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Top Places That You should Visit In Nigeria This 2019

Nigeria is one of the top countries in Africa in terms of international tourists inflows. Nigeria  has many natural landmarks and wildlife reserves like the Cross River National Park and Yankari National Park have waterfalls, dense rainforest, savanna and rare primate habitats. So if you are a nature lover and want to explore Africa, Nigeria is a country which you should not miss. Here are some top places to visit in Nigeria.

Olumo Rock: Any visit made to the ancient city of Abeokuta would actually be considered to be incomplete without stopping at the Olumo Rock. Not of any surprise this is a rock that is located near to Abeokuta which means under the rock, and is one of the top most and famous tourist attractions in Nigeria. At the Olumo Rock you will be treated with various attractions like the natural tunnels, unusual trees, the natural cantilevers, the garden of rocks, and the broken pathways etc. which are some of the major attractions that I am sure you would not want to miss.

Zuma Rock: Located in the Niger state of Nigeria, it’s a a large monolith composed of gabbro and granodiorite rocks. It’s a spectacular sight not to be missed in Nigeria. During the raining season, the top most part of the Zuma Rock catches fire while it’s still raining. It is believed that when people die, their spirits go to the rock. Standing at 725 meters (2,379 ft), it majestically presides over the surrounding landscape. Visitors here will often notice that there is an unusual silence when travelling the highway in the area. It’s a place really worth visiting.

Fish and Yam Stew: The best part about this meal is how quickly you can actually go ahead and prepare it.  And unlike some of the complicated Nigerian meal,  the stew is made up of fish and yam so that it becomes easy enough to cook.  It’s just that you will need to use any kind of fish that you have,  the yam, and the vegetables that you have. Yam once it’s cooked seems to be really very delicious when there are tomatoes, pepper and onions being cooked all together. Try this if you are in Nigeria, tastes really awesome.

Lagos: Frenetic and packed Lagos is not only the largest city in Nigeria,  also the single largest in the entire African continent. Nearly 18 million call this a home. Throbbing streets of beer and bar clubs turn out to pepper the districts of ikeja and the Victoria island, where the expats and the sailors alike chat over the frothy brews.  While you make a visit to this place you will also get to see the salt washed promenades on the coast, followed by the beautiful reaches of the lagos bar beach that is a sloping stretch of the Golden sand meeting with the waves of the Atlantic Ocean in style. When in Lagos to visit the Lekki conservation centre, Tarkwa bay beach which is an artificial sheltered beach, the Nike art gallery, Lagos island and the Victoria island.

The Beef and the Spaghetti Stew: Who will not love spaghetti. Millions of families not just from Nigeria but even the other countries will love spaghetti for dinner, but would even add some different extras in order to make them taste really very unique. The Nigerians for example love cooking spaghetti and eating dinner with beef stew. The Nigerians consider this to be really very good because its easy enough to make. All that you need to do here is just boil spaghetti like you do normally do. Your stew will taste awesome if you can steam some beef along with some vegetables being added into it.

Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar: The obudu cattle ranch calabar resort is one of the best place for a family to visit.  This is a resort that features a water park with water slide, followed by a swimming pool,  golf course,  night time bonfires and the last but not the least horse back riding. Besides this you will also be having a strong bond with your family and the nature,  as you continue to hike through the forest and mountain watching the birds. The entire accommodation is modern and you will here be able to enjoy admirable entertainment and quality food.

Semovita with Okra Soup: This is a food that is even today considered to be one of the best Nigerian dishes for dinner. Though this dish might actually take some time for you to cook but the results are really very worth. You will here actually end up with an traditional and a national kind of a meal. Cooking dinner extras from semovita powder also something that is popular in Nigeria. You can make tasty okra soup with fish, okra, spices and vegetables. You can have this being served with Semovita and continue to enjoy the taste of this national meal ensuring you are full.

Chad Basin National Park:  It’s a massive sanctuary with wetlands and forests and home to variety of plants and indigenous wildlife. It’s a place worth visiting in Nigeria. The reason behind this is the huge range of species that this place actually turns out to boast of. While you make a visit to this place you will get to see the myriads of tourists from various foreign countries from time to time. This is a rare site and so you should not miss to visit.

Plantain Porridge: It’s one of the top Nigerian meals and this is also very easy enough to cook. This is something that is not just rich on vitamins but will also make you full in the evening. The Plantain Porridge is popular in Nigeria because this can be easily cooked with many different kind of dishes and all thanks to the big number of tasty recipes known across the different countries.

Yankari Games Reserve: Children here easily get tickled at the sight of baboons, hippos, elephants and other 50 of the wild life species including the variety of fishes and birds. This marshall cave systems and the wikki warm springs are some of the most attractive places that are even today considered to be ideal for the family. The Wiki river is a natural swimming ground. Yankari also has an indoor and outdoor sports facilities and the last but not the least a very suitable accommodation. It’s home to several natural warm water springs, as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna. So this is definitely one of the top places to visit in Nigeria.

Indanre Hills (Ondo State): Here is another spectacular place in Nigeria that is worth visiting. The Oke Indanre Hills consists of high plains with spectacular valleys that has been interspersed with the inselbergs, isolated hills and the mountains and it is above 3000 ft above the sea level. The special attibutes here include the Owa Palace, Shrines, the old court, thunder water and the last but not the least the burial mounds and grounds. One of the most important places that you must not miss to make a visit here are the mysterious handwritten scripts inscribed on the rocks, that could not be deciphered or read and even interpreted by anyone till today.



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