can’t decide where to go next.

Sell Roti: The Sell Roti is a kind of doughnut made of rice flour and sweet in taste. It is a crispy, puffy dough that have been deeply fried. You will easily find this dish on the street side snack along the roadside and is usually eaten during the time of festivals, Dashain and Tihar. They are best eaten during the time of breakfast along with yogurt and as the afternoon snack with some veggies.

Freak street: Freak Street was generally believed to be the thamel of 1960s and was the epicenter during the hippie trail of the 1960s and 1970s. This had the famous restaurants, government-run hashish shops, strange characters, and the ones seeking enlightenment on visiting Nepal. With Kathmandu growing so rapidly and Thamel turning to be the most famous tourist spot this is a place that is no more in the same way like it actually used to be. Do make sure that this does not put you off going there, as this is a place that you should definitely not miss to make a visit.

Pashupatinath: Perched on the banks of the holy bagmati river, Pashupatinath is one of the most scared temples of Nepal and houses the national deity of Nepal, Lord Pashupatinath. The temple complex is a listed UNESCO world heritage site and is still one of the best places for you to visit in Nepal. The experiences are truly and just amazing. So do make sure that you have a visit made to this place before leaving Kathmandu Nepal.


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