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The Most Beautiful Places That You Must Not Miss to Visit in Israel

With its beautiful beaches and the fascinating history, Israel turns out to have a stunning and natural landscape. And when it comes to a country like Israel it does lead the visitors to a great variety of experiences no matter what. In short in the land of Israel you can choose to atone either by coming forward and confessing your mistakes or by travelling across the country. For there are plenty of places like the glorious landscapes, archaeological sites, and the last but not the least the religious monuments that are a pilgrim’s (read traveller’s) fancy! Given here some of the most beautiful places that you must definitely not miss to make a visit when in Israel this 2019. Let’s have a look at them right below.

The No. 6 place to visit in 2019 as per New York Times – 52 places to go in 2019

Golan Heights: In the north part of the country you can actually find Golan Heights. This is a place that is known for being a mountainous region and breath-taking landscapes, wonderful nature reserving and intriguing the historical attractions for the whole family. So, if you are one among those individuals who is interested in hiking then the Golan heights offers a variety of different paths with different levels of difficulty, dependent on the time of the year. This is a place that is usually expressive during the time of spring, and when the flowers are blooming, and the fields are green. When it comes to the winter the Hermon Mountain that is located in the Golan heights is an ideal place for the skiers.

Hummus masabacha / kawarma:The reason for the weight gain is really very easy, and is a delicious and freshly made hummus. This is one of the most prevalent dishes in the Israeli cuisine and we all know what actually goes well with the Hummus right. This delicious, hot and pitta bread is being served in the paper bags which keeps it warm. This is a dish that is well garnished with the whole chick peas, paprika, and the lemon spiked tahini on the top. You can even go ahead and try the hummus kawarwa that is garnished with the lamb mince, onions, and parsley.

Jerusalem – For Christians, Jews, and the Muslims: Jerusalem is one of the holiest places in the entire world and is of course the best place you could ever visit in Israel. Visited by the religious folks from all around the world, this is the place that has been glorified by some of the best ancient buildings and majestic infrastructures. While you make a visit to this place you can take a walk to the Yad Vashem a memorial that is dedicated to the ones who died in Holocaust. Then you can also take a walk towards the city’s most prominent structure which is in the form of Golden Dome Mosque and overlooks the Western Wall. Some of the most popular tourist attractions out here are The Western Wall, Temple Mount and Dome of Rocks, City of David and Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Mar Saba Monastery, Yad Vashem, andthe last but not the least St. George’s Monastery.

Tahini: Tahini is at the core of some of the best and the most famous traditional dishes in Israel. Starting from the hummus to the date products, to the shawarma, chalba and the last but not the least salads. The Tahini is something that comes with nigella seeds and is sold in high volumes and thanks to the demand. Along with the garlic oil, olive oil this takes up the trinity of the fundamental ingredients of the food that is from Israel. And whether you are aware of the fact or not I am sure that when in Israel you will definitely not miss to give this a try.

Tel Aviv – The best of Israeli nightlife: While you make a visit to this place you can actually go ahead and roam around exploring the Carmel market, the larget in Tel Aviv. You can also take a trip towards the Sharona where you can sit and enjoy the scenic sunset, dance night at the throbbing discs of Tel Aviv. You can even visit some of the most happening beaches of Israeli like Gordon Beach, Frishman Beach, and the last but not the least Banana Beach.With its extent to the coast line Tel Aviv does offer a lot many water activities to its visitors giving a major access to the rich marine parks. Some of the best destinations you must not miss to make a visit here are Carmel Market or Flea & street market, Dizengoff Circle and Surroundings, Yarkon River and Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and the last but not the least the Bialik Street.

Meatballs and sweet potatoes: One of the major things that we would love to know about the Israeli cuisine is that there is a lot of meat being involved in it. The food here is so good that the vegetables and the tahini laced inside are enough. The meat balls at the Han Manoli restaurant in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, were really very amazing no matter what. So make sure that you actually have them ordered with some sweet baked potato along with some fresh goat milk yogurt in order to have a traditional yet some hearty meal.

Eilat – Water wonder everywhere: This is one of the most popular beaches in the south and is one of the hottest tourist attractions in Israel. The marine life, extended beach, and the rich wild life actually turn out to make the entire place a hot and favorite tourist destination who are travelling to Israel. While you make a visit to this place you can go ahead and try the various activities like snorkeling, scuba diving in the red sea. Also, there are other cultural tours and wild life tours around the national park area that should definitely not be missed. Some of the other places that you should definitely not miss here are the world’s oldest copper mine, Eilat Bird Sanctuary, and Coral Beach Nature Reserve, also known as the Big 3 Park Tour.

Shakshuka: Shakshuka is believed to be the traditional breakfast of Israel. While you have a taste of this dish it will actually remind you of the western style huervos, rancheros that are involved with a mix of pepper, tomatoes, and coriander and served really very hot with the eggs cooked inside it. One of the best ways of going ahead and tasting the Israeli breakfast is taking the Israeli buffet breakfast. And when you choose this you will then be served with Shakshuka getting to try everything on the other side as well. One of the best places where you can actually go ahead and try this is the Tel Aviv is the Mendeli Hotel – trust me it was incredible.

Dead Sea:Being the lowest point on the earth and at more than 430 meters below the sea level, the dead sea is not only something that you can float on, but is also a healthy and historic place that is surrounded by breath taking beauty. This endorheic lake is one of the saltiest bodies of water on the earth. Not just this, you can even cover your body in this healthy sea mud in order to find a pure and inner kind of relaxation. Once in the dead sea area there are two major sites that should definetly not missed. And they are Masada, with its archaeological importance and their amazing views, and Ein Gedi, that is known to be a water oasis in the desert.

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