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Best Tourist Places for You to Visit in Panama This 2019

While most of the visitors even today visit Panama come to see the Panama Canal, there are a few who still stay for everything else. Known to be the cross words of America, Panama is not just the geographical point where North America Begins to meet South America, but also where the pacific and Atlantic oceans turn out to meet the country canal. The original meaning of the word Panama is abundance of fish, and fishing is one of those activities that the visitors can enjoy when they are in Panama. Panama even today continues to enjoy the infrastructure making the travel through the tropical paradise easy and convenient enough for the visitors. Given below are some of the best tourist attractions that you must not miss to make a visit when in panama this 2019.

The No. 4 place to visit in 2019 as per New York Times – 52 places to go in 2019

Playa Las Lajas: Playa Las Lajas is one of the most beautiful beaches of Panama extending up to 13kms (8 Miles) along with the gulf of Chiriqui on the pacific coast. With just a little and perfect current temperature this place is considered to be ideal for the various activities like swimming and body-surfing. The rustic shacks and the cheap restaurants are being clustered on the beaches at the end of the road. But for now, it remains to be a hidden treasure that is still being undiscovered by large hotel chains and the hordes of tourists.

Sancocho de gallina Panameño: The Sancocho de gallina Panameño is one of the most delicious and light chicken soups, that is being served with potatoes, corn on the cub, the culantro herb, yuca and the last but not the least plantains. The other ingredients included in this dish are corn on the cob (mazorca), ñampi (a tropical root vegetable), hot sauce, chopped onions, garlic and oregano. The traditional recipe of this dish is from the azuero region, but the other regions turn out to have their own variations. And due to the various ingredients being used in the Sancocho, it is often referred as the metaphor of Panama racial diversity, showing different ingredients that plays a very important role in the preparation of this dish. So, don’t forget to give this dish a try when in Panama this 2019.

Isla Taboga: The Isla Taboga is located from about 20 kilometres from the Panama City, and is the considered to be a favourite escape from the city to bathe in the sandy beaches, ride the Jet Ski’s, speed boats, and the last but not the least fishing charters. First being settled by the Spanish in the year 1515, The Isla Taboga turns out to have a very charming village followed by the second oldest church in the western hemisphere.

Ropa vieja: slowly cooked old clothes: Most of us will actually come across this dish only when we make a visit to Gran Canaria. And if you understand Spanish then you will also understand that this dish will add a smile back on your face. The Ropa Vieja means old clothes. The Ropa Vieja is generally a beef stew filled with various spices like the black pepper, cumin and the last but not the least oregano. The dish has got its name from the legend of the man who ran out of food while he was serving his guests. Then he picked up his garments and made a stew out of it. So, don’t forget to give this dish a try when in Panama this 2019.

Soberania National Park: This is a national park that offers the visitors with some marked paths like the pipe line road, a bird’s lovers paradise. The pipeline provides the visitors with a major opportunity of taking insights and sounds like the Panama wild life through the plush greenery of the jungle. The further you continue to hike in this place you will get to see monkeys, sloths, coatimundis, and more of panama furry animals. It is said that the animals are very much active in the morning so you can ensure that you will not be disappointed when you make a visit to this place. The other trails of this park include Plantation Path, The Pond Natural Trail, Trail of the Crosses, and Spirit of the Forest.

Panamanian tortillas: thick corn cakes: Unlike the Mexican tortillas the Panamanian tortillas: thick corn cakes are in circular shape and are made up from corn dough. Tortillas are one of the most popular breakfast dishes in panama that is being topped with cheese and eggs. In short, they are something similar to the Colombian arepas which is also another type or say a form of cake. The Panamanian tortillas: thick corn cakes are a dish that is usually deeply fried but let me tell you that they can also be grilled. The tortillas turned out to have a huge influence dating back from the centuries. The tradition has been kept alive since then. So, don’t forget to give this dish a try when in Panama this 2019.

Multi Plaza: One of the best shopping places that you could make a visit when in the Panama City is the Multi plaza shopping mall. The visitors here can actually go ahead and shop in the major upscale of the shopping mall that turns out to have more than 150 stores, 50 name branded shops, and the last but not the least 30 restaurants. This is a place filled with top fashion shopping options for all those individuals who wish to have a splash with their cash.

Albrook mall: This is a shopping mall that is located right next to the community of albrook. This is a shopping mall that is also connected with the albrook bus terminal, and is the largest shopping centre in the city of Panama. Not just this it is a home to the great bowling alley and arcade along with cinemas. This is a place worth visiting in Panama for shopping.

Santa Catalina: This international surfing community has actually tried to have this idyllic spot of a secret, but there is a word spread out that Santa Catalina turns out to offer its visitors with one of the best world class surfing facilities no matter what. This is a place that is located in the Chiriqui gulf where the town continues to offer a lot many amenities, and the beautiful beaches are then being surrounded by the jungle forest making it an ideal destination for the ones who wish to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Karavan Gallery: This is one of those excellent places where you can find original guns embroidery, along with modern designs and Congo art from portbelo. Karavan Commissions local artists, works closely to develop a new talent and recovers endangered culture and arts through the non-profit Fundación Mua Mua. It is said that the artisans work on the site. So you can have an onsite experience of the art of Panama.

Canal at Miraflores Locks: A visit to the Panama City is actually believed to be incomplete if you do not make a visit to the Canal at Miraflores Locks. This is a place that is located near to the Clayton. While you make a visit to this place you can actually go ahead and watch the Panama Canal feeds into the Pacific Ocean, with an opening directly into the Miraflores Locks for the viewers to come forward and watch the awe of the canals that does wonders.

Beermarkt: This German owned and run Beermarkt is the go to place for the beer lovers in panama. Located in the expat area of Clayton, it does offer them a great range of brews from the traditional European to the more innovative variations including organic. So don’t forget to make a visit to this place when in panama this 2019.

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